Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ready to go!

This m0rning, I leave for Nashville, Tn. to speak at Faith Presbyterian, tonight. I return tomorrow afternoon, and then speak at Evangelistic Temple (Christian School) Friday morning.

I want to thank those of you who have taken the time to review our book on-line. I know it was time consuming and a bit of a pain, but I appreciate it a great deal.

I want you to know that we have been hearing from around the country from those who have read the book and have been greatly moved to make changes in their lives. I praise the Lord for what He is doing through this testimony. Pointing others to Christ and seeing them release themselves fully to His service is what this has been about.

A grandmother in Florida read the book and went promptly to her church to enlist as a teacher of students after seeing what a difference the life of a sold out young man could make.

A number of students have read, had their eyes opened to what God wants to do, and are following Him in obedience, in ways they never have.

Please, let me encourage you to share your own stories here on the blog, while I am away.

I know my sister Lisa was speaking at a prayer meeting she was asked to run, and was using the book as a call to prayer...a call to obedience.

I hope you will encourage each other in this way. Many of you have shared the book with others. I encourage you to share what the results have been. It is truly our desire to see God receive all of the glory for what He is doing. We have manufactured nothing, and do not desire to. We only want to see Him continue to move in the hearts of His children as He draws us each closer to Him.

A few believers excited about their relationship with Jesus can make a huge difference in our communities, our cities, our states, our world!

Please share openly as you have time and opportunity, both on this site, and with others.

While this book will never be a substitute for the Bible, the way God is using it, it can make a difference in the lives of the lost, who would never read the Word until they are shown the truth.
We can do this.

Please share!



At 10:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

BRENT!!! I finally picked the book up last Friday on my way to track practice. I am not much of a reader (very slow), so I need to finish up the one I have before I start on BJ's ... well, my good friend here (who is not saved) asked to read it after I expressed my excitement to finally dig in to it! Sooo - that book is in the hands of a non-believer who is sending me text msg's left and right about how much it is making her think. She says she cannot get through a single chapter without stopping to shed some tears and reflect! PLEASE PRAY FOR JESSI! God is on the move...

I have to say - I haven't been where I know I should be, but God is constantly at work in this world! And - Brent, most people will NOT read a bible because it is associated with things and people that have hurt them! BJ's book is a door to God's TRUTH - a shining star in the sky that no one can hide! THANK YOU!

All my love to you all!

By HIS grace,

Laurel LYnn <><

At 4:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I gave the book to a friend last weekend. By Wednesday, she had called to tell me what an impact it is having on her. She is going through a time where she truly needs a Savior, and is being led to him by the Spirit-guide in this book! Praise be to God!!

At 12:54 PM, Blogger Apprentice In Eternal Living said...

Thank you for this book. Laura Allyn Oksol is my roommate in Portland, OR, and I had a chance to read the BJ book and discuss it with her.
As a result, I will be be sharing from your book in a sermon I am preaching on Monday for Multnomah Biblical Seminary (3/3/08) discussing the concept of, "When you are going through a case of the 'not-yets' the remedy is to focus on the 'nows'."
I feel from the book that this is the ultimate example of going through a time of the 'not-yets' especially while waiting to see if BJ would live or die. Yet to see that God gave you a purpose and the power behind the purpose to focus on your 'nows' - through the website and uniting believers around the world - is incredibly inspiring. (In case you are wondering, I am preaching on Acts 1:6-8 in which the Israelites are waiting for Christ to restore Israel to which He replies, "Not yet but ...")
I love BJ's story also because it parallels with Acts in another way; in that the disciples were told "Not yet" because God needed them to get the gospel to those who are lost; I feel BJ's story is similar in the the Lord had a time of "Not yet" for you and your family that the gospel could go out and more people could be united.
Thank you so much for your ministry and your willingness to be obedient to Christ through all you have been through. Though I did not know BJ, and have only heard stories from Laura, I imagine he is in heaven smiling at all the glory that God is receiving as a result of His life, testimony and death.
To God be the glory now and forever! Hallelujah!
Sara J. Coffelt


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