Monday, January 30, 2006

It's important to report the faithfulness of our Lord this past weekend. My family had the privilege of sharing at The Winter Youth Retreat at Highland Lakes Camp, Marion Church of God, and Emmanuel Community Church of Ft. Wayne, over the weekend (all in Indiana). We were blessed deeply to meet many new people- many of them family from here, and to be able to fellowship with brothers and sisters. The Lord stirred the hearts of His children in these services. Talking to a few students who want to take BJ's place on the field was incredible. There is such passion in the youth of America, and we must work together through prayer and action, to mold and direct that passion in a Christ-like manner.

Many of you remember praying for Shelby during BJ's stay in the hospital. She is the daughter of Kent and Amy. Kent is the Minister to Students at ECC in Ft. Wayne. Reuniting with them was "bittersweet." Our hearts are forever bound together through the circumstances of our journeys. Getting together and talking was both healing and emotional for each of us. One day, I will spell out all of the intersections between our families... the thing is, they are still being revealed. God has to be the author, as it is uncanny how our lives are interwoven.

I am thrilled to report that Shelby is vibrant and growing! What a beautiful, precious twin! Her health has improved immensely, and though she has a couple of lingering remembrances of her journey, she is in good shape.

Lauren spoke and sang at the church in Marion. She shared the testimony of BJ's walk with eloquence, and in a way that God has uniquely gifted her. Man, can she string words together. Poetry comes through in her message, and the message is clear. She also shared a song she finished writing on Saturday, about her journey through this storm. It is entitled "Unshaken." What a moving, personal testimony put to music.

We are seeking the Lord and His direction for each future step. It is healing for us to share what God has done, and is doing. We are thankful for the opportunities we have been afforded. We are moved at the opportunities to meet many of you who have been praying for us. It is very humbling, and we wish we could somehow repay you. For now, please know how incredible it is to be able to spend time with you, hearing your hearts, and sharing in fellowship. ECC, Wow! You guys are the best. God is truly moving in your church. What faithful and encouraging believers you are.

Jeff and Sarah, and Tom...Thank you. Worshipping beside you is a privilege! Blog family, again, Thank you for praying!

Have a blessed week in the Lord!


Thank you RC for the $ for North Africa! Wow!
We are not sure which Mark A. asked us to contact him... we know several.
Nate Dog and Ames... you got us back on-line at home, and we are thrilled!!! Thank you.


At 10:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interwoven. This is how my friend in Nevada described our coming together through BJ, back in September.
He prayed with us often and read daily in awe and posted too.
His interpretation was God brought all of us together through BJ, interwoven like a tapestry is interwoven. We are all the threads. All of us threads interwoven, and connected. We can blanket the world through this Blogg
and continue to work for our Lord and create tapestry, interweaved,
Connected throughout the world
because BJ gave his all and layed his life down for Christ.
BJ has touched so many and continues to move people to Christ.

I am praying with you Family
May peace grow in your hearts and Dear Lord supply my brothers and sisters an abundance of strength.!!
We all must continue ministering
and honor our Lord
In Jesus name I Pray
Love and huggs to you family
Your sister in Christ

Indpls., IN

At 10:59 AM, Blogger Krista in Michigan said...

It's so good to hear the way God continues to encourage and strengthen your family. What a neat thing for you to be able to see the connectedness that He orchestrated with your family and Shelby's - weaving your families together, from what it sounds, long before you ever knew you'd play such important roles in each other's lives. I hope we can hear more of those details one day!

I am also sure I'm not alone in hoping that Lauren shares the words to her new song here on the blog.

I find myself thinking of your family and your story so often. I share the web address at least once a day - most recently with a young friend who is leaving for a two month mission trip to Guatemala early tomorrow morning.

Each day brings a stronger sense that God wants our family to "sit at your feet" for a while and learn from your story. For now, that's happening through this blog. It's even going to be part of our 15 year old's schooling - reading and journaling about the things he discovers here.

But I also sense God laying the groundwork for us to literally come sit at your feet one day.

Is it okay to say that that sense brings with it a bit of fear and trembling? Selfishly, I want the reason for our learning from you to have to do with our youth ranch ministry, NOT because God is preparing us to walk down a similar road with one of our children. Yet, because of the way God has worked in our life through previous hardships, and because of what I've learned already through your experience, I know that I can trust Him no matter what. And so I pray against those fears that come up, and ask Him to keep leading the way.

Praying today that the mountaintop experiences you had this weekend will carry you through the week, refresh and renew you, and serve as a reminder of the deep love your Father has for your family!

At 12:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful post. It is encouraging in so many ways. I turned in my application for North Africa last week. I feel so called to go there this summer but some mishaps have been discouraging. Tara Case told me the trip is already full and I sent in my application w/ the incorrect amount of postage. The great part is I know we have a God who can handle such minor details. Barbara Ann also told me that BJ sent in one of his applications w/out postage one time! God is in control. I have been on my face for this country and I hope I will be able to join you this summer. If not, I know God is faithful and has a place for me somewhere. If you could, lift this situation up in your prayer time. I continue to lift you and your family up.

Walking w/ the Savior,

Katie Kyle
Piedmont, Oklahoma

At 1:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a blessed weekend you had. How wonderful! God is so good!!
Still always.

Linda Anderson
Willows, California

At 3:09 PM, Blogger the leaf family said...

Higgins Family,
It has been a while since I last checked in with you..
I have been on a spiritual journey of my own these last few weeks. A journey that God started me on just before leaving Indiana and now I can see this huge puzzle having been placed together so gracfully with love, patience, kindness and by many hands.. Brent and Deanna your hands have been used to put several of those peices together.. Thank You..
Our God is so amazing and I am so Thankful that he is my protector of the storms.. I pray for each of you today.. and everyday one day at a time... With all my love and prayers from KC- Tracy L

At 3:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Higgins Family,
What a wonderful honor to place faces with names last night at Emmanuel Community Church. Thank you for giving your time and testimony to our Youth. I can't tell you how much it meant to my friends the Koteskeys. Bless you and your ministry...
Barbara Anderson
Fort Wayne, IN

At 3:45 PM, Blogger joenjeanne said...

Dear Higgins Family:

It was such an honor to meet you guys last night. It feels good to put a face with the names of the wonderful people I have been praying for the last few months.

Kent and Amy are wonderful people that I love dearly and I thank God that he has woven you guys together and that you will always have a special connection.

My prayer today is that God gives you guidance and comfort through your week. God Bless You!!!

Jeanne' Updegrove
Fort Wayne

At 4:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Higgins Family-
Thank you so much for coming to ECC last night. It was really inspiring and life-changing. God bless you all!
Leslie Holbrook
Fort Wayne

At 8:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love you guys. see you this summer.
Brittany Allen

At 9:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Family
I heard from an angel today.
There was a prayer and a pink rose presented in BJ's tree over the weekend. I hope you found the flower.
Bless you
and prayers are with you Family
Your friend and
sister in Christ

Indpls., IN

At 10:01 PM, Blogger Praying in Pink said...

Grateful to be interwoven
even at long distance. . .
Somehow, prayer must do a "wrinkle in space" and cover that gap! Thank you, Nate and Amy for doing what those of us who are farther away (not to mention technologically impaired) cannot. Thank you, students and church families, for opening your hearts to the Higgins' sharing. Kent and Amy, we're thankful your sweet Shelby is doing so well. There in prayer once again. . .

always in pink,



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