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How often do we engage in activities based on relationships? Things we initially may not care a great deal about, become interests, because of a friends enthusiasm.

When we encounter those who are passionate about something, the impact on us can be significant. In some cases, we find ourselves investing assets of all types into something we didn't previously care for.

If listed in checkbook methodology, our time, money, labor, thoughts and passions reflect where our true heart or interests lie.

As this is revealed, are we lying to ourselves?

Are we saying things are important to us that our lives reflect no investment in?

For far too many American Christians, this would be the case.

When Jesus called His disciples, what was their response?

Here were a dozen men who were going about their business, earning a living, having relationships with family and friends, and in short, living.

Suddenly, this man Jesus enters, tells them to "drop their nets and follow Him," and they do.

Just like that!

They walk away from family, responsibility, jobs, all relationships, and to do what? To follow someone they do not know, but recognize truth and passion and are drawn in.

Through the years, my passions have varied. I have been candid about this. Anyone reading probably realizes I enjoy hunting. When I begin to talk about hunting, people generally respond in one of two ways. They are usually very interested or not at all interested.

Those who are interested find common ground with me quickly. I have seen those who had a marginal interest, with no experience, become "disciples." Today, they have begun to hone their skill in this arena and are becoming proficient hunters.

I have seen other do this, when my passion lay elsewhere. Cycling, furniture building, antiques, etc.

Are the disciples in my life, following me for the right passion?

Another way to ask this is, "are my passions misdirected?"

If I am gaining more disciples by worldly pursuits (not inherently evil things) than by who I am in Christ, then my passions ARE misdirected.

Disciples in my life are those who are drawn to me and begin to walk alongside of me because of a common interest and their desire to learn from my experience.

Of course, we never call them that in today's vernacular. This doesn't change the bottom line. We develop friendships with people we have things in common with. Over time, our transparency, how we care for them, how they care for us, are building blocks in these relationships.

How many relationships do I have where if I'm honest with myself, I don't invest in them in the arena of 'growing in Christ?'

There shouldn't be any.

If we are true Christ followers, then every relationship we have, we will be intentional in pointing them to Him.

The Apostles were this way. He taught them to be. They were slow learners. So are we.

If they saw the passion and truth of what He had to say, dropped everything to follow Him, then what excuse(s) do we deploy to live by different agendas?

It's simple.


Being true followers of Christ means we will be uncomfortable.

If we have settled into routines that don't involve making Him known, then we will be known as worldly, not Christ-like.

If the measure for our Christian lives is how much we naturally (once regenerated by Christ) pour into others, then do our checkbooks of time, talents and money spent, indicate His Holiness?

Who are your disciples? What do they know of Holy, because of your investment in them?

He shows us the way, we just have to leave "comfort" to become useful tools.

Perhaps you are like me, and don't want anyone looking into your "books." We don't want to be audited in this area.

I think I just need to invest more in Him, so that I am available for Him to invest more in others.



At 9:57 AM, Blogger gilbert said...

Thank you for today's post Brent - your challenges keep me from settling into a comfortable rut - I want to be 24/7 for the Lord all the time and not just some of the time - and I want to be available for Him to invest in others through me too.

At 12:03 AM, Blogger Living In Freedom said...

Thank you, Brent, for sharing your heart and His Truth.

Lori Gellerson


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