Monday, May 21, 2007

Yesterday morning Deanna, Lauren and I worked in the nursery at church. We kept the toddlers. We were told it was an off day. There were only nine of them. Oh my goodness what energy they have at the age of a year and a half.

It's been many years since we worked with children that age. They love so easily. They are very accepting. They seemed content to play together or alone. They rebound quickly after their world only moments before, seemed to come to an end.

Another thing about them that I do not remember well...they move in a pack. At least many of them will. This is partially to vie for the attention of whoever is in charge and partly not to miss out on the fun they perceive happening.

I had a great time. I found it important to get down to where they are to play. Unfortunately, the day before, I ran, trimmed the bushes, cleaned the gutters, mowed the lawn and did laundry. My body was in full out rebellion. Bending and twisting was not what it wanted to do. However, it was all the children wanted it to do. Guess who won?

Children that age like to pile on top of adults who are unsuspecting. The higher the pile the better. The more you cry out in rebellion, the more fun they have. They should have all gone home and slept when they left, cause they got a workout. Me too, I had to go take a nap.

I love it when children bring you a book to read. Apparently it's fun for them to bring you a book, play musical chairs for space in your lap, and if they don't win a seat, play with toys on your head. Oh, and if you stop reading, they chide you to begin again. The fun is in distracting and tormenting you while you are occupied.

They are very smart. They can play toys, musical chairs for lap space, talk while you read, spin around in circles and still know the right answer to questions you ask from the book. This must be the age they begin multi-tasking. I think I was sick that year, because I can't do two things at once.

My own children are incredible at it. Not me. I focus on one thing at a time, and if I'm lucky, I make progress. For them it seems the more they are trying to do, the more they get done. Apparently there was a cultural shift in this area. I just keep wondering what I was doing when the shift started that I got left so far behind.

Anyway, to be loved on by children in such an unconditional way for an hour or two was a huge blessing. It makes me look forward to when my children have children. Of course, I may not have any energy left by the time that happens, but I still look forward to it.

For now, I'll continue to hang out with students and young adults on the mission field. It is interesting to note that the primary difference between toddlers and teens and what they like to do is...size.

Some of them should really stop trying to sit in my lap, because I'm old and they're hurting me.



At 8:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey Brent, life is so much simpler at that age huh? There are no responsibilities we need to be worried about, no bills to be paid, no such things! I wish I could go back to being an infant and stay like that. Life was so much simpler in those days....

At 7:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The innocense of youth!! Christ asks us to come to him like those children came to you --- full of wonder and energy, wanting His attention and giving unconditional love. It is simple, yet we complicate it so much with this "life". As you mentioned, multi-tasking is critical in this day and age with very little time to rest. Imagine those children not stopping for rest --- they get aggitated, unreasonable and are unable to stop whining. Doesn't that sound familiar? We all need to slow down and enjoy those precious moments, and rest in Him and the glory of those miracle moments He places before us. Maybe, just maybe, multi-tasking isn't such a great thing?!

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