Monday, June 13, 2011

People of Cambodia assemble to hear the Truth of Jesus.

The time has come again.

I begin training our leaders for our summer teams this week. It is an intensive time of teaching, where 14 or 15 of us come together and have everything in common. We eat, worship, pray, study and fellowship, all day long. The leaders even sleep under the church roof, so they truly come out from the world and are separate (for a season).

It is such a sweet time together! I am very thankful for godly young people who have a passion for Jesus. They stand out in their circles of friends, and are not ashamed of the Gospel.

These are 20 somethings who would rather talk about Christ than the pleasures of the world. I do love their hearts!

This weekend we will all head to train and receive the rest of the teams in Dallas. It is a bit strange to not be heading overseas. The team Deanna and I were to lead, had to be canceled, due to low student numbers.

Our other three teams are heading to Cambodia, Latvia, and Peru. None of them are full. However, we know the Lord will use their surrendered lives to impact the lost of those lands!

I will be handling administrative duties, stateside. Hardly the 'sweetspot' of missions, but a needed role, nonetheless.

I would appreciate your prayer support for our teams! We also have several church group teams, and then a final 10 day team of our own, all heading to Panama.

Whether you are heading across the street or across an ocean, please remember to pray and to speak the Truth of Jesus, no matter the cost to you.

The blessing you receive in your obedience will eclipse the nervousness you have in opening your mouth. He will help you. Just be obedient.

Thank you for praying!!!



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At 11:08 AM, Blogger gilbert said...

Praying for you and the teams - eager to see how the Lord will use the teams to reach many this summer.

At 5:43 PM, Anonymous Kelli West said...

I found out about BJ's story through a campus revival at my university. Our speaker was Afshin Ziafat and he told us about the book, "I Would Die For You." I have been reading it all this summer and today I read of his death and of his new home in Paradise. I began to cry as I read it realizing later that yes, I was heart broke that such an amazing young man was gone oh so soon, but more than that, I was being shown exactly the kind of Christian I wish I could be. To have that kind of passion, to reach so many people through life and death, and to absolutely "get it" and die completely to yourself. BJ's story has had an everlasting effect on my life and I want to thank you (the Higgins family) for sharing this amazing story with us. I can't wait to meet your amazing son one day in Glory!

At 10:16 PM, Blogger Sophie Grace said...

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