Monday, June 06, 2011

Mekong River, Cambodia

Doing disaster relief can bring the lives of victims under closer scrutiny than ever anticipated.

This can be good, bad and/or a growing experience.

I was made aware of a story of one clean-up participant that arrived on site of a victim, as instructions were being given to those volunteering.

He felt compelled to skip the briefing and head onto the property to scope out what remained. As he did so, he came across a bag and several individual copies of an adult men's magazine.

Most of the volunteers being briefed were students. Realizing the potential "fall from grace" this Christian homeowner might experience if these things were discovered, he quickly gathered them up and made a trip deep into a dumpster to bury them from sight.

Out of sight is not always out of mind.

The recounting of this story, caused me to take inventory of my own life. Were my home visited by those wishing to help, would they find things ungodly?

Is my heart filled with pockets of deception that I foolishly think are hidden from His view?

This volunteer's story captured me in a unique way.

Was his action the right thing to do? Certainly, he protected young impressionable eyes from lustful possibilities. He also protected an already hurting Christian man from embarrassment.

However, it's apparent that conviction needs to take place. Or perhaps it had, but the remnant had not been eliminated. The promise of sin lingers when the house has not been cleaned.

It could also be that the finder needed to take a look at his own life, and relinquish control of abscesses in his own heart.

Regardless, I must be sure that my life is not marked by such filth.

Some time back, I relayed a story of when I was young, and was playing hide and seek and stumbled upon a neighbor's stash of similar magazines. This memory always makes me feel dirty... like I need a shower. This volunteer relayed similar sentiments.

A man's mind is a battlefield, and the enemy fights hard to stake claims in the recesses held within.

This makes us easy targets for such foolishness.

I need to be sure my own house is clean. I need to pray for the men in this writing, that their hearts are submitted to cleansing.

It's easy to judge, and and harder to surrender.

There is great reason to say, "I surrender all!"



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