Tuesday, April 04, 2006

It just keeps flashing. Over and over again, it blinks. I confess I do not understand. I have reset it a multitude of times since he passed, but its desire seems to be to broadcast an interruption. Virtually every time I walk into his room, it is flashing.

It used to attempt to wake him, but often failed. Sleep came easy for him, rising difficult. Now, it fills no function and seems to know it. So try as I may to correct its operation, it functions in its own way.

It is the second timekeeper that has failed since he began to "look full in His wonderful face." The other, an antique, perhaps with excuse for quitting. One can wind it, set it and start it ticking, but five minutes later it will stop. Just finished.

The digital offspring seems to act more in declaration of what has occurred than what is present. Interrupted illumination being sent out in red waves, crying for attention to be drawn to its futile existence. Noone looks, noone seems to care, when will I have purpose, it seems to beckon?

Too many of those around us are living with the same perspective. Something difficult has happened in their lives, so they grow bitter and disturbed, awaiting someone to rescue them. Someone to give definition to their lives, to respond to their obvious need. They send out signals, they cry out with desperate fear, and fleeting hope.

Often my response has been annoyance at how it seems to insist on drawing attention to itself. Am I tired of paying attention, of being reminded of the hurt, or am I just not caring enough to offer what I have been given to bring its purpose into sharp view. Answers don't always come quickly, but the hurt and broken do.

Perhaps I don't want others to compare their journey to mine, so I ignore their need. Perhaps their need is part of my journey.

I will reset the square numbered pest one more time. Maybe this time with understanding of the intended message. Maybe this time I will meet a need, and not just go through the motions without a heart of mercy.

What time is it?

"It's time we as the professed Christians of America wake up from our sleep of lethargy and hypocrisy and stop only living for Christ on Sundays and Wednesdays... It's time that we as Christians stop being lazy and just talking the talk and get our hands and feet dirty actually following Him"... BJ Higgins

What time is it?

"It's time to raise a revolution. God will give me the strength." BJ

It's time!



At 8:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful Brent! Thank you for your continued devotion to this site, I value each entry.

At 9:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It IS Time..............

At 10:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 10:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get off your dupa, and get to work. The day is coming when no man sleeps!! Let's wake up and get the job done here folks!! God is calling - are we getting up??????????????????????????????????

At 10:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome entry today! Thanks for waking us up!

At 11:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We cannot press SNOOZE on this one - AMEN?!?

Love to you all!

~Laurel, San Diego

At 12:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God Bless,
Greenfield, Indiana

At 5:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time, sometimes a blessing sometimes a burden.

A time to be born; a time to die.
A time to plant; a time to uproot.
A time to weap; a time to laugh.
A time to keep; a time to throw away.

you are in my prayers this week and my heart breaks. Love Jeannie

At 8:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brent -- so often we take for granted the time we have with our loved ones. It is shameful to think that we look ahead and not straight in front of us. We want them to get past this stage, then the next. Thank you for reminding us to take time NOW to worship our Lord, appreciate our families and "smell the roses".

At 8:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your daily writings are so helpful. Many of us wake up in the night and pray especially for your family. Thank you for your work.

At 9:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey i just kind of stumbled across this page
i think it is wonderful that u continue to up date
i will pray for u and for ur family
love in Christ

At 11:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Its time.. to "Rescue the Perishing". I'm ready. Let's go.

Loving you always..praying for you



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