Monday, November 01, 2010

Lauren and Weston will be getting married November 19th!!!

I am blessed and amazed at how the Lord provides for us!

When Lauren was a toddler, I remember Deanna and I praying over her as she slept in her bed. We asked the Lord to provide a godly man, one who pursued Jesus and was in love with Him!

I remember weeping as we prayed, at the thought of this innocent young girl, ever finding a man I could approve of. Was it even possible? Could I allow my heart to be riven in such a fashion?

I've had the privilege recently of taking God's provision in Lauren's life, hunting for his first several experiences. We've had much time to bond on many outings.

As I reflect on these recent experiences, I am moved by God's Spirit. He has blessed her beyond our expectations! No prospective father-in-law could be more pleased with what God has done!

This past Friday night, we hunted together once again. We were blessed with a harvest! It was such a privilege to work together with him as we brought the harvest in! The memories will last for the remainder of my lifetime.

Our time, traveling to and from the farm have been significant in terms of conversation and relationship. He is pursuing the Lord with all of his heart, and I am so blessed to know him. Our conversations have been gratifying and encouraging both spiritually and relationally.

God had a plan. We took advantage of the privilege to pray for our daughter, having to wait years to see what the outcome would be. It would be a prayer we often breathed on Lauren's behalf.

No man could ever complete or complement my daughter, better than he. I honestly believe this!

I've had many conversations with other dads, who wonder how we ever allow men to enter our daughter's lives. It isn't an easy task.

The beauty of this is, that our daughters have pursued Christ first, and found their identity in Him, not their men.

Then when the right man came along, they were in a better place to discern this.

Having the peace of the Lord regarding this issue, is huge in my life!

I will gladly stand beside my bride to give Lauren to the man God has raised up, that we have been praying for, throughout her lifetime!

Welcome to the family Weston!

We are humbled and honored at God's provision! That you are wedding during the Thanksgiving Season, only makes sense!

Praise God!!!



At 3:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a beautiful blog today. I have a daughter who is 17. Praying . . .

At 10:32 PM, Anonymous Brittany DiSalvo said...


This particular post had a Romans 15:13 effect on me. I am thankful for you and for the joy He has given you recently. Love, miss and praying for all of you!


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