Wednesday, July 28, 2010

does this look familiar? (same location BJ's similar photo was taken in Ecuador)

Recently, we were debriefing our summer mission teams in Dallas. A friend of our ministry, who is also a nationally known songwriter/worship artist (with his wife) came and surprised us. He and his mentor led worship for us, in impromptu fashion. (While their songs are nationally known, they are not always recognized.)

The students were thrilled! So were we!!!

Deanna and I were eating a meal with him, and he relayed the following story.

He and his wife were recently leading worship at a National Worship Leaders conference. Many big name artists were present.

As he and his wife boarded a train at the airport, there were no seats available. They noticed two things.

First, a group of three young men carrying guitar, cases were seated and chattering on about the upcoming worship conference. They were excited about seeing certain artists. They exchanged glances, but made no signs of recognition or chivalry.

Second, an older gentleman realized the wife of this duo had no seat, and offered his to her. With a glance toward the three Christian young men who were oblivious to their indiscretion, she respectfully accepted his offer.

Later, my friends led worship throughout the event. All present became aware of them.

During a break, my friends were manning a booth about their ministry. These same three young men came, this time with recognition.

After some initial superficial conversation, the wife (who is the primary vocalist) learned where they were from and began to tell them about a ministry they could engage in, in their city.

While she was mid conversation, they turned and walked away.

How often are we so focused on our ideas and plans for what we believe we can do, that we completely ignore where the Lord is at work? Many of us are all about our own dreams and goals. We do what we want, and ask the Lord to bless it.

What He wants from us is to do what His Word teaches.

How Christ-like is it when our heart beats so strongly for our own dreams that we ignore opportunities He is putting directly before us.

The life truly blessed is the obedient life. When we are obedient, we are naturally aware of what the Lord is doing around us. We see His hand at work and are ready to join in.

When we are inward focused, our expectations are that "others" will handle the "Great Commission" while we fulfill our singular passion. We seek to do what we like from our gifting and ignore the areas He is trying to develop.

This ultimately results in a church that is powerless to impact its community. Everyone is doing what He enjoys while sitting back trying to figure out why lost people aren't coming to Jesus.

We need to listen to His voice while paying attention to the needs around us, and seeking to meet them.

Even he smallest need met, brings about joy.



At 11:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"What He wants from us is to do what His Word teaches" so very, very true Brent. My prayer is that many will see/hear this and begin to understand.

I heard it put another way this morning on radio by Cymbala, in paraphrase, what good is it to know the scripture but live like you don't!!

How the Father's heart must break to see what is all too common in the church today, let alone our society.
Mark \0/


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