Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Whitney and Jared

Whitney, Jared and the puppies (I guess they aren't puppies anymore) are coming tonight! They will be with us for a few days, as we observe BJ's birthday. He would be 21 on October 1 of this year. I would love to know what he would have been like at this age.

I was recently asked if he was more like Deanna or me.

I believe he was more like his Father... in heaven!

There are certainly attributes of both Deanna and I that were part of his personality, but who he really most resembled, was Jesus.

I have told many in the past, that living with him, was at times like having the physical embodiment of the Holy Spirit. He would say the kinds of things to us that one would expect God's Spirit to whisper.

There were times I resented how Christ-like he was. This was not his fault, but mine. He wasn't overbearing, I was just too much like the world.

He knew how to love others without judging. He knew how to love them in spite of their poor choices. I have known few in my life who could do this. I've had conversations with his friends, who have told me that no one ever listened or encouraged them like he did.

I have loved the pastor's I have served under or alongside, but most of them struggled not to be judgmental. I struggle not to be judgmental.

It is far too easy to light into someone who is not saying or doing what they should... especially when they are doing things that are also a tempation to us. The idea, "me thinks he doth protest too much," is easily understood by those who struggle with the sin another practices or speaks out boldly against.

It's easy to judge. It's harder to love.

There are many ways that I would wish to be like my Savior.

This one tends to significantly impact the lives of others. Being able to point out their sin without hurling heavy handed words, precipitates conviction.

The Holy Spirit brings conviction. The enemy brings condemnation.

What a blessing to have a son who is most like his Father... in heaven!



At 9:22 AM, Blogger gilbert said...

What can I say Brent? - just thank you again - I love to hear about BJ and how Christ-like he was. It moves me to the depths of my being, and the Holy Spirit is using it to expose areas of un-Christ-likeness in me, and to break up the hardness in my heart.

At 11:30 PM, Anonymous Kailla Mariana said...

Hey, BJ...I just wanted to say thanks. Thank you for sticking to the task that God had for you, no matter how great or small. Thank you for being faithful when it was unpopular and when everyone knew you were crazy for it. Thank you for loving the invisible hurting hearts and for reaching through stone walls to touch those longing for The Light to shine through. Thank you for marking a path for me to follow...God has let me know in no uncertain terms that I am not alone in this time and generation...because you braved The Narrow Way and fought these giants, and died Christ's Death, first...AND CONQUERED. I can't wait to meet you in Heaven.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRO!!!! (a few hours early, hahaha! ;). )

p.s. Kiss Elaina for me...thanks, now I really owe you one!! Love you both...see you soon.

At 11:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Beej, I miss you and can't wait to be joined with you and the Father!

It is a beautiful fall day, the kind that would have been great to spend hiking in the woods at Highland Lakes.

Uncle Brad


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