Thursday, February 02, 2006

What is our infatuation with clothing? Trends come and go, and we must reline our wardrobes to try and stay current (who says wardrobe?). It's more important to some than others. You know who you are. You are trying to figure out why this would even be a topic. It is just part of the American culture... and others.

Before we condemn, let's remember that we have often known people by their clothing. John the Baptist wore Camel's hair, Joseph had a brightly colored coat (many colors), the roman soldiers were clad in red with funny little hats, Adam and Eve wore... well you know, and then fig leaves seemingly came into fashion.

I certainly have outfits that I like to see Deanna in. She has always been frugal in her shopping... she doesn't go crazy buying clothing. And why do we? I remember a few times that we bought outfits for the kids when they were growing up, that they refused to wear. There was nothing wrong with them, other than it didn't fit right or look right after we got them home. How do clothes change between the department store and home? Each of our closets are adorned with apparel that we have either outgrown or simply refuse to wear.

I remember dressing the kids in matching outfits when they were young. We have some embarrassing photos to prove it. The last time we all dressed alike was a DiscipleNow event in which all 5 of us wore jeans and the black, long sleeved, "Plain and Simple," event t-shirts. I didn't used to like black. But now I see how it helps me lose a little weight, so we have become friends.

BJ had a favorite shirt. It was a black t-shirt with a white figure on the front. It was a Haste the Day (band) t-shirt. He must have worn it nine days every seven. Of course that doesn't make sense... but neither did how often he wore it. If you knew Beej, you remember this shirt well. He had a took (he hated when I called it that) or beanie (sock cap, for those of us with a bit of mileage on us) that he wore with it, and every outfit. It was also black, and had a single stitched white cross on the front... no words, just a cross. It is the one item of his clothing which still carries a scent, and it is not particularly pleasant, nor is it uniquely his... more of a dirty hair thing.

A time after his passing, we encouraged our girls to take of his what they wanted, what they would wear. It doesn't look like they took much, but that black t-shirt is gone.

Perhaps they should have divided it, somehow. I think they both agreed that it had more value, whole.

Our Savior wore a seamless white linen garment. Upon His death, even the crass soldiers saw more value in keeping it in one piece, than shredding it for each to have some... a keepsake... a claim to fame.

Fortunately, that was just clothing. It had no eternal value. His life, His blood, His sacrifice? That was eternal... it never goes out of style. No need to purchase new, because the One who purchased the original paid the price once and for all.


Students who are planning to go to with Awestar to the mission field this summer, your applications are due!!! Please get them in... yesterday! If you plan to go, send it in, please.


At 12:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this, Brent!

You are SO PRACTICAL and REAL about all of your writings! It is AMAZING though how quite often our clothes tell others a little story about who we are! If I were to die and a person who didn't know me had to go through my closet - they would be able to tell that I am a beach lovin', sport craving, Jesus freakish, God fearing, Professional, Cowgirl with a little bit of FLAVA! HAHAHA - There is Laurel Lynn Martindale in a nutshell - FUNNY how clothes can tell us that!

The thing is, I think we should spend more time trying to realize that there are many, MANY people in this world that don't have a quarter of what we have, nor do they even have closets! SO, of my closet, I will freely give and BLESS! More on that note... since we realize it is NOT about what clothes we have, it is about WHO we represent no matter WHAT we wear and BJ represented that at all times - even in his style :) Let's take our "Jesus Style" into the world to build relationships and see this world CHANGED for Christ! In the words of Walker Moore, "A changed life, changes lives!"

God bless you today as you seek HIM! HE IS FAITHFUL!!!

Love ya'll,

Laurel Lynn <><

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At 1:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I konw this is a day late, but I read your post from yesterday, and I remember being baptised with BJ at camp. He was SO excited, and so was I. I didn't know him then, but it was so cool how excited he was! LOve you all!


At 8:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh how I remeber that shirt and hat. Every single day...

Love you guys
Jonathan Haag

At 10:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahah, i remember that day at DNow, i have a pic of him then with his hat on! lol.

and i remember the Haste the Day shirt too.


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