Tuesday, July 26, 2011

With the outside temps daily eclipsing the 105 degree mark, I wanna reflect on cooler days. BJ and I dismounting from a ski lift 6 months or so before he would go home.

I am in awe of my Savior.

I so wish I could capture the debriefing of our summer teams for you. When they assembled and told their stories of the amazing works of our Lord around the world, I was so stirred and moved.

Yet, to be honest, the conclusion of the summer trips, evokes a certain sadness within me.

Both because the work we have done for the last year, has come to a certain conclusion, and this same time elicits the remembrance of what began upon BJ's final return from the field.

I take an annual journey back through the 6 weeks of nearly 6 years ago. This morning, I reread most of our entries of his hospital stay.

I must say, I remain truly humbled at all the Lord has done!

The Lord truly redeems the pains of loss or failure, but it doesn't mean you don't still hurt.

Yesterday, Deanna and I received three letters in the mail. I believe they are reflective of all the Lord has done.

The first, was from some friends from the church we served in for over 20 years back in Indianapolis. They had just read "I Would Die for You," and were stirred by it's passion and the glory it brought to the Lord. They took us back to the time we served there and told us of how God had used our family in their lives. They even made a contribution to BJ's Hope, to continue his legacy. What a blessing!

The second was from a former student who was part of the youth group I was student minister to back in Carmel, Indiana. She was a decorated volleyball player at the high school and collegiate levels. She is now a wife and mother of two. She wrote to thank us for the impact the Lord had in her life, through our family. She had picked up "I Would Die for You," at her library, read it, and written us to reflect her thankful heart. Again, how blessed and thankful we are!

The third letter was from a thirteen year old girl from Canada. She also had read the book, and was testifying to the power of God in her life as a result of BJ's testimony! She had drawn two pictures, and and written a letter that will always be precious to us!

I share these things to reveal how the Lord continues to minister to the abiding pain of loss. That three letters would arrive the same day, all pointing to a Holy God who had impacted their lives, is terribly humbling! It's humbling because He wanted us to see that we had been a small part of their journey.

It is about the journey, isn't it?

Sometimes we try hard to make it about specific goals or achievements, but it will always be about the journey.

How do we respond to adversity? How do we respond to suffering?

The reality we need to practice, is pressing into Him. We tend to decorate our lives with other things we think will bring us fulfillment, but if we know the truth, we will always return to Him.

That is a journey. And on this journey, He redeems and rebuilds our brokenness.

There is no other god who can do what HE does.

Press into Him.



At 7:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, brother, Amy and I feel that same pull at this time of year. Hard to relive those many weeks six years ago, but impossible not to remember them. So thankful He crossed our paths!

- Kent


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