Thursday, February 01, 2007

It has snowed again in Oklahoma. Many schools are closed. However, Deanna's is in session today. Because of my love for snow, and because Oklahoma is having a winter like no other, I have received much of the blame (being new arrivals and all). Yeah. It's pretty much my fault, 'cause I'm in control of the weather. Schools are on the verge of having to cancel spring break to recover the days missed.

I do want to offer my thanks this morning to the Lord for allowing me to be in a position where I get to see passion for Jesus spill from one infected student to another. When our students return from the field, their hearts are full to overflowing with the love of Christ. When they return to their places of influence, it is only natural that they begin to pour themselves into others from the overflow within them.

I am hearing from them each week, and as we are in the thick of enlisting students for our upcoming trips, there is a battle raging. Because of the surrender of a few, many new lives are being offered up as a living sacrifice. What an incredible picture this is of how His Word spreads like wildfire if we are a smoldering ember.

It is not surprising however, that simultaneously, the battle rages. Suddenly, where there was no previous sign of trouble, it also rampages...through families, friendships, etc.

One such example that we need to lift up, is a young man I met last November. One of my North Africa team members came home ablaze. Quickly, her passion spread. She began to weep over the phone with me at the incredible things the Lord was doing in lives around her. She was tremendously humbled, and joyful.

I had the opportunity to get to know some of the friends the Lord moved in. Not long after that encounter, one of them began to struggle as the enemy pierced his enthusiasm. All that had been poured into him suddenly seemed lost, and even instantly replaced by hatred and brokenness.

He was taken in by a group known for their affinity for drugs and sex. His life became a contradiction. He alienated his parents. He refuses to worship. "Cutting" has replaced love. His mother finds blood in his room. In moments of rage, he throws towels he's used to clean himself up, at her. Simultaneously hurling unfathomable obscene concepts to break her down.

She has lost hope. She sees little that can be done. Her family is dying before her.

The battle that rages around us is very real! There is no room in our lives for nominal belief or casual prayer. We must be warriors. The enemy seeks to kill and destroy.

The young lady from my team is seeking to intervene. She knows that she is ill-equipped in and of herself for this war. However, we can stand in the gap. We can lift her up as she seeks to be the vessel the Lord uses to restore this young man, his mother, and his family.

Once upon a time he was going to the mission field. Suddenly, he cannot find the "Pearl of great price" that was in his clasp.

If we lay down our swords and armor, because we fail to see the enemy, or withdraw into a time of rest, be assured Satan's attack will come.

Call him John, for the Lord knows who he really is!



At 10:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss John....and i am scared! How did we not see it...or say anything. I was to worried about my life to stop and see where he was. I've been where he that same spot...and i dont want him to go through that...
~sister in christ

At 1:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so very sorry to hear this, and will be praying. We have a similar problem here, and would love prayers too!

His name is Kelsey, 19, very smart, got baptized last year on same day as my 5 year old. Going to college, wanted to own own business, but started hanging out with the wrong people. Now drugs and alcohol are his scene, and no Jesus to be found. Only darkness surrounds him, and he is spitting out the lies of the devil. "I am handling my drug addiction, I don't drink much, I am not having sex, etc." Well as we all know, you can't "handle" drugs, alcohol, or sex for that matter. He is "taking a break" from school, moving in with a drug addict and alcoholic, and will not come home. He thinks pot will not hurt him! We believe it may be being laced also.

He is lost in the darkness, and refuses to see the Light! Satan's lies are so powerful, and we are so weak and believe him. Please lift him and his family up also, and pray that God's will be done.

Praying in pink for those caught in the web of Satan's lies~


Linda Anderson

At 7:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Marti....I couldn't agree more!!!!

Agape! Linda Anderson

At 2:26 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

So well said Marti, thank you for the reminder. I also have a young person that needs all the prayer she can get.

I won't try and paint a pretty picture, but give you the facts and the truth.

My eldest daughter, Emily. She's 24, into alchol, drugs, sex, and is what she likes to describe as an exotic dancer. In my youth it was known by another name. She's also into wicca, and thinks anyone who is associated with Jesus is evil. She's a very hurt, angry young woman who desperately needs Jesus. 1,000's of miles and past hurts seperate us as mother and daughter. But I know that distance is no barrier for my Jesus. Please lift her up in prayer as the Lord brings her to your memory.
Praying for those already mentioned.

In His Love


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