Friday, February 09, 2007

Today is my sister Lynae's Birthday. Sunday is my brother Brad's Birthday. No they are not twins where Brad was stubborn and did not want to come out. Brad is seven years older. I miss them both very much! Happy Birthday Lynae and Brad! I love you!
Those close to me know what a failure I am at Birthday cards. Well, your cards are on the dining room table. I'm sorry, they will be late.

Sunday evening, Deanna and I will be sharing at Chandler Southern, in Chandler, Oklahoma. Please pray for the body to receive what the Lord would desire.

We have all had times where we are overwhelmed by schedules or events in our lives. This week for me has been difficult, not because of schedules or events, but because of profound ministry opportunities the Lord has provided that I do not begin to possess the skill to deal with.

I am so desperately thankful for the presence of the Holy Spirit. The moments when things seem to come off of the hinges for others, are times when you are presented with the opportunities to stand in the gap (those of you who have been here for a while have taught me this). I am amazed at how quickly I come to the end of my own strength and abilities. Yet, because of the presence of the Holy Spirit, ministry can still happen.

Sometimes it happens through me, sometimes it happens in spite of me, but the point is, the Lord does not forsake His own. He does send in reinforcements, even when we do not see it.

That doesn't mean the outcome is what we would desire, but it does mean that He is always there, guarding and guiding. I have certainly discovered in my own life, that His presence is most uniquely sensed, when I am at my weakest. It is easier for me in those moments to collapse into His arms, rest in His protection and follow His direction.

Conversely, when I am feeling strong, too often I rely on my own perceived strength. According to Scripture (1 Corinthians) my strength is weakness, and my wisdom, foolishness compared to His. Therein lies a fallacy.

When I think I am strong...I am weak. When I think I am wise...I'm a fool. When I have a weak week, I find because of Him, I am strong...rather, He is strong through me.

His strength rests within my soul and He portions it to me in when I am surrendered and willing. I do not draw from this Well when I am self assured, and ooze self-confidence. I am thankful that I am so needful of Him. I see it everyday, and in every area of my life.

Though is does not make sense to my flesh, the weaker I am, the more His strength is on display. As a matter of fact, 2 Cor. 12:9 says it best of our Lord, "my power is made perfect in weakness."




At 10:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen dad,
Our Lord and Savior is teaching me the same thing. Funny how that works. My former youth pastor in Knoxville put it into easy terms. Try staring at the sun, now hold a lightbulb up in front of the sun...which is brighter? Duh, the sun, in fact you can't even see the lightbulb. God's strength so outlasts and is so much greater than our that our strength is nonexistent compared to His. I also find that in my weakest times that I find the greatest strength and the greatest trust in my Savior. In Isaiah, we are promised that if we trust in God, that we will "be upheld in His victorious right hand", maybe not always away from the storm, but I would rather be in God's hand in a storm, than outside of the storm all alone. Stay strong my brother.
In His grip,

At 11:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is that weakness so hard to find at times? I am there and seeing Him do all this work around me, thru me, and I'm totally amazed. The next second I see I'm 'onstage' and expected to do what I know I can't do and He is gone. Or at least seems to be gone. So I flounder and flail about, fooling nobody. I'd just as soon crawl back into Him I can't seem to get there.
Praying for Deanna this weekend, all of you daily. \o/

At 12:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Lynae!!! We love you very much, and I hope you see this! Love, Miki

At 1:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to both of you!!!

I pray it is blessed by Jesus, and that His loves fills you to overflowing!

Will be praying for you both, as always, Brent!!


Linda Anderson

At 5:55 PM, Blogger Danzeisen5 said...

Thank you for the wonderful birthday greeting!!! I don't mind a late card - it makes the b-day last longer!
I am also so thankful for the presence of the Holy Spirit to empower us! You are both awesome and we love you

At 4:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Beej's Dad,
My name is Robert, I am 26 years old. I first heard your son's magnificent story about 3 hours ago while reading the booklet of the Mercy Me CD "Coming Up To Breathe". For the past 3 hours I have been reading this blog from the beginning of the story to the beautiful end. The reason I am writing this is because I feel that I "needed" to tell you how much your family's and your son's perseverance throughout his time of sickness is so inspiring to me. I wish I could tell you in words but my heart speaks a different language which cannot be traversed through mere words. I find hope (not only legacy) in your family's strength. You are all exactly what Jesus tells us we need to be in this life on earth. This is what I want to be.
I have been saved for only 3 years and growing in my relationship with Christ ever since. How could I not "grow". =) I still have times where I hold on too tightly to the things of this world to tightly and feel directionless. But I WANT to be like your son. I never thought that I would say at 26 years old I would like to be like a 16 year old. But God's servants have no number of age... 2 weeks ago I attended a Conference called "Generation Unleashed" in Portland, OR. At this conference I knew that God was tapping into me like never before and that I needed to hear from Him like no other time! During an alter call, the speaker that night had asked for anyone that feels drawn to lead ministry in anyway to come forward and I heard myself saying "well God, I have thought about it before and..." God interupted that thought said clearly said "That's You! Go!" So without another word or thought I went up front, lifted my hand and no other questions filled my mind.
Your son's journal writings are a piece of that puzzle that I sometimes feel unworthy of placing together. There's a big picture that is right in front of me and I keep looking at all the puzzle pieces trying to figure out what they all mean individually. Instead I need to stand back and start placing then where God tells me to, not where I think they should go. I came to this conclusion while reading some of BJ's journal entries that you and your daughter wrote in this blog. I thank and praise God for inspiring you to do that because there are so many people that BJ is still touching in 2007, long after his physical body has died. His spirit lives on and always will in some fashion or another.
Anyway, I appriciate your strength. Strength like that ONLY can come from God! I will pray for BJ's story to touch and bring more people to GOD from this moment on! PRAISE GOD!

-Robert Sousa
Auburn, WA


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