Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Me, Brad Guice and Walker Moore

This past weekend was absolutely amazing!

We held our annual missions conference in Tulsa. We had speakers in from Cambodia, Latvia, Mexico, Uganda, as well as those who have ministered in over 80 countries around the world!

What incredible testimonies and perpectives we have seen. The common theme was that God gives His obedient children, many stories!

Those same stories are used to inspire and stir the passion of others. If we have no stories, we need to look at what we are doing with our lives. He fills us with stories of radical change and obedience when we walk as He calls us to!

Our stories don't have to be from foreign soil, just from surrendered lives.

One of the things the Lord did, was allow me to finally meet a man He brought to me about 6 years ago.

A faithful blogger from this website had contacted me to let me know that a friend of hers from church (in NYC) was a professional photographer by trade, but his passion was missions.

He had been around the world and had used his camera to capture the plight of the least of these. Each photo induced an emotional response. Not just emotional, but ones that stir you to action.

In his work he is highly sought after by top ad agencies and major actors of today.

In his heart, he completes 2 months of missions each year and God has called him to assemble a coffee table book on the topic. This book will be complete with missionary testimonies, quotes, and pictures from around the globe.

He began working on it years ago. He contacted us to see if BJ's story could be used in his book. At the time, our agent advised us against it. In the literary world, you don't want anything to dilute your story. The agents fear was that if this book told our story before we did, publishers would lose interest.

Our book ended up being published first.

Even though we were not able to give permission, the Lord connected my heart to this brother. His name is Brad Guice. We have stayed in touch through the years. From time to time, we've caught up on how the other was doing, and how God was working.

Through a series of events, the Lord drew my heart once again to Brad's when we were planning our missions conference. He agreed to come and speak for us. My ministry partner, Walker Moore and I grew in excitement and anticipation over how the Lord would use him.

When I picked him up at the airport, we exploded into dialogue of our incredible Savior!

So much has happened. So much was discussed.

He spoke with passion at our conference. He was one of our main speakers and then also conducted two seminars compelete with many photos and stories from around the world!

In our private time, my heart was filled with friendship and the warmth of the Holy Spirit. As we discussed many things, he asked us one more time for permission to use BJ in his book! We excitedly agreed this time!

We are so excited to see what the Lord will do with his project. I know I want his book in my house! I wanted it even when it wasn't going to include my son!

Few have his eye to capture our Savior's heart, through a lens. Few have his passion! Few have been saved from drugs and alcohol abuse/addiction and then set on fire for the Lord!

His transformation is radical, His Savior is mighty! His heart is surrendered, and his life glows with the fervency of Christ!

Thank you Brad for revealing more of Him to me, more of Him to us.



At 11:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just read this. Please keep us posted on when his book comes out.


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