Monday, December 05, 2005

We arrived home safely last evening. We so securely felt your prayer cover over the weekend. Oh how our God moved. Saturday nights Dinner Theater was visited by a heavy oppression from the enemy. Praise God He prevailed, as we confronted this attack head on, and saw 9 lives committed to Christ. One entire family of 5 or 6 people came to know Jesus, and will be celebrating Christmas this year as new believers.

The Lord touched many lives in both services Sunday morning. I cannot tell you how healing it is for our family to be involved in such services. They are still very emotional for us, but I find myself often repeating, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." It is only by His strength and grace that we continue. So many hurting people, who have lost loved ones, have approached us as they have an understanding of the pain of loss. I know many of you in the blog family do as well.

Please lift up the new believers in your prayer time. They have a significant challenge ahead of them, as they seek to put Christ first in their lives. We as believers must continue to deny ourselves daily, take up our cross, and follow Him. This is much easier to talk about for most of us, than it is to actually do.

It was an encouragement once again to meet so many of you who have been praying for Beej. A special blessing arrived Sunday morning at the late service, as Beej's team director from Peru 2005- Erin, and her parents came to the service, and then had lunch with the pastoral staff of Christ Wesleyan Church, and our family. It was wonderful to have my sister Lynae, and her family there as well.

Her son Joshua, who holds Beej's sword, was in attendance. On Saturday evening, while the drama was progressing, I felt a pair of eyes on me. I turned to the seat next to mine to find Joshua looking intently at me. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed at the time (as the drama was about Beej's life), and what happened next was a gift from the Lord.

Six year old Joshua got up from his chair, came to mine, and hugged me. Not a quick, "hello" hug, but a long, "I know your hurting hug." That hug reached deep into my soul, as if it were from Beej himself. I do not know what prompted him to do this, but I am sooo thankful. It came just when I needed it. Thank you Joshua! You have once again blessed my heart!

Oh that we would approach our love for our Lord with the faith of a child. Six years old, fifteen years old, it doesn't matter. What matters is that we love, and that we do so not when we feel like it, but when it is necessary.

Praise God for his provision and strength. Have a blessed day!


Please be patient while we figure out a new schedule for posting, as it will take some time to get our hard drive repaired (at home).


At 9:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you God for a wonderful weekend for the Higgins! Please continue to comfort and give them your peace during this time.

At 9:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How overwhelming your emotions must be right now!! I will pray for your family during this season of preparation of Christ's birth and the traditions that must be made new. I will pray for a continued presence of BJ that God lays in your hearts through the love and even hugs of others. I pray for restored emptiness through Christ, through BJ and through the love of others that you have brought closer to Him. I pray for those you continue to bring forward to Christ's love.
Thank you for sharing with us.
Vicky Ward

At 9:28 AM, Blogger Praying in Pink said...

What is it about your postings about Joshua that always leaves me speechless? None less than the amazing work of the One WHO prompted him to share that very perceptive hug.

Thank you to Joshua, Keeper of the Sword, for doing what each of us would have wanted to do had we been able to attend. Thank you, Lord, for drawing us, and new friends, to Yourself once again.

At 9:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Brent and Deanna,

I'm teary eyed again as I read of Joshua's hug...indeed a precious gift. Our home Bible study group has just finished a book by Mike Yaconelli called "Dangerous Wonder," which implores us as adults and as Christians to return to some of our childlikeness. We've lost most of it by the time we're teenagers, but would often be served well by a simple childlike wonder, faith, spontenaity, and love. We've been reminded to cast off some of the boring ways in which we often go through life, and to be more aware of God's wonder in creation and in the people around us, and to be listening for God's voice in our daily lives.

How beautiful that Joshua responded to the prompting that he felt inside, so that he didn't rob you of your blessing. May we all learn again from a child!!!

Lots of love to your family and to the blog family as we practice our faith daily,

Deer Park, TX

At 11:05 AM, Blogger Aunt Maralyn & Uncle Ray said...

Wow! tears again. I can just picture Joshua's hugging you. What a sweet little boy he is.
Your California family were sure thinking and praying for all of you this weekend. We all wished we were there with you.
Obviously the Devil wasn't happy with what was happening, but once again he was defeated.
We can't wait to get the Video.
Aunt Maralyn

At 11:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh what a blessing! To add to the prayer list of MANY - in light of what Joshua did, would you PLEASE PRAY for the many children across the world who have no one to hug and for the ones who DO have someone to hug, but are still overlooked at this season & all year long! Each child is a precious gift from the Lord and OH THE FAITH they have in their adult family at such a young age - how impressionable they are! I realized this on Thanksgiving when my cousin's 4 year old daughter asked me to kiss her boo-boo on her finger and then after I joyfully kissed her precious little finger she pranced away happy as can be - did I heal her finger? NOPE - but, the love of the effort touched her heart and that is how the Lord wants us to TRUST in Him! (Something that I am personally battling with lately for unknown reasons, but I TRUST that God knows - BOY have I been asking Him to kiss a lot of my boo-boo's lately! Too many to count!)

I love you all!

Praising Jesus with you always,

Laurel Lynn <><
San Diego

At 11:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Praise God
Glad to hear how God is blessing you mom and dad.
Brittany Allen

At 12:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for continuing to post. Your words touch my heart and I look forward to coming here for a spiritual lift each day! May God bless you and your family for sharing not only stories of BJ's life, but also the word of God.

At 3:05 PM, Blogger the leaf family said...

There's nothing better then a child's love.. Praying for you..
With all our love and prayers from KC-Tracy

At 3:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am going to Mexico over my Spring Break with Awe Star. I am so glad I can go with such a wonderful organization through which BJ went with on his many missions trips. I am still praying for you.

HLG Student

At 5:10 PM, Blogger Cousin Beth said...

Precious Family and Friends,

Thank you, Brent, Deanna, and Whitney, for so beautifully sharing with our church this weekend! (I’m glad you made it safely home.) As one lady told me, “It is so evident that God’s anointing is on that family (you.)”

Other family and friends, thank you so much for all of your prayers for us. Doing what we did was probably the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life. Yet in light of what Christ did for us and what BJ went through, as well as his dear family, it seems so small.

When we came home after the Celebration of Life for BJ, we both felt that all who were there had a responsibility to share what was happening with others, that Christians needed to be motivated all over the world.

Over the years Dennis and I have been in charge of many programs and productions, large and small. When Dennis told me in October that he felt God wanted us to change our plans for the Christmas Dinner Theater, I basically thought he was trying to do the impossible. In the past when we wrote a drama, we had a very long time to work on it and edit it. I had many misgivings. Not only did I wonder how we could accomplish it time-wise, but I was very concerned about how Brent and Deanna would feel about us doing it, especially this soon. Though fictional about a young girl, played by our daughter, there were so many similarities in the drama to BJ’s story. Then later when we felt led to ask them if they would like to be here, I thought there is no way that we can do this with them watching, and how can they handle it? But we serve a big God, one full of grace, mercy, and love. When we are willing to obey Him and give Him the little that we have, He can turn it into something more. Perfection wasn’t there, but God was. The distractions that happened (things like a lapel mike coming unclipped, a picture falling, etc.) that had never occurred during practices, were just that, distractions, but nothing more. God takes care of every detail, even to that of having a little boy give a hug when needed.

Many times I thought that being in charge of the organization of every aspect of this event plus being the cast was more than I could handle. If you have never done a dinner theater, you can only imagine what goes into it. If you’ve done a Christmas drama or musical, it’s doing that plus much, much more. (Now you know why I’ve been busy the last eight weeks.)

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness to work out every detail. We had a full house of over 200 each night, and some we knew had very hard hearts. It was obvious that many people were moved, even beyond the eleven who responded. I believe God is going to take the fruit that was seen and multiply it.

Thank you, Deanna and Whitney for so beautifully singing “Breath of Heaven” Friday and Saturday nights. How appropriate and moving! Then on Sunday morning, Deanna, you awed us and brought us to tears once again with your beautiful singing of “Praise You in the Storm!” Brent, you have a gift preaching and writing! God was with you in a very powerful way as you shared all four times! Thank you for your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. God has gifted all of you, and we are so touched and moved at your willingness to share and minister to others in the midst of your sorrow.

Lauren, we missed you greatly, but know you were in God’s will at school preparing for a mission trip later on. Know our prayers are with you.

Pray for our church, as we follow the new believers. Pray for those who also recommitted their lives to Christ and His service. Many people were moved in that way in the Sunday morning services, some by visibly going to the altar, and many others in their seats.

Lynae, Rich, Joshua, Emily, and Ariana, thank you for making the trip to be here. You were a great support.

Erin, we are so glad you and your parents were able to come Sunday morning. It was great to meet you. May God continue to bless you.

Brent and Deanna, I was very thankful for the time I had with the two of you in the prayer room. I will always treasure those moments we had together. I love you much and feel so humbled that God has allowed us to be a small part of what He is doing. Certainly His ways are higher than ours. Thank you for allowing us to share about your son’s life. You are an inspiration in so many ways. I know our family is forever changed.

I pray daily that the blessing of the Lord will continue to be on you and that He will sustain and give strength for every situation.

Much love,

At 10:40 PM, Blogger Barbara Ann said...

I'm so glad that you made it home safely. I got the pleasant, great opportunity to talk to Marti on the phone tonight. She just encourages me much with her obedience to follow Christ with everything...Thanks! God brought up more stories of Beej on the field. I just love memories...especially when God brings them up.

Praying for you...
Chat with you hopefully(!) soon..

Barbara Ann

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