Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sometimes, I recognize my ridiculous capacity to blend in with the world around me. I don't aspire to it, it comes naturally.

What is unnatural is striving to resemble Jesus.

I enjoy taking hikes. When I get into the woods, all of His creatures recognize that I don't belong. I am perceived as a threat. They run, hide and do all they can to make themselves undetectable.

Adam and Eve did the same thing in the garden. After they ate from the forbidden tree, and recognized their nakedness, they tried to hide from God among the underbrush.

When I have my worldly face on, I do the same thing. At least I act like He is unaware of my foolishness. I put on my 'cool act' and dress up in such a way that I would presume to be undetectable. I have a better chance of entering the woods without being discovered by animals...and I can't even do that.

It seems so ridiculous when I write those words down and reread them!!! However, I know its true. It's stupid and embarrassing.

I heard a story this week of a deacon that walked into the office of a pastor and proceeded to tell him that he was unqualified for his role. He began with his own resume and accomplishments, and ended with this individuals lack of appropriate training.

Whether he was right or wrong, does that look more like the world or Jesus. In his dismantling of this pastor, he was seeking to elevate his own position.


The Jesus I serve and read the words of, never spoke or approached men that way. He called the under-educated and the least of them, to do mighty things.

Sometimes we are so sure we are right, that we break relationships to prove it.

Jesus sought to build relationships, and restore people.

It's easy to walk like the world. It's easy to look like the world. The greater challenge is in looking like Jesus!

It's amazing how He can take the worldliest among us, and by His renewal, regenerate life and restore lost dreams and visions.

I am thankful to serve one as Mighty as He!


Please be praying for the believers in Leon County, Texas, as I leave tomorrow to share with them in Marquez, on Sunday. 2:00pm at Marquez Baptist Church. Many from several denominations will be present!


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Well said dad!



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