Monday, December 20, 2010

BJ with Rusty and Mark (back in Indy), in our church "Christmas Pageant."

My last post needs updating! Late last week, I heard from my friend Matt, who gave me the knife made by the Cherokee man, whose name is BJ.

Matt received an email from BJ who was responding to the events that led to his making my knife.

The way God moves in between our lives, to draw us together and bless us is so significant! We cannot afford to miss these details! That He is interested in the details of our lives IS significant. When we see the evidence, we need to celebrate!

With his permission, I am reprinting BJ's own words about this story (Sharon is his wife's name):

A few weeks ago a co-worker of Sharon's named Matt ask me to make a knife for him. It was to be another gift he was giving to someone. It was also to be the fifth knife like four others I had made for him. I didn't know who it was for until he shared with me his story after the knife had been delivered. Matt's part of the story can be read by googling "Pray For BJ" and reading the blog "The Gift". Please read the blog.
As I read the blog I thought that the knife was really just an insignificant item that God had used to bless Matt's friend. Then I was reminded that nothing is too small and insignificant to God that it doesn't matter because He knows each of us to the extent that He knows how many hairs are on our head.
Matt had shared part of his conversation with his friend about God being a God of detail. Then the next day Sharon had told me about Matt asking her how old I was. She told him I was 59. Then he told her how God had had a plan for that gift nearly 60 years ago when my parents named me.
That got me to really thinking about the details of the plan God had for my life. My mom always called me Billy John. When I went to work for OG&E my foreman asked me what my middle name was because the were too many Bills working there. I told him my middle name was John so he and everyone else at OG&E started calling me BJ. That was over 40 years ago. When I retired from OG&E in 2004 I started making knives. I made several with no mark of mine on them. A good friend told me I needed to put my mark on them so I decided on BJ. I enjoy making knives and have considered it just a hobby and a source of relaxation and a source of pride in the finished product. After thinking about all Matt had said I now believe my "hobby" to be a gift and part of God's plan for my life. I now believe none of the things I have written about to be coincidences but part of the Master plan. I don't know what else God has planned for me but I only pray I will be receptive and open when I hear that still small voice.
My prayer for you is that you also will recognize and be willing to accept God's plan for your life.
Oh, by the way, the first knife I made for Matt, it is the only knife I have ever made a template for. Another part of the plan.


During this season of celebrating our Savior, being aware of how He continues to bless us through his ultimate sacrifice, cannot afford to be lost on us.

I am thankful for both BJ's in my life! One I have yet to meet. The other, I will meet again!



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