Wednesday, September 27, 2006 NOW HAS THE INTERVIEW POSTED. Just go to their website, then in the left menu screen, click on "Chris and Rebecca and Good Friends," and then click on "The Story of BJ Higgins." The story appears in 4 modules.

We want to thank you for your mighty prayer support! It was a true blessing to hear from so many of you! I must say we were very surprised. We honestly did not expect for many people to remember. We certainly did not expect to hear from so many of you. What a cool thing that each time we checked the site, there was more encouragement, and that went on into the evening. Thank you!

We enjoyed our day together, and the Lord blessed our time. We spent time walking and talking about Beej, about some of our favorite memories, some of our regrets, some of the funny things about him, and how his testimony continues to impact the world. I prepared omelettes for breakfast...well, they were supposed to be omelettes. They looked more like scrambled eggs with meat and cheese. We shared his favorite meal for dinner...ribs, at a local eatery. I don't think he would have been proud of how few we were able to put away, but we blame that on the refill of popcorn from the movie theater. We read through the many text messages, cards, e-mails and blogs. We were blessed by the flowers we received! Deanna received flowers from her former schools (Pleasant View Upper and Pleasant View Lower Elemantaries), and was very touched. We also got them from Aunt Maralyn and Uncle Ray and family. How precious of you all to remember this day in this way.

A college student from IWU (Justin) did something that touches us very deeply. We participated on the front end of his offering, but in all honesty, forgot all about it over the time that has passed since.

When Beej was with us, he had favorite shirts...those he wore routinely. He also had shirts that meant less to him, were but were keepsakes for us. The problem was, how do you keep such things and truly have them bring any element of reminder? Typically, they would be handed out to those they would be meaningful to (which we did with some), or stow them away somewhere in a closet to pull out on special occassions.

Justin had a better idea. He shared it with Lauren, who gathered what he needed, and he went to work.

As we watch the dvd which accompanies the "Die for You" song, we see many of the shirts he wore routinely. Those that were most comfortable, and those that felt the best, etc. When he was a freshman, he played soccer, so his old jersey...#17, is present. When he went to Peru both times, he returned with Awe Star shirts which he wore constantly. There was one from Highland Lakes, where we lived and I worked. Others bore Christian messages through unique means, they are there too.

These shirts that bring such vivid memories of him, are now all bound together in a very unusual way. One that we will use. One that will have to be a substitute hug from him. One that we can take mental journeys with, just by its presence in the room.

20 of his favorite shirts are bound together into a blanket. One side bears soft cotton warmth, and the other, his favorites T's!

I admit, I have never seen anything like this. When we first saw it, we were collectively moved. This single item holds so much of what we see when we remember him. It has not been fought over just yet, but it has been utilized consistanly, since its unveiling.

Thank you Justin!

Thank you to each of you for your consitant prayer support, and encouragement! God has blessed us through your efforts, and we are most greatful!


Tonight, I am sharing BJ's story at the concluding service of a Revival at a church in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Would you please pray for God's power and conviction to come, His healing to be administered, and for the responsiveness of those who are present?


At 9:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Higgins Family,

I had been keeping up with your site since before B.J. went on to be with the Lord. I just happened to check on you yesterday and you brought to my memory that a year had passed. My heart was heavy for you and I prayed for you. Your family's testimony will forever burn in our hearts. We know a little tiny bit of what you went through. Our daughter contracted viral encephalitis in 2004. She has recovered, but has memory problems. She loves the Lord with all her heart. We almost lost her. She was in the hospital/rehab for 107 days. The pain from that is still very real. And only God and his grace can get you through. Please keep this site alive. Thanks so much for all the updates. We love you.

The Hamilton Family

At 10:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Higgins Family,
Last night you were lifted up in prayer as the Lord put you on our hearts as our women's prayer group met on the anniversary date of September 26.

Betsy Fladung, Vicki Hull, Jan Lane, and Marlene Scharbrough send our love!

At 10:04 AM, Blogger illusion_of_me said...

i was so glad to talk to you yesterday. I cried myself to sleep last night... the enemy is fightin me so hard, but I WONT give in. he's had a hold on my life for so long, and im finally breaking away from those chains crafted by me, its hard but so easy to fall into temptation. Im praying for strength against the enemy, i know the lord will deliver me. As he always does, pulls me through whatever im going through, i just give it to him and know he will help me and see me through, i know he would never give me more than i could handle.
My heart wen t out to BJ last night and .... im not sure how to say this but its almost like i prayed to him last night... i talked to him, and I thanked him. Im giveing the application to Joel tonight so that he can strat filling it out for my trip this summer. **EEEK im sooo excited***
I'll talk to you soon, serving the lord, Lauren.

At 10:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Higginses,

Last night we had an awesome time of prayer at our church, and one of the things we prayed about was y'all! Of course, we personally pray everyday, but last night were joined by about 50 brothers and sisters in Christ.

I was planning to check the sunset last night, but we were praying instead....

Lots and lots of blessings to all of you,

Love, Jolene
Deer Park

At 11:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Deanna,Brent,Lauren, and Whitney,

The following is what I wrote in an email to the program director at Life 107.1 after he interviewed me yesterday morning. I thought I was just calling in to request the MercyMe song in honor of BJ as my heart was so heavy for you all on this particular day, but instead BJ's story of extraordinary faith and living for Christ is now being shared around central Iowa. Boy, was I surprised to hear myself speaking on the radio of being touched by your family through teaching with Deanna before we relocated to Iowa...

"Dear Dave,
God's grace is what made me understandable and the fact that you did not tell me that you would record our conversation. Thanks for allowing me to mourn and celebrate aloud this morning. I am not good at memorizing scripture, but today I am convicted to memorize the following verses... 1 Peter 4:1-2 in honor of BJ's passing. This is the scriptural reference on the back of the t-shirt. I wear the shirt and invariably someone asks me to quote it... and I fumble.

The following is what Mercy Me allowed Brent to write for inclusion on the CD jacket for Coming Up to Breathe... I share this just in case you do not have access to "I Would Die For You" (written about B.J. Higgins) other than in your computer system.

My name is Brent Higgins. BJ Higgins was my son. He was a very ordinary young man, who had an extraordinary grasp on the things of God...

Again, thank you for indulging me this morning. BJ's story is too important not to be shared. Your station was one of my first discoveries as I moved to central Iowa. I so appreciate your presence on the airwaves. Respectfully, Sharon Glenn"

So...God has an amazing sense of humor and/or sense of timing because in my Bible study notes that I read last evening, Sept.26th, I was to "do a random and SECRET act of kindness for someone this week."

Perhaps calling in yesterday morning as we all mourn and celebrate this first anniversary of BJ's passing wasn't so random, and obviously it was not so secret (unbeknownst to me,) but another part of the Midwest has a hint of what living for Christ is all about now through BJ's story. I'd not kept up with reading the blog since moving, but I am so glad that you all continue to communicate your experiences. Thank you so much for keeping us in your loop, Sharon Glenn

At 11:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My heart was heavy all day yesterday and I played BJ's "Die for You" song continually. At first, it brought me to tears, then it revitalized my Spirit. We had a small group meeting last night and instead of Bible Study, we focused on BJ's writings that I printed from the blog. The setting was outside on our deck, by a pond --- playing BJ's song, reading his journal writings --- all to glorify GOD! It was an amazing evening. Thanks again, beej, for humbling yourself, for GLORIFYING GOD and for DYING FOR HIS CAUSE. Well done, continually.

At 11:59 AM, Blogger Sheila said...

It's been awhile since my last post but that doesn't mean I don't still pray for the Higgins family. Today I was listening to the Coming up to Breathe CD, the last song...I would die for you (written about BJ Higgins) brought it all back. All the prayers before and all the tears after. Reading your entry "the slowest one made it first" brought a smile to my face...thank you. I will keep praying for the Higgins Family and God Bless you today and everyday.
Sheila S.
Troy, IL

At 5:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Praising God for bj's witness to His Great Love. \o/

At 10:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Higgins family. I feel inadequate in encouraging you the same way B.J. and you guys have encouraged me. I know I didn't post yesterday but I prayed for you and had some friends pray also. B.J. was definitely on my mind. I know I only knew him for five weeks, but it really was an honor to serve with a man like him in Peru. It's something I will never forget. I'll still be praying for you all that God will comfort you, encourage you, and bless your ministry. Especially as you share B.J.'s story. Love you guys.

Michael Elmore
Peru 05

At 12:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! I had typed out this wonderful comment and it went away! So now I'm afraid you get the condensed version!! I just wanted to let you all know how much we love you and are praying for you always. It's exciting to see how God is using you.

I was kind of questioned one day why I read your blog every day. After all, it's not as if we're close friends. I sat down to think about it and realized it's because the aroma of Christ comes right through the computer! Why wouldn't I read it!!! You always point me to Christ. Isn't that what it's all about?

Well, like I said that's the short and not so eloquent version. Can't wait to see ya'll in Nov. Hope the girls can make it with us.

In Christ,
Barbara Cornett

At 11:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Praying as always that God will guide and direct you in this next year and the years to come, as He so wonderfully has this past year. It's hard to believe that we have been reading this blog for an entire year!! Thank you for your ministry in this way. I will forever remember this year and the blessings from praying for you and with you.

At 1:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great idea of Justin's!!!!
Blessings from England xx

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