Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Not long after BJ gave his heart to Jesus, we were at a Christian bookstore. He had brought his money with him. I don't remember how much he had, but it wasn't much. He did not fully understand the value of money yet, but was bent on finding something he liked that reflected Jesus and His role in his life. As a matter of fact, he had a better understanding of spiritual truths at this point, than that of the basics taught in school.

While I was shopping for a cd or something, BJ was running around the store looking. Though he was little, the environment was safe, so I was allowing him freedom. Before I knew what was happening, I heard his little voice at the register talking to the sales clerk. He had selected an engraved stone about 3"x4"x2". What he had chosen was an adult type selection, not something kids would buy.

The manager stood stunned at the register. Here was this tiny little guy having an adult conversation about his selection. He was explaining why he wanted it. He was also asking if he had enough money. So moved was the manager, that though BJ did not have enough, he took what little BJ had, and gave him the stone. I stepped in and offered to pay the difference, but the manager, still shaking his head at what he had experienced, declined. He said something to the effect of, "I would not take more than he gave me for any reason."

This manager, who sees "Christians" all day long, had a young boy with a changed heart and a deep devotion to Jesus come in and blow his mind. How could he have such depth, and understanding, he was scarcely big enough to be in school (remember, he was always small for his age).

The engraving says "He who pursues righteousness and love finds prosperity and honor." Proverbs 21:21

That stone adorned BJ's dresser for most of his life.

He realized that he had a Savior who purchased his life with His blood, and that same Lord was entombed behind a stone which could not hold Him. The stone was blown away, at Jesus' resurrection.

Truly, he who pursued righteousness and love found prosperity and honor! He is spending eternity with the "rock of ages."



At 7:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Totally Awesome. That boy amazes me with every story you write. He was a very special child and I can see how proud of him you are. He had a spiritual gift that shone at an early age...heck, I'm 39 and still waiting to find out what mine is! hahaha

Lots of love and prayers,
Florence, KY

At 8:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are such an amazing family. Please continue to share your life with us. It's profoundly uplifting to all of us!!

At 11:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

On this cold and rainy day, I don't even have anything to write, but I feel compelled to say thank you for everything. Yes, i'm speechless, and no, i don't feel qualified to even say anything, but thank you anyway. You continue to bless me with your perseverance! Have a glorious day~
Your servant,

At 12:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for being so opaque - we need to see and hear everything that God is guiding you to say to us. As He speaks to you, you speak to us, and in this, He is healing you and teaching us. THANK YOU!!
Whatever He has in store for your family - it is going to be lifechanging - for you and us!
God bless you on this beautiful, sunny, cold day. . . . His warmth is shining through!!

At 12:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh how I love Him more and more! Thank you for being a lighthouse. Thank you for listening, for searching, for allowing Him to speak through you. Thank you for being an open vessel. Thank you for wanting to share all you can about the kid you loved so much, who loved His God more than anything in this world. Thank you for sharing your son!!

At 5:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys--

For my birthday Mary made me a cd of all the songs we listened to in Peru. It was hard to listen to. I just want to encourage you so much w/how much your son meant to all of us..and how his legacy is living on in each of us.. b/c not a day passes that i dont think about him. But more than that.. how much you guys mean to us. I love you probably more than you know.. and probably more than i could post on a blog.

Praying for you always.. missing him alot, especially lately.



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