Tuesday, May 23, 2006

This past weekend was amazing. So much happened in such a short period of time. Though it was packed, it was a blessing!

Getting to see my lovely bride again was such inspiration for me. I think we found out quickly what she doesn't miss about me. The little irritating things that are present in every relationship. I guess I know (after 23 years) what I have to work on. While that may be true, the time we spent was so very important to us both. I don't know how couples go for long periods of time of separation, as a routine.

I am thankful that in less than 2 weeks, (Lord willing) she and Lauren will arrive here in Tulsa!

We met many precious people at Brownsburg Christian Church. Some who are soaring, and some who are at points of desperation in their hurt. I guess every body of believers is made up of the same. It isn't any fun when you are the one hurting, but we know we serve a God who has provided us a Comforter to help us during those times.

One lady whose heart we heard from, was asking for prayer for her 18 year old son. He had previously lost a close friend in a car accident, and just lost a best friend... to murder. Her body was found in a pond (I believe). The "prince of this world," (John 12:31) serves up tragedy after tragedy. We must unite and fight against him! It is spiritual warfare, and we have the arms to deflect it. We must be willing, and active!

I met a family and their son who is 12, or soon will be. He, like BJ, is small in stature, but huge in heart and desire to serve the Lord! I met him in the parking lot, just before we left. I believe we will see him leading the way for many, as he seeks what the Lord wants for his life. He must be encouraged and supported by his family, and his extended family, you know... us! God uses the small in stature for mighty purposes!

Angela Ganote and her family were amazing. I don't know what preconceptions you have about what a television anchor would be like, but mine were shattered by her, or better put, Christ in her. What a servant for the Lord! She is where she is because the Lord is ministering through her, to her co-workers, the subjects of her stories, and to her church family, where she is on the leadership team. She was so inspirational! We must all aspire to do more!

I was involved in some friends wedding this weekend as well. I had the privilege of sharing some personal comments, doing "the blessing," (I still don't know if I did that right) and praying for them, toward the end of the ceremony. The groom, as I was leaving, shared with me some comments I shall never forget... Thank you Johnny! I met his father for the first time at the reception and was humbled by his kind words as well!

The bride was stunning. Her family (our former pastor) was such a blessing to us during BJ's journey. This couple exhibit the love of Christ in all they do. They are so precious to us! I look forward to their serving with me in missions one day soon.

I got to see old friends, my family, and even relax a bit! What a full and wonderful weekend it was!

Finally, I got to visit briefly with Emily. Not 6 year old Emily of a few blogs ago, but recent college grad Emily who will now enter the work force as a teacher. She is one whose life was forever changed by BJ's. I am so proud of her. Because of the hard work of some of her faithful friends-Mark and Amanda- and her responsiveness to the move of the Holy Spirit in her life, she surrendered her heart to Christ a few months ago, partially as a result of BJ's journey. She has promised to go with me to the mission field, and she assured me that she seldom makes promises, and only does so when she intends to keep them!

Emily, I know the Lord is very proud of who you have become in such a short time! He has big plans for you!

Thank you all for your prayer support over the last weekend, and past several weeks for that matter!
You have blessed us!


Lauren's mission team in Swaziland are doing well, but a little hungry. They are having an amazing, but heart breaking experience working with orphans, people in a trash dump, and other areas... even digging footers, and mixing concrete. She will tell you about it in a couple of weeks when she returns!


At 7:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for answered prayers and the blessings of this past weekend!

At 10:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a surprise to show up in your blog! My promise definitely holds true!! It may take years (hopefully not) but I WILL stand next to you in the mission field to do God's work! I can't wait for that day to come! You and your family will never know how much of an impact you have had on my life! Thank you for being an inspiration.

At 11:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you had a great weekend and made it back to Tulsa safely.
I never had the pleasure of meeting your family. I attended BJs celebration service, but the line of visitors was so long and all of you looked so exhausted, I thought you needed an extra minute of rest more than another hand to shake.
I made plans with a friend to attend the 3rd service on Sunday even though the drive would have been about 1 1/2 hours, yet we were unable to make it (my son came down with the stomach flu). After reading your blog regularly all of you feel like family, and I know there are many more people out there who feel the same.
I was looking forward to finally meeting you in person, but it seems God had different plans. Maybe one day it's in His plan for our paths to cross. Until then, continue what you are doing - doing His work, listening to His voice, and sharing His word and love! God bless you dearest Higgins' family.


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