Friday, November 12, 2010

a moment with Marti (Ghost Writer of "I Would Die For You")...

Getting ready for Lauren's wedding has been a blessing. Of course I am a dad, and stay out of things as best I know how.

Lauren has taken this on with a great attitude and she and Weston have done much of the planning themselves. For the most part, she has enjoyed the journey. Nothing like the "Bridezilla's" one can see portrayed on television.

There have been some significant blessings along the way. Actually there have been many, but when I am here, I tend to think of things through the filter of my son's memory.

As most know, we named him Brent Allen Higgins Jr., or "BJ," as he is affectionately known. I've written of many encounters and stories regarding not only his name, but unique interactions that have come as a result.

Like the time that Deanna and I were having dinner with Afshin and Meredith Ziafat in Dallas, and they were driving and selected a restaurant without forethought, called "BJ's". Both Afshin and I received free "BJ's" glass cups because it was their Father's Day promotion! Amazing!

We are a week away from this wedding, and I wanted to share a couple of things that have been an "encouragement" to us.

First, Lauren was talking to my younger sister, Lynae, whose son Joshua is the keeper of BJ's sword. Lauren asked her if she was going to be able to bring the sword to the wedding so that it could be carried down the aisle (as it was at Whitney's wedding) in remembrance of her brother.

Lynae kind of gasped and laughed simultaneously and said, "Oh Lauren, I have an alarm set on my phone, just to remind me to pack the sword!"

We laughed together, but found such blessing in this anecdote.

Another story is this. Lauren decided she wanted sparklers to be used to usher she and Weston to their car in place of other things like bubbles, bird seed, or rice.

I had a friend who worked for a fireworks company in Arkansas. I contacted her to see if she could help us out. After her research, she discovered that they were available, but could not be shipped. We did not want to drive to Arkansas to pick up sparklers, so Lauren began to research on-line.

She found a company and ordered just what she wanted. When she printed out the receipt, she was moved as she discovered the name of the fireworks company she had just ordered from was: BJ Allen's!

On the wall of our great room at home, hangs a photograph taken, matted and framed by my brother, Brad. The photograph was taken on the evening of July 4th, and pictures BJ painting designs with fire, in the dark of the night holding... a sparkler.

We are so excited about their union. We have been blessed on this journey as they prepare to get to walk the aisle!

We praise God for His matchless provision!



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