Monday, October 11, 2010

Whitney hunting with me from a brush blind

I spent a couple of days last week, ministering to "Carnies" at the Tulsa State Fair.
I've probably mentioned it each year. This is something that always has a profound impact on me.

I am not one who loves walking up to strangers to begin a discussion. Some of my co-workers are amazing at this, but for me, it is waaaaaayy outside my comfort zone.

I have to overcome a fear every time I approach a "Carnie."

These are people who are used to serving, not being served.

I am always amazed at how they open up after I ask a question or two. It would appear they are a 'dam waiting to burst.' The words begin to spill slowly and then a major gush erupts and they are telling me things I cannot believe or imagine!

I have the opportunity to pray with many of them. I am always blessed by the encounters.

I had two 13 year old young men go with me at the end of one of my days. They were from a local youth group, and had come to be introduced to this type of ministry. They were hungry for interaction.

We spoke to a couple of people, and I was telling them how everyone has a story, and that our job is to get them to spill it, so we can see cracks through which we can minister.

We approached a man I had not yet met. I explained who we were, and asked him to share with us interesting facts about himself.

He began with, "Well, I am in the Guiness Book of World Records."

"For what?" we asked.

"I've been in 47 car wrecks, and have walked away from every one without a scratch, except for 2!"

"No way!" we exclaimed.

He proceded to tell us how God must be angry with him for something, as all these tragedies kept happening.

I explained that the Lord was seeking his heart and that He must have great plans for him, and he should consider paying close attention.

The young men chimed in and pleaded with the man to seek the Lord after such crazy happenings.

He was not convinced and proceded to explain other tragedies.

My young protege's jumped back in and told the man how much Christ loved him, and that he should ask Him why these things had happened.

We planted seeds in his unfertile soil, that he seemed to have never heard before.

We'll continue to pray for him... Peter, is his name... and "upon this rock..."

Another man I met had just lost his wife to a drunk driver, a month ago. His hard outer crust tried to hold back a raging, turbulent jailbreak of tears. The result was a consistent moistness to his eyes, but they never formed and spilled.

We spoke for quite a long time as he opened his heart to seemingly, the first person to ask him a question about his life. He had much to say. He had been on the road since it happened. He had come out to work as an escape. He left his 13 month old daughter with his parents, and came to "get away."

His shell was breaking.

I gave him my card, and told him to call me if he needed to talk. I never do this at the Fair, but felt led of the Lord to do so this time.

His name is Gordy. I prayed with him, and left him to get back to work.

I looked for him later in the week, but no one knew where he was.

When I arrived at work this morning, I had a two voice messages.

The first was Gordy. He'd had a heart attack, and was in a local hospital, scheduled for surgery this morning! The second was a "hang-up" call.

I called the number he left and got no answer. I called the hospital to ask for his room number and any other info they could give. They couldn't tell me anything, as he had not ever given me his last name.

My partner in ministry and I loaded into my truck and headed to the hospital.

Upon arrival, we found his room... vacated... cleaned.

The second call must have been him, trying to update me.

It seems he left without surgery as he received word that his daughter was in need.

If this feels like a cliff hanger at the end of a tv series season, that you don't want to wait until next fall to find the outcome, you are not alone.

I have no last name, no way to be in touch. Only a name... Gordy... and a 13 month old daughter that needs him.

My God knows their circumstances! He has all authority to keep Gordy safe, to keep his daughter healthy.

Stepping out of my comfort zone is important... the Lord has impact in the lives of others, when I do.

Please join me in praying for Gordy, his daughter, and then Peter, who needs Jesus (Gordy, while a very rough character, professes to know Christ).



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