Tuesday, April 11, 2006

We continue to pack things up for the move. I was sorting through things in BJ's room, actually his closet, when I came across something I did not expect to find.

BJ and I shared a love for two or three desserts. Whipped cream topped the list. I know whipped cream is not a dessert for many people by itself, but it certainly was for the two of us. We also thought of it as a separate food group. It can be consumed at any time. I prefer it straight out of the Redi-Whip can. He liked Cool Whip tubs, the big ones.

We would often try to eat each others whipped cream off of the others dessert when they were not looking. Success was grounds for all out war. We weren't usually successful, however, as we both knew the other was going to try.

I used to order extra whipped cream on shakes at a local drive through. Apparently I ate their too often, as after the 3rd time, they started charging extra for it. How rude is that? I was a faithful customer up to that little development.

Beej would spoon out dollops of the fluffy white delight into bowls and eat it like ice cream (which he didn't like much). It wasn't necessary to have had a meal to have a bowl. It was pretty much okay as snack food too.

You know people have taken notice of your particular eccentricities when they invite you over for dinner, or perhaps at church small group meetings, and they make it a point to let you know where to find the necessary "spray can." Of course, my mother would not be very proud as I empty part of the cans contents into my open hand and then do what comes naturally (for me, not her).

Anyway, as I was going through his closet and sorting out his nintendo and x-box game equipment, I came across something we apparently didn't have in common. A box of chocolates from... I'm not sure... maybe Valentines Day 2005? That is a long time to have chocolate around. It would not have made it that long in my closet. It would not have made it TO my closet, come to think of it.

Why did he hide it in his closet? If you don't like it, share it, or throw it away secretly or something. Stowing something this rich in your closet is... well it's just wrong! Maybe he was savoring it. You know, using discretion in eating it - there were 6 or 7 pieces missing. Nah! Not BJ.

As I write this, another thought occurs to me. Also found in his closet are a light, a bean bag chair, and many books. I just wonder if maybe he was literally spending time praying and reading in his closet (as the Word says). As a matter of fact, I even remember finding him in there one time, doing so. I had truly forgotten this.

You know, maybe a box of chocolate in my closet isn't such a bad idea. Anything that gets me to spend more time praying and seeking God cannot be a bad thing!



At 9:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My kids and I love eat cool whip, either right out of the can or out of the plastic container. In fact, I used cool whip as their cake frosting for so many years, mostly because it wasn't as sweet...maybe that's why they like it so much! Anyway, this was a good reminder not to fret over the little things...like when I think they need to eat SOMETHING with it! I think the praying in the closet is a great idea, unless of course it makes me notice what doesn't fit anymore!
Blessings for a GREAT day. Tina

At 9:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get down on your knees and pray! This is serious business!! God wants our whole heart and mind!! Thank You Jesus for calling us to the more serious business!!

At 9:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We can do it, yes we can! We can make it happen, yes we can!

At 1:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Brent and Deanna,

I have not written in a long time but I wanted you to know how much your blog means to me. I look forward to reading each morning. Your words of truth and love remind me of where my focus needs to be each day.
I pray for you as you prepare to follow the path that our Father has chosen especially for you. I pray that God continues to carry you as you pack BJ's belongings and prepare to leave his last earthly home. I think of BJ often and how God blessed Jonathan with such a brother in Christ. When I think of BJ now, I think of him surrounded in Heaven with many others praising our Father with unabashed joy and anxiously awaiting the day when his earthly family and friends join him!!!!

Thank you for your ministry.


At 10:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'd love to see more details about the move?? is there a date/archive where you first brought it up---it's been awhile since I've checked this site...I love your updates though...SO ENCOURAGING! Go Redi-Whip!

At 10:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm w/you on this one dad, its either got to be grandma's homemade whipped cream, or out of the can. I agree!
I do think he spent time in his closet. that seems like him. something he would do to spend time w/our God.

love you guys..praying always.


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