Monday, July 18, 2011

standing in front of one of the temples at the Angkor Wat (in Cambodia). Yes that huge tree is growing out of the top of the temple!

I am amazed and blessed by my Savior!

Though I have been involved in missions with students for years, it has been way too long since I had the opportunity to participate in leadership at a youth camp. Last week I had that privilege!

I am amazed at how little, mainstream church youth know about the Word of God. I do not mean to hammer them, I am just making an observation regarding the experience. I must remember that the students I participate in missions with, are focused and seeking the Lord intensely. They have a greater knowledge base of the Bible.

The result is that many of them are deeper in the Word.

What a privilege to help the Truth of His Word come to life for these students. They are truly interested in knowing Him, but have not had the tools or understanding of how to do so.

This is not intended to be an indictment of the church or the staff. This same scenario plays out across our country. What is amplified is the need for Christian adults to take on roles as mentors and/or chaperone's who take a vested interest in the spiritual growth and development of our teens.

Too often, we believe we have nothing to offer, or that we cannot possibly connect with them. This isn't true. They want to know there are those who believe in them. They want to be loved on like you and me. Each one of us can make a difference one life at a time, if we will just invest our time and pour our hearts into them.

They will fail, just like we fail. We then need to come back around them with grace, just as our Savior does with us.

Too often we try to modify their behavior without having touched their hearts.

I watched one young man this past week arrive at camp knowing few, and being very sad. My heart broke as I was informed his father had dropped him off and stated, "I need you to fix my kid."

He was a handsome young man with a quiet and gentle spirit. He was clearly hurting. Many of us spoke truth into him.

It was such an encouragement to see him surrender his life to Jesus! The transformation was measurable!!! His solemn ways broke into uncontrollable smiles.

I watched him for a day or so before receiving word that he had come to one of my sons-in-law and spoken these words... "when I came to this camp I was a sad and angry boy. I am so thankful for Jesus in my life, I am so happy, and have never felt this way before!"

We'd be having serious conversations and joy would erupt all over his face! It was truly incredible!!! This is one of the benefits of working with students... seeing lives changed.

Jesus is worthy of our time and surrender.

Now this young man needs those who will come alongside of him and disciple him. We can't afford to let these who come to Him, then fall away because we don't have time to invest.

When one comes to Christ, they have a desire to know and learn. If we don't help them, many will become distracted and return to seeking affirmation through their old sin nature. We all need people in our lives who care. We can't afford not to care about those He is at work on.

We each have a responsibility to pour into others from what He has poured into us.

What a privilege to serve our Savior and see Him change lives!

He is worthy of our total surrender.

He died for this young man, and He died for me. I must make sure I am faithfully spending time with those He cares for!



At 10:59 AM, Blogger gilbert said...

This blog touches my heart and brings tears to my eyes - I'm trying to reach out to the young people in my area - they are so open when someone takes an interest in them. If I offer tracts they usually accept them gladly, often asking if I've got any more when I meet them again. I pray we'll see a great harvest for His glory among the young people.


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