Friday, September 03, 2010

from my walk along the beach at Torrey Pines, California

My recent trip to California was amazing! I had the privilege of meeting many new friends in both Bakersfield and Carlsbad. Sharing our journey with the public will always have many emotional elements to it, but it is also healing.

Before the trip, I had fallen into a low ebb. Sometimes, we just need the Lord to show Himself in very tangible ways. When He does, we are blessed.

Let me say, I AM BLESSED!!!

Thank you Steve and Raquel Vernoy, Andrew and Daniel Denton in Bakersfield. Thank you Lyne and Schmaltz family in Carlsbad! This was such and encouraging experience for me!

In Bakersfield, the Vernoys worked hard to promote and set up an event that would unite the body of Christ (across denominational boundaries). It worked! People purchased tickets to come to this event, and I was amazed at how my Father worked!

In Carlsbad, I had the privilege of sharing the platform with two of my cousins (for the first time ever). One of them, Blues Lyne, is a recording artist and musicianary. The other, Chris Schmaltz, is a minister. This truly had an intimate family feel and again the Lord moved and worked in each of our lives!

I was blessed to be able to meet many who had prayed for BJ while he was in the hospital. I will always be humbled by this!

I walked the cliffs and beach at Torrey Pines with my Aunt Maralyn and Uncle Ray, and cousin Blues and his son Devin. We had a great time! We shared meals with ocean views, and had uplifting conversations about how God is working in our lives. What a blessing!

The cool thing is, I get to see them all again in November when Lauren gets married! Yay!

I praise the Lord for the provision He makes in my life. He reminds me that it is not about me, but about Him. I need that reminder, because I often begin to believe otherwise.

It's not always easy, but walking with Jesus is such a blessing!

Have a blessed holiday weekend!!!



At 12:35 PM, Blogger gilbert said...

Great to hear how the Lord encouraged you with your relatives in California.


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