Thursday, January 31, 2008


I can remember when I was young and used to spend time down at a particular neighbors house. They had at least two sons that I can remember, but only really remember one of them well. His name was Jimmy.

He was older than me, and used to take advantage of that. To be honest, I do not remember doing anything them with them that was good, in the time I spent there.
I have two fairly vivid memories, perhaps three.
One of those was playing a game of hide and seek, and while hiding in his garage, being exposed to a popular men's magazine that degrades women, and continues to be a top seller today. I was very young and shocked at what I saw. Apparently, it was his father's stash, tucked away in a box, under a bench...where I was seeking not to be found.
I carried the images for too long. A young child seeing such things, I really did not know what to do with them.
On other occasions, I remember how this same boy would encourage me to say words that were not part of my vocabulary, and completely unacceptable in my home.

One day, he was teaching me a strongly negative word to call African Americans. Though I did not know the word, I could tell by the way he was laughing and encouraging, that I should not say it. Still, when our mailman came around, he hid and told me to go up to him and call him this name. I did as I was told.

Our mailman was a kind and gentle soul. His ethnicity was different than mine, but that never mattered before or after this event.

When I returned home later, I was greeted with a soapy wash cloth. Understandably, my mother sought to wash the word from my mouth and vocabulary.

I don't think I ever used it again!

Humiliated, I apologized to him. He was so understanding and gracious. He even recommended I be careful who I hang out with as it could have a bad influence on me.
Somehow, these things beat you home, and like the Holy Spirit, it seems a mother always knows!

My final memory of this young man and was his proclivity for spitting. He was older than me, and watching him practice this frequently, caused me to think that it must be cool.
I started to do the same thing. That didn't last very long. My parents were not fond of that habit or my use of it.

One of the reasons I remember this in particular is because of at least one time (I believe there were others) when I was the recipient of this young man's saliva. It was about as disgusting a thing as I can remember.
It seemed he had not brushed his teeth in days.
When wiping it away from my face, it seemed to have the consistency of glue and bore a striking resemblance to diluted coffee. I could not get it off. I felt so dirty.
While studying recently, I was reminded of this. I know I need to pray for Jimmy. Beyond that, I was reminded of Jesus.

Having someone spit in your face is about as humiliating as things can get. It reflects an absolute lack of respect. Responding to such an occurrence leaves me bewildered. You are frozen in those moments, while others laugh and scoff. You want the stench and filth off of you, but aren't sure how to remove it without further entangling yourself in it.
People spat in the face of our Christ as he carried the crossbeam of wood to his ultimate humiliation. People laughed at him, and called out for Him to save Himself. His body was broken and bruised from a beating that would have killed other men. Vile saliva from putrid mouths of onlookers intermingled with blood and ran deep into seeping gouges on His head and back.

We cannot imagine doing so. Yet unlike that little boy under a work bench finding a box of publications for the first time, many of us casually and repeatedly embrace sin, and seek not to be found! We pretend He doesn't see.
The Israelites were being delivered from the bondage of slavery, yet they complained and moaned about their circumstances the entire way.

We have been delivered from the bondage of sin, yet we reflect lives that would rather continue to wallow in it, thereby, spitting in the face of our Savior!

When we read in Scripture what others have done to Him, we are repulsed and abhor the mental pictures. In the next heartbeat, we join the spewing mob as they cast their sputum toward the Perfect Lamb!
We are a people covered by His grace who need to repent of our ways, seek Him and pray for a revival...a "revolution" to sweep our land.

As long as we continue to seek to force the King of Kings into a stodgy little box where we can keep an eye on His ways and believe we understand completely who He is, we will squelch the Spirit of the Lord from having impact in our churches.
Just like my mom always seems to know when I have erred or when I am in need, the Holy Spirit of God knows where we are and what conviction, comfort, compassion or forgiveness needs to be brought to us.
Praise Jesus, that He is faithful!
Though we fail Him, He yet restores us if we but seek His face.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More pictures from Saturday's party...
What role does passion play in our faith?
I am a passionate person. Many times I find myself expressing extreme joy or significant displeasure about things that don't have a great deal to do with Christ. I think it is healthy to experience passionate feelings about life, as we were created as such.
When I think back over my life to this point, I can easily see things that have been very important to me, that become very important to others, through my own demonstration of passion.
When I am enthusiastic about something, others take notice. Even if initially, that something is not something they are excited about, over a period of time wonder enters their mind for the subject. They begin to think, "why would he be so hyped up about this, if there isn't something to it?"

I can think of many examples where my enthusiasm brought a time pursuit into the life of friends or acquaintances who became curious.
Passion is a strong motivator. The people in life that are passionate about something, move me. The Lord has laid a dream in my own heart that is something I would never personally pursue. The dream goes against my nature. However, since the time he revealed it to me (kind of like a brief video clip from the future that plays in a loop) any time I see other people fulfilling something in their own life that they are passionate about, I get incredibly moved.

God made us passionate, and caused something within us to be stroked by passion in others so that we would one day use it for Him and His glory.
Our problem is often that we get all caught up in the wrong things. It's very easy to do. We each seek happiness in our lives. When we find something (could be someone) that elicits feelings of joy and enthusiasm, we quickly grasp it, if we have any interest in it at all.
Sometimes this is to our own detriment. We invest so fully, that we exclude the things of God from our lives that we are on this earth for in the first place. We can't bring Him glory if we are bringing it to ourselves.

Where passion resides, so must discipline and understanding. We each have to process the things we get enthusiastic over, to assure that what we are rushing into, is going to honor our Father.

Jesus was passionate. It is evident in His Word. Paul was passionate. He had a lust for the flesh of Christians until Christ got a hold on his heart. Then he had a passion to take Christ to those who did not know Him.

People filled with the passion make a difference in this world. This can be for good or for evil. The issue at hand is whether or not we are going to follow those who point us to Christ, or those who lead us into "fun" where honoring God is not part of the equation.

Charismatic leaders have led many people to lies and tragedy...Jonestown, Koresh at Waco, 9/11, etc.
My passion needs to remain focused and directed on the Lord Jesus Christ. If it doesn't, others will suffer and so will I. If my passion reflects the Savior, others will suffer and so will I, but for the glory of God.
Those who pursue passion from a worldly perspective chase after an elusive, empty myth that will never bring satisfaction for longer than a moment.
Those who pursue Christ live Life. Being around them makes you want to get into His presence and worship Him.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Images from Saturday's celebration!!!

A team from Indiana, 40 strong made a 10+ hour journey to Tulsa, Oklahoma to offer disaster relief to homeowners impacted by the ice storm from December. They came in a caravan of 8 or so cars, vans and trucks with trailers to bring supplies and a bit of hope to those still trying to dig out from under a multitude of tree limbs.

We were included on their roster. This team left Thursday afternoon of last week and arrived in the wee hours of Friday morning. They pulled into a local church and slept on the floor for a couple of hours before heading out to work.

They pulled into my neighborhood around 10:00 AM. It was quite a site to behold! All of these vehicles pulled up and emptied simultaneously. My neighbors were understandably curious. What were all of these people suddenly converging on my home for? Some watched from windows, others came outside to see what was going on.

What they saw was a finely tuned machine. It's fabric was comprised of adults and students alike who had come to use chain saws ladders, rakes, and brute strength to empty my large trees of many broken limbs which threatened a dangerous future.

One man climbed tree after tree, bouncing from branch to branch as if he'd grown up in them. He carried a chain saw and cut free the desiccating limbs. Watching him was both exhilarating and scary. He wasn't tethered, and I feared a free fall into my yard. It never happened.

Simultaneously, several women had gathered at my home and were making preparations for the party the following day. They were working hard baking, cleaning and rearranging. I confess that though hard work was going on outside, the thoughts inside were whether or not everything would be ready. These women were working very hard as well.

I seemed to have the easiest job of all. I ventured back and forth from group to group checking progress. However, I failed in one obvious extension of love.

The outside team was working on the coldest day we've had in a long time. While they are used to these temperatures in Indiana, most of them do not spend hours at a time in it.

As they worked methodically, one would have thought while we were being served, I would have thought about taking off the winter's chill for them, with hot cocoa and coffee. It would have been a simple gesture indicating the return of our love.

I am embarrassed to say that it did not happen. Those hard working Hoosiers never got an offering from me. I fear I was too caught up in the whirlwind of activity and expectation of the following day, that the simplest acts of kindness did not find their way to fruition.

Even our neighbor who unexpectedly got his leaves raked and removed to the street, served them warmth and drink.

I am a prime example of how easily we become so focused on the tasks at hand that we forget to care for those around us...even those who are serving us. There is no excuse. The best I can do is learn from my mistake and forge ahead with intent of bestowing kindness at every opportunity.

These precious people returned to our home the following evening, and celebrated with us. The blessing they brought was multiplied significantly. We cannot begin to thank them enough!

I Praise the Lord for moving in the hearts of men and women, who selflessly at their own expense, come and serve...even when their Christian brothers forget.



Monday, January 28, 2008

Beej and me on a ski weekend in February, 2005.

What an absolutely incredible weekend!!! We were privileged to have around 100 people come through our home to celebrate with us. I cannot begin to tell you how much of a blessing it was to see all of the faces from around the United States come together for this!

We had family here from Indiana, Texas and Virginia. We saw friends from Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Lebanon (the country), Maldives (the country), Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. We received flowers from friends in Indiana and Florida.

It is so inspiring and humbling to see people take time away from all life's business, just to spend a few minutes and a lot of money to come here! We are so thankful!

As the party was set to get underway, but just before people arrived we got a call from a friend, telling us that one of our students had been hit by a car the night before, and the doctors were concerned about whether or not he would make it.

It seems he was crossing a street and was run into. He was thrown into the windshield of the car that hit him. He had a lower skull fracture, broken leg, collapsed ear canal, multiple other injuries and fluid on the brain. He was not doing well.

People around the United States were contacted to begin praying. People in Mexico where this young man has served on many occasions were contacted and pulled together to begin interceding. Heavy hearts, tremendous concern, and overwhelmed parents were set into motion.

Doctors began procedures, uncertain what the outcome would be. The Throne 0f grace was being bombarded from all over.

Word came that he was showing small signs of improvement, but was still in serious condition.

I felt conflicted about celebrating, knowing one of our own lay fighting for his life two and a half hours away.

As the first guests began to arrive, word came...the fluid on his brain had suddenly disappeared! Doctors were now very optimistic!

As the news spread throughout the US and Mexico, celebrations began. Especially in Mexico. This young man has had an immense impact on the people of that land. They had come together on this day to lift him up in prayer. They were weeping before the Lord for their brother. When word finally reached them of how God was answering these prayers, a celebration ensued!

This young man has a long recovery ahead of him. The thing on his mind is that he has surrendered to serve in Peru this summer. He has averred that he will still make this trip!

I rejoice that he appears to be over the hump and on the road to recovery! I do ask you to join me in lifting him up as he faces a slow recovery. It is easy to become discouraged in this process.

God has spared his life, and most certainly has new and wonderful plans for him. His testimony has just grown in enormous fashion. I Praise God that He has spared this young man, and is bringing glory to Himself through this testimony! Just Awesome!

Thank you Kristin Pieper (Martie's oldest) for being there for the family! For being the spreader of the word and for even finding time to come to my home to share before rushing to the hospital so far away! I know his family appreciates your love and sacrifice and so do we!

Thank you to all of you who traveled so far and made our celebration an unforgettable event! Thank you to those who did not have to travel as far, but still made time to share with us!

We are so blessed!


Friday, January 25, 2008

Whitney arrived in the wee hours of the morning. More family is enroute and will arrive today. Many friends arrived overnight and more are coming. There is growing anticipation and enthusiasm in our home as this weekend we will celebrate a combination of our 25th Wedding Anniversary and the release of "I Would Die for You, One Students Story of Passion, Service and Faith."

Saturday, many will gather at our home in the afternoon to join us in celebrating these landmark events in our lives. Sunday, we will give testimony in our church (Parkview Baptist) about the book. They have asked us if they can pray over us, the book and for God to bless it's use in His Kingdom work! How blessed we truly are for such things to occur.

Sunday morning, Walker Moore (founder of Awe Star) is preaching in these same services. Sunday afternoon, he is leading an "Equipping Conference" and I will speak in a breakout session.

Today, at 11:00 AM Central Time, I will be sharing in our 5th or 6th radio interview, about our book. It has been very encouraging to be able to do so. I have been remiss in not offering the call letter of previous stations so that you could find them on the internet and listen. However, today's interview does not have such options on their website. This interview will occur in Central Florida. I will try to keep you apprised of future opportunities.

The early word we have on our books circulation is encouraging. We have begun to receive testimonies from around the states of how God is using it, one life at a time, to bring about change. You have seen and heard some on this website (if you read the comment section). I cannot begin to express how excited and hopeful we are that God will use this to help change a culture steeped in materialism and self interest, and help direct believers into a deeper walk of obedience. Each of us can impact our world, one life at a time. That is the only effective way to do it. now has a free downloadable Discussion Guide to accompany our book. You can print this off (from the page with our book on it) if you choose. It is 32 pages. I confess to you that I don't usually have a lot of use for such things. We have been impressed at the writing of this one. It is a good companion to our book, and will provoke significant thought when utilized.

God has made many provisions for His glory to be revealed in the wake of losing BJ. The testimony that has resulted is one we only want to see point people to Christ. We realize that we each have much responsibility in continuing to fight the good fight. It would be very easy to ease up, and focus inward.

This is not what the Word teaches us to do. This is not how our son lived his life. This is not how our Father in Heaven would desire to see us live. We cannot afford to relax at such grievous losses in our lives. We each much seek to invest ourselves wholly into our walk with Him. As we do, He changes us, and we in turn can have impact on others. It does require us to step out of our zones of retreat and comfort.

If you knew your own innermost thoughts and writings were one day going to be opened up to the world, would you think and write differently? Would your current course in life bring glory to the Saving one?

BJ was in love with Jesus and lived to see others become so. There was nothing contrived in what he wrote in his journals. Just the deep longings of an obedient heart and life.

I want my own heart to beat that way. I want to be so in love with Jesus that my thoughts are not of myself, even when I have significant need.

I want to celebrate who Jesus is to me above all the other glories and accomplishments that may come in life. There will always be plenty of failure to go around. I cannot afford to get bogged down in what I do wrong...rather, I need to focus on what He is doing, where He is at work, and let Him handle the details.

This is doable. If it were not, there would have been no point in God sending us His one and only Son as a sacrifice... to show us the way by how He lived His life. He calls us to do the same. I will fail Him, but I am in!!!


Thursday, January 24, 2008

That picture was a lot of hair ago. My Dad and my son, now seated in the lap of Christ.

Addresses seem to carry memories with them. This week we have been reminiscing a bit. Lauren has reminded me that when she was young and living in the house in this picture that I used to go get donuts on Saturday mornings.

According to her memory, when we moved to a new home, that tradition ceased. She only remembers that being a routine when she was much younger. I remember my girls asking (begging) for me to go and get them. We all loved them, and while unhealthy, it seems such a simple pleasure.

My father did the same thing. Every Saturday morning, like clockwork, he would head down to the local bakery and pick them up. He always got basically the same thing. We each had our favorites, and he knew what they were. My sister Lynae (who arrived last night) remembers things a bit different than I do. She lives in Virginia Beach and I think all of the salty air has corroded her recollections. She is trying to tell me that my favorite donut was the kind that my Mom or Dad used to like. I would only eat that kind if nothing else was left.

I know you will be shocked, but my favorite (and my brothers) was chocolate iced, with the fluffy white cream inside! I wish they sold that fluffy white cream in cans like whipped cream. I do have to say that Brad liked those 'more' than I did, but who is measuring?

My wife is a plain glazed donut fan. She loves the hot fresh ones from Krispy Kreme. Whatever else I got, I made sure I had those for her. The rest were any array that probably should have been used for window dressing. Bright colored frosting, sprinkles... painted kind of like a little girls room.

BJ was with me. He liked the same ones that Uncle Brad and I liked. We had to keep an eye on each other to make sure the other guy didn't take his last prized donut! It was a bit like two prize fighters before a fight. Always watching to make sure the other didn't get an unfair advantage. No, I think that is pretty much every meal!

This all started because Deanna went to the grocery hungry. Big mistake! She came home with donuts. No way Lauren and I could let her sink into her sugar coma alone. We had to take that trip with her! Clearly, she needed a chaperon or two to make sure she didn't go overboard.

I can still remember how exciting it was to be the one who got to go with Dad to the bakery. Walking in to those sweet smells got my salivation glands operating in hyper-mode. I could hardly contain myself...until years later, when I subbed for a friend on vacation and had to clean that same bakery. Not the same experience by a long, long way. Where were all the delightful little circles of love then? What happened to the fresh smell of joy? There was no reason for them to run away just because it was cleaning time! Kinda like little boys who know mom is coming to collect them for bath time I suspect.

Anyway, there is such joy in simple memories like this. I can remember that it was difficult in those years when my children were young, even to be able to afford the donuts. I am glad we figured out a way to do so, as the joy we now have in traveling those roads of old are blessed events!

Oops! I just had to run and get the last family is getting up. I know that's mean, but they really shouldn't have the sugar.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Years ago, when I was in college (okay a lot of years ago), I was out running. When there is enough daylight, this is something I still do. I fear I am not as faithful as I need to be, but it is a great stress reliever and is good for me physically.

Anyway, on this particular day, I was running through my campus (Purdue University). I had just made a turn between a dorm and the Recreation building. Someone caught my eye and I could not stay focused.

I didn't know the person, but was for some reason, unable to keep my head in what I was doing. I was running on a sidewalk and it acted as a guide as I neared the edges, I could sense it and corrected my direction.

I really didn't think I had been looking the wrong direction for very long. Apparently, I really wasn't thinking.

I was a competitive distance runner before college and owned a number of records. Pride swelled in me in certain moments of my life. When my eye was capturing an image I did not want to release, I felt my body posture change as if I were a rooster, strutting about the barnyard for some plucky hens.

Suddenly, I was catapulted into the air heels over head! I was literally inverted from the force of the blow.

I landed with ego bent. I quickly peeked back in the direction which had caused me to perform this involuntary yet original, gymnastic move. Seemingly, I had gone unnoticed.

This was hard to believe. I had made quite a racket. I did not land on my feet. I'm not sure what all I scraped, but my body hurt. I was humiliated. Instantly, I was reminded of the scripture passage that taught me that 'pride precedes a fall.' I did fall...hard...and in more ways than one.

There was no question that I needed a reminder. The fluorescent orange and white striped construction barricade I had assaulted, stood undaunted.

Normally I have pretty good peripheral vision. My gaze at the wrong thing had been so intense that I missed out on obvious warning signs.

Without a doubt, this story is literal and metaphorical in its content and direction. I knew immediately that the Lord needed me look elsewhere for what my mind would feast upon.
There are so many things in our world that are attractive to us. They are not inherently evil. What we allow to happen in our heads and with our time is what causes lines to be transcended.

He is seeking us. So is the enemy.

We are too often on the run toward something we really should avoid.

It is said that "the eyes are the window to the soul." If that be the case, then let what is invited past this physical portal be edifying. When physical and mental pictures embrace, let them be engaged to His Spirit and draw us into His presence.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

BJ and Derek (cousins) kayaking in Texas.

This weekend will be a very special one in the lives of the Higgins' family. Beginning Wednesday, and lasting for nearly a week, we will be receiving family and friends into our home (and area hotels and churches). Saturday afternoon, we are celebrating 25 years of marriage combined with our Book Release party.

Deanna, Lauren and many friends are busy making preparations for the event. Preparing food, cleaning house, borrowing serving plates, sharing recipes, and trying to keep the lines of communication open so that we have an idea of how many will be here.

It is a come and go type of event, but many are coming from so far away that it will be mostly a come and stay for 3 hours, event.

A disaster relief team has been organized from Indiana, through a ministry called Leavener (see They are coming to help clean up the mounds of tree debris I spoke of yesterday. This is a skilled group of volunteers who have assembled on many other occasions. My family worked with them over Thanksgiving in 2005, down in the New Orleans area. Within this group are many of BJ's friends and mentors. They will take a break on Saturday afternoon to come and fellowship with us.

We also have family flying and driving in from around the country. Friends are doing likewise. To have people in your life who consider this a worthwhile expenditure of their money is pretty amazing. We pray their investment is a blessing in their lives.

Normally, I would say this a once in a lifetime event. But we have already been blessed by many of these people over and over again. Most of them were present together at Beej's Memorial Celebration. Many of them have visited with us on our return trips to Indy or their journeys here.

God has truly invested deeply into our hearts through the lives of these, His faithful servants. I can honestly tell you that we do not know how to thank them. We will try, but we must trust the Lord to bless their lives for their outpouring of love.

Many of you who are reading are planning to be here. We are excited to see you!

Our special weekend coincides with a special event at our church. We are having an Equipping Conference. Walker Moore is preaching at each of our morning services. We will be sharing a brief testimony about our book, and then we receive the honor of being prayed over. Then, in the afternoon, I will speak at one of the equipping breakout sessions.

What an incredible weekend is coming. What incredible blessing to be able to share it with so many family and friends! There are many who wanted to come, planned to come, but it is not going to work out for them. We are disappointed, but at the same time, thankful that they were interested in coming to begin with!

"The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away."

We have much to be thankful for. We are significantly blessed by our Father in Heaven. His provision for us in the wake of our grief is more than we deserve. We are most encouraged by the breadth of our Father's blessing!



Monday, January 21, 2008

BJ and Uncle "Trapper" Rich.
In our post ice storm city, every neighborhood has waves of jagged tree and branch laden streets. Ours is no different. The piles which began around six feet high, have settled down to around 4 feet.
Our entire property is framed along the streets edge with pile after pile of shattered limbs.

Crane your neck upwards to what remains of our oaks, and you see dangling limbs and mis-shapen silhouettes.
This past weekend, Lauren and I finally raked and bagged leaves. Between our schedule and the delays from this storm, we had not done so. It took us all afternoon to do so. We enjoyed a time of conversation about the things of God.

As we were working, Deanna pointed out (she was out washing windows) that our Christmas tree, which I had previously deposited into the piles of debris, was missing. Somewhere along the way, as we wait for the city to haul our tree tops, someone took a shine to our lifeless evergreen.

Now, we did not need it. It's just that, who takes a dead spruce from a pile of limb rags?
Each time I think about this I am tickled. I am trying to imagine the thought process that leads to such a conclusion.

You're driving through the neighborhood, street after street of the same thing...piles and piles of debris. All of it deadwood brown with shards of newly exposed pale yellow. All of a sudden you see a hint of drab green and you suddenly have the need for a spent Christmas tree?
I suppose someone may have decided to make spruce mulch. Or perhaps they had a recipe for spruce tea?

I know the birds were using it for cover, hiding or roosting in its recesses. Maybe someone with a bird sanctuary had need of a new housing unit.
I would like to thank whoever found need for it. I just wish they also needed the remainder of the lifeless mounds.

I've noticed they have begun to collect blowing leaves, spent grocery bags and other weightless shrapnel the wind delivers to our address. Its getting kind of hard to remember what it looked like before it formed a fortress. Back when we could see the neighbors yard, and could park along the street.

Even with the changes in the landscape, winters gray is wearing thin on me. I'm ready for signs of life. New green, in paler shades that are bound by roots, so they are less tempting to those who would pilfer old dessicating Christmas past.

In a world that reflects the depths of winters wear, we likewise can be signs of life. We can live the joy that others desire. We can be the color that exists among lifeless brown edges. Of course, we have to be separate from the world. We cannot reflect the same cling it has on most others.
We have to remain connected to the vine. When we do, our branches invite the lifeless to rest, retreat and rejuvenation. Christ in us brings color to weary communities!
Ridgeway Baptist Church, thank you for another opportunity to speak to you, yesterday!

Friday, January 18, 2008

How precious the generations! Beej and Grandpa straightening their ties before church.

I had the privilege yesterday to speak at Metro Christian Academy, twice. Once, very early in the morning to Middle Schoolers, and then early in the afternoon to High School students. What an honor and blessing it was. Around 700 students in all.

Amid the opportunities the Lord has given me to speak, I have noticed something that troubles me. While it is highly noticeable among students, it tends to mirror our society as a whole.

Men are less likely to respond to how God moves than women, at least publicly. Scripture teaches public responses. As men we often believe that such a display would reflect emotion, and therefore choose not to respond. We are taught from an early age to hide our emotions, to be very private with such things, as it may tip off our intent or perhaps, who we really are.

I am weary of this. God created us as emotional beings. This does not mean we need to tear up every time a "Little House on the Prairie" rerun airs (like I do). Allowing others to see who we are...who God made us to be, is not a bad thing. We are drawn closer to others when we reveal parts of ourselves. It is not a display of weakness. How strong does one need to be, to be willing to be seen least within the confines of our culture?

Having said this, I believe I am in the minority. Too many men hold their emotions, their thoughts and feelings way too close. A pry bar would sooner dislodge a rusty screw from its age long dwelling.

Teaching our sons to be unemotional, nonreactive, to have a poker face mentality, will have certain advantages in life. But what does it teach them about their relationship with Christ?
We are to be completely open with Him. We are to hold nothing back. Honesty before the Perfect Lamb reflects the relationship between the Father and the Son! If we cannot be open and honest with our Savior, we are going to struggle to do so with our spouse's, our children, and those who would call us best friend.

Wearing masks to suit our own agendas serve no eternal purposes. They are completely self serving.

"Jesus wept."

When the circumstances of life cut Him to significant depths, He responded appropriately. Those of us who are unable to do so, are depriving ourselves of needed release. Crying is not the opposite of manliness. Emotion does not make one feminine.

God displays both masculine and feminine characteristics in His creation. Male and female were meant to be mutually exclusive in certain areas, but emotion, or response to stimuli, is not one of them.

If God moves and we refuse to respond, we are missing out on God's best for our lives. Some of us need to learn to emote a little bit, and stop acting like it is a display of weakness.

When the Holy Spirit brings conviction, masculine and feminine should melt to a posture of worship and praise. That the Almighty would choose to care about us individually is of great importance. To not respond is a grievous reaction.

To not respond becomes a much more glaring weakness in life, than an occasional outbreak of a "happy dance." Expressing ourselves is an acutely important part of relationships. Teaching our children, especially our sons, to do otherwise, is just wrong.

Having said that, I guess most sons are more likely to see their fathers laugh, than cry. Why is that? Why is it more acceptable to express joy than brokenness? It isn't. We just believe it is, so we teach this to our children, and they teach it to theirs.

Being able to appropriately emote is of significant value to our mental health. Holding back just multiplies our issues.

The Lord needs men who are willing to stand up for Him, no matter the cost. When He calls, they respond. How will this occur, unless we begin to teach them?

Most men will stand around with their hands in their pockets and mutter, "You first," to such a declaration.

We were created as passionate, emotional beings. It's okay to be both. We just have to teach our children how to direct them. Turning them ever inward produces generations predisposed to communication problems, and the inability to respond appropriately when God calls.

We have to stop wasting time.

I'll go first...


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

BJ and grandpa.
I find it interesting in our lives how we tend to live them in shades of sepia and gray.
We have desires that run deep, which want very much to be found in the midst of all that God is doing. Somehow, we learn to squelch them and drift towards routines that have much to do with survival and little to do with changing the world for His glory.

Rereading that statement makes is sound like we can set out to do so, and get it done. What I mean is along the lines of what Romans 1 says, when it talks about 'living our lives in the obedience that comes from faith.'

I think we each make our attempts to do this. I also find it easy to give up sooner rather than later. When the odds begin to stack against us as the enemy begins to draw and enforce his battle lines, we have a tendency to retreat rather than engage.
How many times have I been confronted with the "fight or flight" response to a set of circumstances, where flight seems to overwhelm my desire to fight. I seem to be more apt to do what I must to get through, than to dig in my heels and confront head on, what is before me.
The result tends to look like too many believers today. We are so bogged down in the details of everyday life that we cannot see the incredible opportunities that are before us. There is much we can do, but little that we do do.
Matthew 12:30 says "he who does not gather with me scatters." That passage puts things too succinctly for most of us. We want to convey to others that we are involved in the "gathering." We want to believe that we really are. The truth is that most of us have receded into the fringe of any movement of God. We cannot pin down any "gathering" moments within the last day or week or month.
The lack of ferocity in our faith does more harm to His kingdom than we like to think. If we are not gathering we are scattering. If we are not drawing people to Him, we are driving them away.
That view finds us standing on a sharpened knife blade. We cannot remain where we are. We must either follow scripture and walk in the obedience that He calls us to, or our inactivity presents a picture of lackadaisical faith to unbelievers and they flee from anything that resembles our apparent view of Christianity. What they see lacks power and brings no motive for change.

Sometimes, that is what I see in my own reflection. I don't like it. I want to do something about it. As a matter of fact, a lost world is depending on me. Still, I rather enjoy fading into the background on any set, and just being present when things happen...good or bad. It gives me something to talk about, and lulls me into lethargic mediocrity.
Reading Scripture does not allow me such a disposition.
I need to be 'hot' or be spewed from His mouth (Rev. 3:15).
If we are not hot, then justifying the "apparent" level of 'heat' in our lives is wasted time. It does not draw others to Him, it drives them from His presence, and we get "spewed."
I don't like it, but that doesn't matter. That won't change anything. The world was not created around or for me. It exists to bring Him glory.
Becoming an active part in Christ comes about in small steps...daily decisions. Obedience is a constant pursuit.
"Hot" is not a justifiable state of mind. It is a position in Christ.
"Gather" is a verb. So is "scatter."
Verbs are action.
I have to look at what direction my "actions" are moving people. This happens in 'black and white.' Some would say, it happens in 'living color.' The fire of the Holy Spirit does not happen in sepia and gray, rather it consumes those shades. It is living and active! We don't get to "retouch" the photo essay of our existence to reflect our desires.
We are either for Him, or we are against Him.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

When my father's time was nearly done, a friend from church brought my dad a gift. That gift was a music box. When wound, it plays "What a Friend We Have in Jesus."

It sat on the tray of Dad's hospital bed in his room at home. We wound it from time to time to let the song play for our father who loved Jesus, dearly.

The gift was special as it was from a friend who set an incredible example in today's world. That friend was from Israel, and had given his heart to Christ earlier in life. To make things more interesting, his best friend (who was very close to our family) was from Lebanon.

Both men were believers. Their friendship represented things in our world today that we long for, but seldom see. Peace.

Peace between Arabs and Jews. According to Scripture, we are not likely to ever see it, before heaven. These two men inspired me with how they responded to each other. They had genuine love, whereas many of their countrymen have genuine hatred.

To receive a gift that spoke of friendship was significant. This man knew friendship...he knew Jesus. His relationship with Christ gave him a genuine love for those he might otherwise, hate.

When my father passed away, this very special treasure was given by my mother, to BJ. He had wound it many times at grandpa's side. He knew it's melody. I'm afraid I never told him of its story.

The Christmas after grandpa died, when BJ opened this gift, he wept. It was dear to him. BJ did not weep easily. The depth of the love in this gift was realized, and he was elated. Somewhere, this was captured on film.

The gift sat by his bedside for the next 11 years. On occasion, we would hear it yield it's melody, and know that it had once again been rewound. The memories that resounded, inspired a harmony as it played.

When BJ passed away, the gift came to us. Upon our move to Tulsa, we placed it on a shelf in our living room among a few other reminders of days gone by.

I confess, I have not wound the music box in a very long time. It's melody while sweet, rings a sadness in my heart that longs to be joy. It's legacy is clear. There should be no hesitation in sharing it's beauty.

A few weeks ago, after our return from Peru, Brad and I were in my home. He was in the living room, and I was in my room. I heard a strange sound.

I moved from my room, down the hall toward the familiar melody. Brad was asking me if I had wound it.

"No!" I replied. "You didn't?" I asked.

"No!" he responded.

We stood in motionless silence...except for the song.

No one else was home. No one had touched it. Yet it called us together. Perhaps to remember.

This is not one of those you can wind and then a switch shuts it off until you are ready to listen. This will play when wound. But it had not been wound.

It did not sing as though fully coiled, and speeding to an end. It gave sparing chirps as though releasing it's final thoughts. When you thought it was finished, it had more to say.

We looked at it and stared. No words. We both knew.

It reminded me of its previous owner who always had more to share. His words were worthy of a listen, just as this moment was.

We need to listen. Even when our hearts are not in it, there is a richness and abundance in His words. There is value in life for time spent in the listening.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Twenty Five years of marriage! Today is the day! Woohoo! She is so beautiful!!!

Happy twenty-fifth sweetheart!!! I love you so much more every day! I cannot imagine life without you, my partner and my love!

Have a blessed day!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Whitney and BJ in his final days.

Beej, so much has happened that I struggle to be able to tell you everything! I miss you so much, that I cannot even begin to express it to you. Your life is forever woven into the fabric of the lives of others as your faithfulness and obedience have stirred the depths of the hearts of many!
You would tell me, "Dad, its not about me," and you would be right. It is about Jesus, and you have pointed so many to Him. Scores have had their lives forever altered by your brief but radical passion.
The depth of your understanding and your knowledge of the Word have inspired student and adult alike, to draw closer to Him. Your concern over John 17, Christs prayer for unity, has drawn new meaning to us your family, as we saw people from many lands gather to assault the throne of grace on your behalf.

Our Savior, opted to take you home as He realized how powerful the aroma of your testimony is!

Some of your friends that knew you best, believe in your last days with them, that you were no longer living, that you were dead, that Christ resided within you with such strength and power because you had learned to die!

Your sister spoke at IWU, and with your example on her heart said, "I want to die like that."
Your written words are impacting generations. Your life, an example to all.

You have been written about by many. You have been sung about or had songs dedicated to your life of obedience, by influential bands. Not because of you, but because of Christ in you!
Some have misunderstood and stumbled as they tried to become you instead of emulating Jesus. Others have said it to be impossible to live as you lived, to die as you died. I believe they will begin to understand that to be untrue. You were ordinary, but you were sold out and in love with Christ! Now you get to view His Holy presence for eternity.

Eric went to Chile and Scotland to share Jesus! Brittany went to Mexico! Taylor... your brother Taylor went to India...with Lauren! Ali went to Panama. Bonnie went to Peru and Chile. Kara went to Peru. Andrew went to Chile and Ecuador. Last year alone, somewhere around a third of those at Awe Star University were there in part, because of Christ's impact on their lives, through you. Many of the 97 who surrendered to obedience in Missions at your memorial celebration have served somewhere! Others are making plans now.

Mom, Lauren, Whitney and I have followed where you seemed to know we would. We took you to North Africa, and we left a part of you there as a symbol of hope in Christ. DJ and Tara went with us, along with 13 others! I went to Mexico the same winter you asked your Peru team to pray that I would. Lauren led (with David) a team to India! Derek served 7 or 8 months in Peru and has returned to lead others there. Dan and Jolene have sold their possessions and are moving to Mexico to pastor a church there! Your mom and I took the first team from Awe Star, back to the areas of Peru you ministered in! I've even been back again since then! For a few moments, it seemed as if I might join you, but I guess He is not finished with me, yet.

I am so proud of you Beej. It was your desire to write 2 books that would impact the world. The first has now come out, and it is filled with the essence of your proof of Life! Your words surely reverberate through the heartbeat of our lives.

Whitney is engaged to Jared. She has moved to Dallas to finish her nursing degree! The nurses at St V's have forever inspired her life. She has aspirations to work in a PICU, where you spent the last 6 weeks of your time with us. She will make a difference in the lives of others.

Lauren has graduated from IWU and is teaching in a Goddard School here in Tulsa! She would like to return to grad school and further her education! She has written songs from her experiences that infiltrate every vessel of my being. You have inspired them. You should be so proud of your sisters. They miss you. They miss your protection.

Your mom is teaching here in Tulsa. She loves her job and the students. She grows more beautiful everyday. She has labored in love through the art of scrapbooking (a cult here that we need to discuss when we are once again united). What she has done with pictures of you and your life experiences are incredible. She is so proud of you and misses you so very much!

I long to be asked questions again. I long to hear your "short version" that lasts for more time than I happen to have. I want so much to hear you pace and talk to your friends on the phone. I want to hear the electricity in your laugh, that generates life with those you are with. To hear the echoes of your music shake the house. To see you pour yourself out in love to those God has put in your path! I want you to come and lean on me for no reason at all. I really need one of your hugs. I find them harder to give than I used to.

When Gramma and Grandpa celebrated their 25th Anniversary, I built them a landscaped island in the yard, out their back window. You remember it. Complete with a fountain where a boy and girl share an umbrella. Monday, mom and I celebrate ours. Through your obedient life, you have given us a gift we will never forget. A book filled with your writings, that will inspire generations to come. It's about you. It's called, "I Would Die for You, One Students Story of Passion, Service and Faith." Your picture taken on the wall in Pacasmayo adorns the front of it...along with Macchu Pichu. I know you were never there, but people identify it with Peru.
You would be embarrassed at what people say about you. You would be quick to withdraw from the attention, and direct it back to Jesus. You would be right to do so.

I love you! I am proud of you! I miss you more than I can say! Please give Grandpa a hug for me. I know He knows it, but please let Jesus know that I am jealous. He is getting to hear the long version...I only ever got the short!


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Last evening, Deanna and I had the privilege of being interviewed by a radio station in Seattle, Washington. The station was KGMI, and the interviewer was Debbie Chavez. She is a believer who has an afternoon (on the west coast) radio program on a secular station, with as we understand it, a largely unbelieving audience. How incredible to be able to speak about our Savior in such a venue!
As I checked their website a couple of hours before our interview, I was a bit overwhelmed at some of the other authors she has recently interviewed. We really needed the Lord to calm our nerves!
We spent around 45 minutes on the line with her (of which nearly half was on hold for commercials). She was so genuine, and put us at ease very quickly.
Deanna and I were tremendously blessed by her comprehension of our journey. She read our book, (yes, it is her job to do so) and she was clearly moved at the depth of the many passages of BJ's writings. She had her favorites and she openly shared them.

It was a cool experience for us as we got to hear what parts of the book most impacted her. Being so close to this project, I can say I have a pretty narrow view of what my perception of the "power passages" are. Hers was different, and I really like that.

I like the fact that the Lord takes a journey and allows His own to relate to parts of it in ways we cannot begin to realize (until it is shared with us). It is His impact that we want to come from this whole experience. This is about His glory and making Him known.
I have no idea when or if they will post the interview on-line, but it is possible there will be excerpts. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

A couple of notes: I want to thank those of you who have enrolled on-line on where they are carrying a hardback version of our book. Your purchases have made our book a best-seller on their least for the time being. I know we ordered five, just to get the hard cover version.

Also, I spoke to our publishers yesterday about the problem at (with distribution) and they immediately contacted the powers that be. I am told that the issues have been corrected and that shipping should begin shortly.
We still have not seen the book on bookstore shelves, but are being told that in some it has already sold out (they only buy 1 to 3 at a time) or that it will arrive very shortly. At any rate, thank you so much for your support and your patience!
I am kind of embarrassed by this, but those who want an autographed copy of the work can order very soon from the Awe Star offices (800-AWE-STAR). A large supply is to arrive on Friday of this week. It will also be posted on-line at in the "awe store."
We want to Praise Jesus for His continued use of this, His story, to further His kingdom! We are in awe of Him!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

In my work, I have the opportunity to see the dreams and visions that the Lord has given many of His children. It is my privilege to pray alongside of them as they hope to see these things come to pass.

One of the difficulties for them, is when others in the body fail to understand what God has laid on their heart to do, and discourage them from reaching their goals. This comes in many ways. For some, it is a parent who tells them that their idea will not be worth the investment. For others, it is the need for others to join them in a God-sized vision, only to be repeatedly told that what they are attempting cannot be accomplished.
As a body, we often get jealous of those whom we believe are closer to God than we are. We look at them and say, "Wow, I wish I was where they are." Simultaneously, we do nothing to draw more intimately into His presence. We forge ahead as if our plan is the only one worth pursuing. The problem is our plan, not God's.
I sat across from a young lady yesterday who is desperately seeking after the Lord's will for her life. She knows what the next step is, but is confronted by parents who want no part of her pursuit, and are doing their best to make her attempts at obedience, more difficult. She is of age, and does not need their consent. However, she respects them and wants to be faithful to her authority structure.
Often times, fear is the culprit. Fear allows a wedge to finds its way into the void between a dream and the culmination of it. Many a dream has been dampened and unable to take flight because of a "brother" or "sister" who found their significance in meddling in the details.
I recently heard from another lady who has very specific direction from the Lord. She knows what country she is supposed to go to. She knows what village within that country. She knows the specific people group within the settlement. She is struggling to find missionaries who will assist her in her direction.
What she is to undertake is dangerous and requires research. One contact is understandably trying to tug back on the reins and assure she realizes the levity of what she is trying to accomplish. Often in these situations, the desire from the dreamer seems to compensate for lack of knowledge about details, leaving the dreamer looking like they have no idea what they are doing.

While this can be partially true, no dream forged by our King within the hearts of men and women are attained without enduring the pangs of the birth canal.
There is a fine line between assisting someone in pursuing their dream, and trudging on it with steel shanked boots. It can be difficult to discern what helps and what releases the steam of productivity.
Prayer is the key. We must pursue dreams with much prayer. As a cog in the mechanics of anothers' dream, we must consistently pray. Both for them, and for the realization of their goal.
It is extremely important that we as "brothers" and "sisters" provide encouragement. It is equally important that we do so from a position of prayer. Most dreams are short-lived and flame out in the early stages. Helping another cultivate a dream is lofty work. We do not want to take over. We do not want to provide advice that contributes to increased difficulty, yet we want to be realistic about the issues involved.
Each of us will benefit from the increased time spent in prayer...both listening and speaking. The Lord will use us in the lives of others if we are consistently faithful. Sometimes, the death of a vision comes because it is the right thing. We simply cannot assume that we know best and impose our own ideas and agendas onto the one with vision. If they turn to you, it is because they have good reason.
Prayerfully consider your responses, then give them. Don't jump the gun by offering your own dreams at this juncture...that kind of timing is seldom right.
He is the giver of dreams. What is yours? What is being done to make it a reality?

Monday, January 07, 2008

You would think by now we would be used to "letting go." We are not. Yesterday, we moved Whitney to the Dallas area. It was not an easy thing to do. She has been led of the Lord to complete her final 2 1/2 years of nursing school at the Univ of Texas Arlington.
When she lived in Indy, she had a support brother and close friends
who watched out for her, took care of her. Now she lives closer to us (Yay!) but is still 4 hours away, and no friends or family she knows will watch out for her.
I am finding I am forced to trust in a new way, and it is not coming easily. I am struggling to think about anything else. This is part of growing up, I realize (for her and for me). She has done nothing but make us proud of her decision making, and her ability to plan and work within a set of circumstances. Now, all of this will be tested.
Before we left for Dallas, a friend offered me their GPS unit. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but found it to be far too easy to use, to not do so. The only thing was, as the judge and jury for the lady's voice emanating from the unit, we could not make informed decisions. It was either do what she says, or disregard it and do our own thing. We weren't sure where we were going, and she seemed to know. Texas is apparently far too big for our atlas to list all the little state roads. The result was that we never knew where we were going unless we had been on that road before.
I don't like driving in the Dallas area. It is confusing, and I get frustrated. I chose to rely on 'the voice.'
Since we were in two cars, I received fairly frequent calls from my daughters (who had a more detailed map) saying, "WHERE ARE WE GOING, THIS DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!"
I tried to calm them, and to encourage them to trust 'the voice.'
Oh my! The result, was that the 'little lady' randomly would stop communicating at the times we needed her most! More than once, she would fuss at us to "turn this direction" or "stay in this lane." That found us swerving through traffic at the last minute on multiple occasions, to make our exit. She is supposed to give us warning. That is how the unit works. She really needs to work on her communication skills!
Whitney spoke by phone to the couple she is moving in with, and was told, "you know you can't get here from there.
Those were not encouraging words. After actually getting there from where we were, I wanted to fire our 'little loaner lady!"
It's okay though, on the way home, I paid her back. I made her work very hard! I programmed in the address at home and then consistently did not follow her directions, forcing her to repeat in an annoyed voice, "recalculating!" I don't think she is supposed to sound annoyed. I don't think computer voices are supposed to show any emotion. I wanted her to feel my pain. I think I was successful.
Leaving my Whitney in a city so large I fear it will swallow her is all about trusting the Lord. We know she is supposed to be there. We have seen his hand of provision. As parents, we just want her to be less alone.
Trusting the Lord through this time is very much like trusting 'the voice' from the GPS unit. When He speaks I need to listen and respond in obedience. When He doesn't speak, I need to listen anyway, so that I am ready when He breaks the silence. He knows where we are headed even when we don't.
There are going to be those who say, "you shouldn't be doing that," or "you can't get there from here." It would be easy and even make sense in some situations, to listen to those voices. However, we know that He is in control, and we have to surrender ours.
A huge part of me wants to hover over her to make sure she is alright.
Fortunately, I serve a Savior who is doing just that!
Thank you Lord for looking out for my Whitney. Help me not to grieve so, over her absence! I do trust you and know that your way is better than my own. I trust your wisdom far above that of the GPS lady's. I know you will not lead her on random paths, no matter how random they may appear to me. Thank you for loving her more than I do!

Friday, January 04, 2008

My friends!
During the time BJ was in the hospital, we began to hear from many, many people. One of our regrets is how few of you we actually have met. We know one day, perhaps in Heaven, we will have that opportunity.
We have been blessed to get to know some of you. Many we have learned a great deal about through this blog. It certainly has been a privilege!
The process of writing was not one explored by me or my family up to the time our son was hospitalized. What we began to put on this blog was information, feelings, attitudes, fears, concerns, requests, celebrations and joyful moments. You were there to provided much needed support at every turn.
What we did not know as we drew through the hospital day by day, was that God had a plan that remained unrevealed. Certainly we felt the heart and soul of the prayer support being offered up on our behalf. We simply did not/do not know what lies ahead.
After Beej passed, I began to hear from and talk to people about the possibility of putting BJ's story down on paper. It was our desire from that time, to see God glorified if it were to be, and Him alone. We did not want our son painted to be anything but obedient. We were concerned about how that could happen.
The raw intensity of emotion we were dealing with was unequalled in our lives. We were struggling to figure out how to even think of living our lives without him. We were trying to understand how what had happened could contribute to our own growth and His glory.
In that time, we knew we did not have the background, or understanding to begin a work that would accurately reflect BJ's story. Being his parents, being so close to the situation, it was hard to separate fact from emotion, for a long, long time.
Our gracious Heavenly Father knew this and He already had a plan.
During his hospitalization, we had begun to hear from many Awe Star alumni and their parents. We were and are incredibly thankful for that.
One voice in that crowd that consistently brought truth, prayer, perspective and love stood out to us. It was a meek and humble voice which seemed to have understanding we could directly relate to.
We began to talk during our time of desperate grieving. The prayer offered to our Savior on our behalf by this individual was voiced as if it had come directly from our own hearts! How was this even possible?
Somewhere along the way, we discovered that this fellow parent was also a writer, and that the Lord had given direction that He wanted them to assist us in telling BJ's story...whatever that meant.
We were anxious. We wanted to get it done quickly, to get the word out while it would have the most impact (in our minds, that was immediately). This person spent hundreds of hours with us. We laughed, we cried, we talked, we reminisced, we sat in reverent unbroken silence and the Lord moved. We had the privilege of having them to our home at the camp, before we moved. They were able to sift through BJ's Bibles, his writings, and his room with all of his things. It would turn out to be a compelling act as the Lord moved while they were present.
We had no idea how one who had never met our son could accurately portray who he was and how he lived for Jesus. We weren't sure it was possible for that to be done in an unbiased fashion. It was and is very important to us that if and when someone read the work, that they come away not saying, "Wow, what a moving story," rather, "Oh my goodness, it is possible to live for Jesus in such a way that I can follow him in radical obedience!"
The result of countless hours of work with no pay is entitled, "I Would Die for You, One Students Story of Passion, Service and Faith." The end result of pouring our hearts out to her in His Holy presence, is simply unbelievable to us.
The idea that one would be willing to take on a project like this, as a ghost writer, knowing that they would receive little of the credit or recognition is nothing short of Scriptural. "Deny self." "Die to self." This is what was done!
Parking behind the presence of Christ Jesus, and allowing Him to work and move through her, resulted in a work that captures our son in a way we struggled to believe was possible.
Praise God for His work through her. You can see her in the above photos. In one she studies one of BJ's Bibles in his room (before we moved to Tulsa). In the other, she shares a private moment with my friend Rusty (who partnered in my ordination, served as youth minister to each of my children and baptized BJ) and me.
You will not find her name on the cover of the book. You will not find anything other than acknowledgements that reflect the selfless attitude and painful process she and her family endured to be obedient to her Savior, in completing our book.
Her name is familiar to you if you follow this site. It is Marti Pieper (pronounced "peeper"). She is a prayer warrior, who can often be found suffering in His presence on behalf of others. She feels deeply. She has written for homeschool magazines, and partnered with Walker Moore to write his current works, "Rite of Passage Parenting, Four Essential Experiences to Equip Your Kids for Life," and its companion workbook.
She is a servant for the King. She is our friend. She has blessed our lives, and we want you to know about it!
Praise God for His work in her life, and that of her family!!!