Wednesday, July 19, 2006

If you want a very abrieviated version of scripture look to John 13:8b where Jesus is speaking to Peter during the last supper. "Unless I wash you, you have no part with me."

Isn't this the essence of our part in knowing Him? It doesn't matter what else we do, what effort we put forth, if we do not allow Him to wash us we haven't really allowed Him into to our hearts and lives. It isn't enough to simply "believe" because even Satan and his legions believe in Christ and know who He is (better than any of us), but they do not call Him Lord of their lives, they will not allow Him to wash them and make them clean.

If we say we believe, yet we don't truly allow Christ to wash us; if we simply accept a premise that "yeah, I believe in God but the Bible isn't necessarily all truth, or the only way to Christ...but He was a good man" etc., etc. We aren't really getting it. Our most important relationship is the one we establish with our Savior - and allow Him to develop while we make real efforts to learn more about Him, to draw closer to Him through study and prayer. There aren't shortcuts to knowing Him. Regardless of what else we do with or in our lives, if we do not know Him, it is all meaningless - even if it is "good" in the eyes of the world.

We can't just seek until we find a version of faith that makes us feel better about who we are because we are nothing without Him in our lives. His word shouldn't be altered and manipulated to meet our view of life, it is we who must be shaped and bent, even if it means giving up the one thing in our life that means more to us than anything else. Nothing is worth giving up our salvation - the opportunity to spend eternity with the Creator of this amazing universe.

Think of the things of earth that "wow" you the most...the towering mountains and waterfalls, vast lakes and oceans, incredible sunrises and sunsets; laughter of children, beautiful music and art. Those are gifts He gave us here; can you imagine what majesty is in store in His home? Can you imagine knowing nothing but love? no sadness, no grief? No cancer, no diabetes, no heart disease or plague...just eternal joy and fellowship with our Lord.

Lord, I pray this morning that we would each be willing to give of ourselves whatever "it" may be that stands in the way of truly knowing you, or knowing you better. The greatest saint wasn't perfect - none of us can be and that isn't what you ask of us. But Lord I know we often don't make the time for you that we do for the news, for our televisions or books, our work or our families. I know that some of those things are very important, even to you, but they are nothing without you, so help us to allow you first priority in our lives. Help us to seek you and allow you to develop the closest of relationships with us.

Lord, provide a hedge of protection over Amy's family and deliver them through this terrible time. Please give all of them peace and assurance that you are there amidst the storm. We pray for the people of this region that know little peace, many of whom know so little of you though they walk the regions that you did when you came to us in human form.

Help us each to know you as and call you Lord of our lives. In Jesus' name, Amen.

In Him,


p.s. I haven't spoken w/ Brent since they left NA but I am sure he and the family will be sharing again very soon...I know they have much to share!


At 12:19 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Wow......You hit the nail on the head this morning Brad. I couldn't agree with you more. There should be nothing more important than our relationship with Jesus. Having said that, we also know that many times we get distracted, I know I have in the past, but praise God that His mercies are new and fresh each morning.
We see so many "Christians" in church each week, who's walk consists of Sunday only, oh how much they are missing. I know for myself I would never give up my salvation, having come to the Lord in my 40's I know what life is like on the other side of the coin, and there's nothing sweeter or more satisfying than knowing Jesus. I thank God daily that He patiently waited 43 years for me to hear His sweet voice call my name, and my life has never been the same, since coming to Him and I wouldn't want it any other way. Thank you Jesus..
Lord we stand together as one body and lift up Amy's family to you and ask for your protection, also for those around them Lord. For Amy Lord that You would give her peace, and for Nate Lord relief from his pain. We thank You and praise You that You care for each and every one of us, in Jesus name Amen.

In His Love

At 12:19 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

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At 2:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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