Friday, June 24, 2011

Huaraz, Peru

I just finished two weeks of training students and leaders who are now on the field.
It was an amazing journey, and filled with His encouragement!

I am so thankful for the young men and women the Lord has allowed me to come alongside. Seeing their passion for His heart is such a deep blessing. It brings me such a sense of God's pleasure.

It can get discouraging watching brothers and sisters fall. Encouraging them to get back up and walk out obedience to Him is much of where my passion lies.

I know His heart is full when we take His Great Commission seriously, whether it is across the street or across an ocean.

In the last 24 hours, teams have landed in Peru, Latvia and Cambodia. Warriors are taking the Gospel to South America, Europe and Asia. You can follow their journeys by visiting and clicking on trip updates.

Last week, I had the privilege of talking to a couple of missionary kids in Central Asia! They live in a country we'd consider hostile. Hearing their hearts, and finding out what was important to them was such an encouragement!

They spoke of everything from their opportunities to share Truth with people to the animals that reside in the countryside nearby. They are 11 and 13. One of them is reading our book and was excited to be able to have a conversation via skype.

They understand the Gospel and the importance of sharing it in ways many of us do not. They live a half hour from harms way. They are around those who do not believe, everyday. The people group they live among, follow Islam. Imagine trying to find encouragement as a believer when you live among those whose family members are put to death for receiving Christ as their Savior!

These young people are heroes to me! They have spent half of their lives or more in a foreign land. Their very existence is fulfilling the call on each of our lives... to go and make disciples!

Apart from geography, they are just like young people here. However, their world view is far more informed than most. They understand the desperation of making Him known. They also know families who have lost loved ones through "honor killings" and other incomprehensible means.

I just received follow up email messages from them.

What an incredible God we serve, that we can bless and encourage hearts across oceans, who believe, but have no "body" to fellowship with!

His kingdom is advanced, each time we encourage another. Of course, it can be hard to encourage if we are empty ourselves. We need to press hard into our Savior, and as He spills into us, we can slop some on another!

Go forth and slop!



At 10:33 AM, Blogger gilbert said...

Thank you for today's post Brent - you don't know how much you speak to my heart - I'm with the teams this summer although I've not met any of them personally - I'm with them in prayer, and know the Lord will use their willingness, and draw many to Himself in these countries.

At 12:51 AM, Blogger Miranda Bryant said...

First off, this picture makes me really happy. Secondly, I'm stoked to hear about you meeting some MKs via skype! They sound so precious! Miss you bunches, Dad!



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