Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I want to share a writing BJ did in school. He had a class called Honors Language Arts (HLA), which was challenging, but he gained benefit from it. This was the last writing of his 8th grade year. He was reflecting back on his year, and was asked to write about his goal achievement.

Who he was in Christ was always close to the surface for him. Amid struggles, he was cognizant of his weakness, and need for growth. Typically, he embraced this, but at times he had to learn or relearn to get self out of the way... something I still struggle with.

"In our first composition, I stated that I have a goal to receive A's in Honors Language Arts all year, to get mostly, if not all A's in other classes, with no grades lower than a B. I also have goals to grow on a spiritual level, and be an influence among my friends. I also had a goal to bring at least one person to Christ.

I feel I have accomplished each of these goals. If I remember correctly, I have received nothing less than an A- in HLA, but definitely nothing less than a B+, as well as receiving the top grade one six weeks (Much to Mr. Simon's surprise: "Brent Higgins!?!") in the class. Also, I have maintained all A's and B's overall, although I probably had more B's than I would have wanted.

As for my spiritual goals, I feel I have accomplished them as well. I now am much more frequent, persistant and consistant in reading the Word and praying daily. While I can't really explain how I've grown spiritually, it is evident as a result of reading the Word more and praying more, and can be seen in works, which are how I accomplished my other goals. This year, in the past two months, I have started up two Bible Studies, one at school and one at church on Wednesdays, I haved consoled and given advice to many friends of mine on many occassions, I have started a ministry online on a forum, and am constantly quoting scripture and arguing the case for God. I have also started a Christian rock band Ice to Fire and written the lyrics to 25 songs, and completed all of the music to one of them, and am now going on a 5 week long, intensive mission trip to Peru during the summer. By the Grace and Words of God, I have also brought one of my good friends to Christ.

My goals are pretty much the same for next year, but I want to maintain all A's with no more than 2 B's, I want to grow more spiritually, be more of an influence, and help bring at least 2 people to Christ.

I will prepare by continuing to read the Word, pray, and seek God's will, and by being active and striving to learn as much as possible from my Peru trip. I will prepare for my academic goals by being a little more responsible, and trying a little harder."

He brought many more than two people to Christ that summer alone. He laid down his childish ways. He embraced the siginificant task of taking the gospel to other nations, God grew in him a heart for discipleship, he sought to protect the women on the trip, in short, God grew him into a man.

His testimony stands, brings glory to God, calls others to lay down their lives for the Savior, and leaves a legacy that his father is humbled to follow.


Please, please, please pray for "On Our Knees"...or Tammy's father as he undergoes a quadruple by-pass surgery Wednesday afternoon. This is unexpected. "On Our Knees" are traveling from Tn to Oh right now to be there for the surgery.

Linda R. how is Hollie? How are things?


At 8:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dad -

Again, thank you for consistently posting. Through you the Lord has given me a divine inspiration and an spirit that refuses to be satisfied. Thank you.

I am praying for you as much as I think about you, and I need your prayers for me too. Satan is attacking, but there's such a huge peace within me. I would post more, but the bell is about to ring!

Love you

At 9:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will pray with you Britany
Bless you family
Thank you for posting your thoughts, emotions and inspiration.
Dear Lord
Keep us strong, please Lord
give us strength and peace in our hearts. I pray for Brittany, give
Strength of a warrior.
In Jesus name I pray
Indpls., IN

At 9:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dearest Higgins family,
I hope you are having a good week so far. I will be keeping you in my prayers as you have several opportunities to speak with people who need Jesus. I pray that God will continue to strengthen you and comfort you.

At 3:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome writing from BJ as usual. Thank you Brent.

Linda R and I have become friends through this site. I haven't heard from her in a long time, and she hasn't been on messenger either. I pray she is ok.

Praying in Pink

Linda Anderson
Willows, California

At 4:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,

I hate to add another big time prayer request, but my sister, Sue's brain surgery is this Friday at 7 a.m. I leave tomorrow (WED.) for Springfield, IL to be with her and her husband. Although the long-term prognosis is good, it is a very major, scary surgery so any and all prayers for peace to surround us would be greatly appreciated. I will be unable to check email there.

Brent, all of your postings have helped bring such peace to my life over these last few very trying weeks. Thank you for continuing to share. We had a tragedy in our area. A young,8 yr. old boy drowned at a friend's birthday party at our local YMCA. Everything was done right, it appears as if he gulped a bunch of water before coming off the slide and never came up. Within 15 sec. the lifeguard had him out but he died later b/c his lungs were full of water. The family's last name is Adams. You both can identify with the full range of emotions they are going through, as well as all of those children and others present there that day. Thank you all for your prayers for this family.

Blessings, Tina

At 5:44 PM, Blogger Praying in Pink said...

All these requests, not to mention the encouragement from BJ's writing, cannot help but drive us to our knees. The same power that was available to BJ is available to us today. Family, I am grateful to intercede for each one as He brings you to mind--which He does quite frequently. My friend Sheryl was to meet with doctors today about her cancer surgery. Thanks for remembering her as well.

in Him,


At 6:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 7:06 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Brent, you and Deanna must be so proud of Bj. Not only was he an achiever in this school work, but also in his walk with the Lord. We see so many times how he strives to reach forward.

Thank you for asking about both Hollie and us. The last 6 weeks have been extremely long. I have always been someone who finds it a pleasure and quite easy to pray, particularly for others, but this has been a real battle. Every time I would open my mouth to pray, I would come up blank, no words, no thoughts. What I would describe as a spiritual desert ( the sandy place). I can't remember what I've told you, but after telling her that she was accepted at the school we had broken windows, I had cuts and bruises and we had to call in reinforcements from the church to come and sit with us to watch the doors.
Naturally she hates us with a passion at the moment... but we are praying that, that will change over time.
She has a minimum stay of 2 years, with no contact with friends unless first approved by us, no phone calls, other than 2 family calls a month and we are able to visit her once a month. For the first 30 days there is no contact at all, other than my weekly calls to her house parents to see how things are going.
I have to say that I was having feelings of guilt for taking the action that we did. But I know that, that was just a trick of the enemy. It has taken me over 7 years to gain help for Hollie,and I am so grateful to the Lord and to Cookson Hills school.
She seems to have settled in quite well, getting to know some of the other children there and testing the waters regarding her boundries, etc.
We certainly would appreciate it if you would remember her house parents in your prayers, Lien and Angela Anderson, also that the school would gain more house parents so that they could function at full capacity.
Again thank you for your prayers for us, we know this is going to be a long journey, not only for Hollie but also for Kevin and I. One we look forward to, growing and changing into the parents the Lord desires us to be.

In His Love
Linda Ronne
Shawnee, Ok.

P.S. Kevin would like to know when you'll be in the area again, as he'd love to be able to sit and chat with you.

At 1:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love you all! Happy wednesday. I feel so blessed to see how God keeps working on you.
Your servant-

At 2:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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