Friday, September 30, 2005

BJ Higgins Celebration Service Video

Because of the high demand of bloggers attempting to view the Celebration Service, we are experiencing difficulties and we are working on correcting this issue. Please check back for availabilty.

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Celebration Service Audio Webcast

Click Here to listen live to the BJ Higgins celebration service at 3:45 PM Indiana time Friday, September 30, 2005. Windows Media Player is required to listen.


Yesterday was such blessing to us! Well over a 1,000 of you came and visited with us. Somewhere between 5 and 10 percent of that number were bloggers we did not know.
Today will be a day we never forget...bittersweet. Thank you to our family who have arrived from all over the U.S. We pray that the celebration brings glory to our Lord and Savior.

Just under a year ago, BJ attended a youth retreat with Plainfield Baptist Church. In his writings of that weekend, he shared the following thoughts (Keep in mind he is not legalistic by nature or training, rather he felt the Lord leading him):

"Self, I will not be satisfied. I will not let my passion be held in a bottle. I will not let my light be hidden under a bush...I will stand up. I will let my voice be heard. I will lead. I will serve. I will fight. I will tell people about Christ. I will bring Him up in conversations. I will not watch t.v. or play video games. I will... visit only at Christian, beneficial websites and will only email if it is edifying to a believer. I will fast from the telephone and the rest of media. I will memorize Scriptures again and read Christian books again and spend more time in the Word. I will unsheathe my sword and stop playing [only] defense in this war. It's time to raise a revolution. I cannot and will not do anything mentioned above or anything otherwise. God will give me the strength and do these things through me"...

At the bottom of this page was a quote from Martin Luther King Jr.:
"You don't know what you're alive for, until you know what you'd die for."

Beej held fast to most of this and it wasn't easy for him. I give thanks to our Father that he did strengthen him. I pray that we also unsheathe our swords, that we pray with power, and let the revolution begin...for He is Worthy.

Serving the King beside you,

Beej's dad

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Today and tomorrow we get to meet many of you, and get reacquainted with old friends and even family we have not seen in awhile. Please know how much you have blessed us through this journey. Few are afforded the kind of support we've had and we do know that. We are nervous, and even a little bit scared, but rest in the knowledge that with Jesus in the boat, we can relax, for He commands the wind and the waves.

Please, when you come through and see many pictures of BJ's life, let us know if you were a blogger...especially if we do not know you. We want to meet you and know your connection, even if you were the friend of a friend of a friend...or perhaps stumbled across his site. There are no accidents in the kingdom of God. Things happen for a reason, and we want to extend our thanks to each of you.

Things are set to have audio access from this site (as far as we've been informed) for Friday's Celebration. We do wish to celebrate. Beej told his friend Jack not long ago that when he died, he wanted a party with loud (worship) music, not a lot of tears. I trust he'll forgive us the tears. We do miss him.

I believe he is walking and talking not only with his grandpa, but with Jesus, Paul, Peter, and others. We do not have to guess who is doing most of the talking!

Know that we love you,

Beej's dad

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

To the "Great Cloud of Witnesses"...

My sons room will be a treasure trove for some time to come. At times an emotional "pandora's box" at other times it will yield great joy. Last night I found another of his journals and my heart lept!!! There is so much to our children that remains hidden to us if we do not allow them to blossom. At times, I fear I boxed BJ in. Clearly, his Heavenly Father allowed him to blossom in spite of it.

This journal entry is written in response to I Kings 19:9-18 and Acts 2:43-47: "Elijah and the message after Pentecost"...

"Elijah told God at Sinai that he alone was left- the only prophet in all of Israel. He told Him that all Israel had turned away and were trying to kill him, so he fled desiring just to die. But God gave him instructions. God hadn't given up on Israel, and neither should Elijah, for he had work left to do.

In the same way, we must keep faith and persevere in our ministry, even when it seems that we alone are left. Though our evangelism often seems fruitless, as God told Elijah, and as is still pertinent, He will raise up 7,000 who are loyal to Him, and our ministries will bear fruit.

The passage in Acts seems to give a prime example of what our Christian lives are to be a state of awe, performing miracles, constant fellowship, sharing, giving to the needy, daily worship, communion, having joy, and generosity, evangelizing, and all the while, Praising God."

His closing prayer:

"God, Just help me focus today and all this trip. It seems too often, that I have spiritual ADD and get distracted easily. God, I just pray for focus. I pray that I would take these scriptures to heart and develop a new understanding of them. God, I pray that we would not lose hope, but that we would have faith that Your will will be done. God, I pray that You would just bless the missions and training as well. I pray, God, that You would transform me and all those around me to be more like You. God, I pray that You would use me in a mighty way, that you would lead through me, speak through me, and live through me. But, Father, don't let me know-don't let me become prideful, for I have nothing to boast in but You. Humble me, Father, Amen"

My Father in heaven answers prayer yet today. I give Him Praise for how He has done so. Please know each of our family continue to read all of your messages. It is a source of comfort in this time!

The funeral services on Friday may be audiocast through this website, with a video available hopefully within 24 hours later. Thank you for your interest in participating in this celebration with us.

Beej's dad

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Fellow believers,

I wanted to let you know of the news we received today on BJ's death. We did have an autopsy done, and have been told that BJ died from a "myocardial infarction" or heart attack. This was caused by bacteria which had built up in his blood stream from damaged tissue and organs, and resulted in blood clots in his arteries which accumulated in the last 8 hours of BJ's life.

Further, his tissues and organs were so badly damaged from the initial infection that despite the heroic efforts and measures of the St. Vincent's staff he had no chance of survival. In fact, he should not have lived as long as he did. We know that our Lord Jesus Christ, and the "great cloud of witnesses" sustained his life through intercessory prayer... so that others could know the Savior. We are humbled and grateful that the Lord would choose to use our BJ in such a way. We are further humbled that you would continue to check this site, and pray for us.

We are, through the grace of Christ, being sustained in this very hard time. We are encouraged by your blogs, and by knowing that we will one day be reunited with our precious BJ. Know that our nights are hard right now. Our first moments home, in the early morning on Monday, all 4 of us climbed into our queen sized bed and tried to sleep. Sleep does not come quickly, as sorrow is still too near. Walking into his room for the first time was overwhelming for all 4 of us. His carpet has grown damp and worn.

We will survive this, and we see God doing some amazing things. There is much ministering to be done. Won't you join us? You have stood in the GAP for us, and bombarded the throne of grace with your sweet incense of prayer. Christ has drawn all of us closer to Him through this. Now we must serve. This unity must be continued to win the lost of the world. Our Savior is WORTHY of our efforts.

We will see many of you (we hope) at his services (times and place listed in the update before this one). If you cannot make it, a webcast is being attempted for those who wish to share in the Worship of our Savior. More details as they are available. Dress for the calling and service?..."" pink or black (or whatever you are comfortable in). I will be wearing PINK. First my prayforbj shirt, then my father's day gift from BJ...Pink button down shirt.

Praise Jesus, He's our KING!

Beej's dad

Monday, September 26, 2005

Memorial Calling: 3-8 p.m. Thursday, September 29, 2005 at Northside Baptist Church, 3021 East 71st St., Indianapolis

Memorial Celebration Service: 4:00 p.m. Friday, September 30, 2005 at Northside Baptist Church, 3021 East 71 St., Indianapolis

Memorial contributions can be sent to: BJ Higgins Missionary Scholarship, P.O. Box 470265, Tulsa, OK 74147

Body of Christ, you have been a huge support for us during BJ's six week illness and we appreciate you. We wanted to provide the above information for the sake of those of you who live in the area and would like to attend. You have blessed us and our Lord!

St. Vincents staff, we cannot say enough positive things about you. Those of you who cared for our son, some who wept with us, others who would have had you been on shift, know that you ministered to us at a very deep level! We will miss you.

Beej's dad

Just before 3 this morning, my precious BJ went home to be with all of our Precious Jesus. "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."

My God is a God of compassion..."it is finished."

BJ's dad

He is hooked back up to dialysis. We are waiting to see how this impacts his blood pressure. Initially, dialysis will lower the bp. His bp is low already. If acid in his blood due to kidney malfunction is the issue, then dialysis should correct the problem. If infection is the issue, dialysis will have less impact.

Medically speaking it is looking grim. His skin is mottled, and his extremities are discolored. We would like it if the Lord would take any decision making out of our hands.

We have been playing worship music...Billy and Cindy Foote's "NOT A god." They led worship at his mission training, and he listened to them a great deal after arriving home. They truly blessed his heart.

We do not know the timing or the outcome, but we continue to push on. We pray that BJ not suffer, and that Jesus Name be Glorified in these hours.

Beej's dad

Sunday, September 25, 2005

It's not looking good. They'll try to hook back up to dialysis. Erratic blood pressure. High heart rate. Could be infection. Lord you know, and you are in control.


His Blood Pressure is coming up, but not stable yet, so he may get more fluids. His blood gases are better-actually the best in a while. His heart rate remains high due to the dopamine...the drug to increase his BP. His SAT has dropped from 95 (where it was before this started) to the 80's. We are waiting for all to stabilize...and believe it will. He may have to restart Cvvh or dialysis earlier than planned. There is the risk of bleeding or increased bleeding at surgical sites if he start back now.

Lord, we thank you for how your intervening, please hold Beej close. Let him know your comfort! Let us know your peace in these moments.

BJ's dad

Bj's blood pressure is falling, his heart rate is rising, and they are trying to find a new place to get a good read for his SAT. The Dr. believes his lactic acid has risen due to no renal function, and may be causing this. They are starting Sodium bi-carb, and fluids to try to resolve this. They may have to restart dialysis early.

Lord, please intervene.

BJ's dad

BJ's gasses were taken at 4 and they remain about the same. A "wound vaccuum" arrived today, which will be placed over his wound from the infection they recently removed. This machine will keep the area clean without the dressing being changed daily. They tried to attach it today, but were unable to make it seal, so they will let it further heal tonight and put it in place tomorrow morning.

As always, thank you for your perseverance in your prayers. We are moved by them, and strengthened by knowing that our Family reaches far across the world.

Love in Christ,

(By the way, Tammy H.- last week I ended up getting that airplane puzzle done about 2 minutes after you left!)

Late last night and this morning, 2 different doctors have given us a little room to believe that BJ's improvements, though small, are a good sign. I believe sometimes I struggle to understand exactly what the doctors mean, and try to read between the lines. Misinterpretation can follow.

I was wrong about his fever being under control. He has had one of 100+ overnight and this morning. However, Dr.'s are believing that it is all part of the response to the wound cleaning procedure. They have both remarked about how well he tolerated that procedure, and with little to no drug assistance. Praise Jesus for His intervention in this, as this was unexpected, and part of the reason they once again began to prepare us for his passing (this is their job, and I'm glad they have it and not me!).

We continue not to know what the Lord has in store for BJ, but rest assured we believe He is ministering to us through you, the hospital staff, His Word, and through His Holy Spirit. We thank you so much that the Gap is FULL of the Body of Christ!!!

Beej's 10am blood gases were better, and he his holding on well as his ventilator pressure is turned down. Keep bombarding the throne about infection or other potential issues, please.

Father, as a family, we lift a chorus of Praise to and through Your Holy Name! Jesus, we love You...You are amazing!!! Truly we are "Held" in this journey.

Beej's dad

Little has changed overnight. His numbers are about the same. They are reducing blood pressure meds and he is handling it well, so far. There is not a lot to report and I know you are trying to go to church, so thank you for checking one more time.

Worship our Lord Jesus, and please pray for Bj.

Bj's dad

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Late tonight, BJ's blood gases continue to improve a little bit. We are very thankful for this. His SAT's are consistently in the upper 80's to low 90's.
He did start to run a fever, but we believe that is under control. It is very important he not come down with more infection or issues at this stage.

We know and appreciate the incredible prayer support you have offered up. We know there are many more of you who are not blogging, who are praying. This has been a most humbling experience in so many ways. The way God has moved in your hearts and not allowed BJ to leave your minds, and how He has kept you praying...unbelievable!
The medical technology which has supported and kept my son alive to this point...astounding!! The medical staff...Unequaled!!! Through the combination of these efforts which we know the Lord has orchestrated, and used, we are moved, appreciative, and eternally grateful.

Please know that regardless of the outcome, the Father has enriched our lives through you...

Beej's dad

Good evening.

All of BJ's tests came back about the same as they have been, or slightly better. (His blood gas- same. CO2 gas- a little better. PH- a little better.)

His stats remain the same, and he's still fever-free. There is some active bleeding in the sites where Beej's chest tubes were.

We continue to wait, as BJ's progress in the next day or two will tell us if he is going to get better. He must make significant improvements soon.

All in all, it's been a very discouraging weekend, and we're tired. Thank you all for your continued support through this up-and-down journey, especially during the low points. Our Father God, the presence of family, and your prayers sustain us.

In Christ's Love,

We continue to play the waiting game. They will do another blood gas test at 4. These haven't been excellent, so please pray that they will begin to show significant improvement. When the doctors changed BJ's chest dressing they were able to pull off more fluid from the wound (from his surgery to remove chest tubes yesterday). Dr. Williams said anywhere they can get fluid from is good.

BJ's SAT numbers are hovering around the high 80s/low 90s, and his blood pressure has been pretty steady. "Stable" is okay right now... But we really need a miracle. Please pray for our patience during this maddening time of waiting! Mostly, just please continue to come before the Father on BJ's behalf.

Love in Christ,

BJ's fever has subsided for the time being, for which we are grateful. At 10 am his blood gases were slightly better, but nowhere near where they need to be. Dr. Williams explained that, though they have turned down his oxygen, that may be decieving because they've increased the pressure. He said this may be the real reason BJ's X-ray looked better this morning. We hope not. BJ's kidneys still are not functioning.

To be honest, the medical staff are really not expecting too much at this point. They are encouraging us to wait to see how BJ does until Monday, but these minor positive signs are not the giant leaps BJ really needs to truly get better. Obviously, Our Father is entirely in control and capable of healing BJ, but the reality is that we do not know if that healing will take place here or in Heaven. God may be glorified in many different kinds of suffering in our lives, as this journey has taught us. So please continue to cry out to God on behalf of my brother. He is so brave.

More of his words:

Hello all! I thought I'd give an update of what God has been doing since I've been back in the States.

Well, on my flight to Atlanta from Dallas, I got to sit next to a young woman and talk to her about some of my experiences and how Christ is the meaning and should be the center of all life, and just wittness to her, so that was a cool opportunity.

That night (Friday) I spent sharing what God did and what He taught me with my family and our summer missionaries.

Saturday, I got my new guitar (an Alvarez Acoustic/Electric) and went to band practice.

Sunday I shared some of what God did in front of my church and set up a meeting with my pastor on Thursday about teaching and leading more in my youth group.

Monday I went to an Indianapolis Indians game with our summer missionaries and shared more about what God has been doing in my life. One of them, Karen now feels called to go to Germany with AweStar (really cool story), and several of the others are considering and praying about going on a mission trip, maybe with AweStar next year.

Tuesday night I was able to lead my friend Zach to Christ, which was an incredible thing to wittness. He was honestly one of the seekingest souls I've seen. Not very often does someone say "I want to give my life to Christ, but how?" That was amazing.

Today I will be going to my friend Drake's youth group, and hopefully and prayerfully I'll be able to share there as well.

Tomorrow I have my meeting with my pastor, the following two days Heather will be over for much of the time, then I start work next week at my first official job.

Praise God! Well, thats all for now.

In Christ's Love,

Beej, bud, I love you so much.


Dr. Sichting expected Beej to get worse overnight and "he really didn't." His blood gas numbers are not great. Some have improved slightly, and some have declined. His surgery sights are expectedly seeping, and will need changed often. He is running a temperature of near 101. Cultures have been sent to see if yesterdays procedures "stirred" something up, infection wise.

She said that "BJ will declare himself in the next 24 to 48 hours whether or not he is going to make it." They have done about all they can do for him.

He has fought battles at every turn. We have longed for him to make real strides in improvement. Now is the time it must happen.

Lord, I am trusting that you did not deliver him this far to now take him home, but you know that whatever You will, we understand, and in this case, are trying to desire.

BJ's dad

Friday, September 23, 2005

The Lord has delivered Bj through this day, and we Praise Him!!!

Dr's. Freeman and Sando did a great job in their respective fields of thoracic surgery, and skin.

Beej's blood pressure did not waiver through the second surgery. They did not have to give him any additional support. They removed dead tissue in his hip. It was deep, and included dead skin, fat, and muscle. The Doctors believe this has been the source of his infection. They state the next 24 to 36 hours are crucial as he should begin to recover and needs to make significant process towards healing. We need this to be an issue and infection free period.

Lord God, we are humbled at your provision and mercy. I cannot fathom the masses that have been in prayer for Beej and our family today.

Beej has a long way to go, and we need much positive to begin to occur. His blood gases have not been good today, up to the surgeries. Please pray that the tide will shift as the infection is believed to be cleared.

Jesus is our All in All,

Beej's dad

The plastic surgeon is getting ready to remove the dead tissue on BJ's back. What was thought to be a bedsore, is in fact a collection of blood that has infected that area of his body. There is a significant risk of bleeding in this procedure, especially because BJ has been on the blood-thinning medication. Their primary concern is that the bleeding get out of control. There is also a risk of dead tissue detaching and getting into BJ's blood stream. This surgery should take about 30 minutes...

People, please be praying... I praise God for how He has burdened His Body for my family thus far, and, as this is the most intense BJ's situation has been, I pray that you would pray even more fervently now than you have been. We are approaching the line where we must decide if life support should even continue.

I really don't know what else to say, so here are a few more words from my brother:

God Loves.
Obedience. Faith. Glory.

When Christ calls us to follow Him, He calls us to come and lay down our lives and to obey Him and share His name with the peoples of the world, no matter what the cost. Its time that we as the Christ followers of this country respond to this call and realize that the cross IS worth it, and forget the cost. Its time to open our eyes and see the people the Christ died for. To see that God has been robbed of His glory and that people have been robbed of God's love because of Satan's lies all around us. Its time that we show them the love that Christ has for them, and stop being lukewarm and mediocre.

God has called each of us somewhere to be a missionary for Him, will you follow? In the US, in your hometown, some other state, or some other country...will you go? Will you answer the call, and stop wasting your life in the selfish comfort and "success" that our society teaches us to seek? Will you follow Christ, the greater purpose and satisfaction in life? Will you answer the call and get uncomfortable for Christ?

Scared? Weak? Unable? Don't worry, God who created everything and who has authority and power over everything will give you the strength and the courage. All He asks is that you TRULY turn to Him and give Him everything, and He will bless you beyond your imagination.

Will you GO??

BJ is giving everything right now. Even through his suffering, I am certain that my brother would still be preaching and reaching out to the lost of this world. He has not wasted his life at all... in fact he has lived it much more abundantly in 16 years than many of us ever will. So, as you continue to pray, let God be working in your heart, burdening it for the lost as well. Don't cease in your prayers, but even more so, Don't waste your life!


Prayer Warriors,

DON'T STOP! He is in post-surgery at this moment but the staff is trying to stop leaking air and fluid from the site that the doctor removed the drain tube in his lung from. They had hoped to insert a new tube but were unable to do so; the lung has taken on a stiff consistency rather than the balloon-like feel it should have.

When they removed the tube there was a gush of fluid that indicates that Beej's body had walled off the drain tube, preventing drainage from passing through it. They pulled off at least 10 ounces of fluid and they are hoping that this will allow his lung to expand further. Under normal circumstances they would be able to open up the chest and manipulate things a bit more, but BJ's body isn't up to this invasive a procedure.

On the positive side, his SAT rose to 100 (before backing off a bit) and his blood gas reading has improved. His other stats remain stable and for this we truly praise our Lord. We are praying that they can get the "leak" under control and they can proceed with the other procedure later this afternoon.

We are so humbled by your diligence in praying and for our Lord's faithfulness through this "storm."

Beej's Uncle

Beloved of the Lord,

We have been sitting in room 2001 and listening to Whitney play the guitar and sing "How Deep the Father's Love". The Peace of Christ is overwhelming at times, and then at others we are overcome with emotion. Emotion over what He has done through Beej, over what He has done in this hospital stay, over what He has done thru you, over what He will yet do. I won't lie, there is a huge lump in my body that prevents me from taking a deep breath. I don't want more pain for BJ, but we do want what Jesus wants. With that in mind, You know of surgery at 2pm. Then after 5pm, there may be another procedure to clean out the deep hip lesion, now believed to be the source of infection. We have heard 2 or 3 opinions from different Doctors about what should be done, could be done, what will help, what may not...We are seeking the Lord's wisdom in doing the right things for Beej, and all ways, it is up to our Lord.

For now, he is hanging in there with significant support...more than he has had to have in awhile. He has never left the Fathers hands, and he never will. I love you, Jesus.


His numbers are not great, but stable for now. The surgeon will at 2pm try to insert a new chest tube into BJ's left chest cavity. One of three things will happen: 1.He will not be able to get into the chest cavity because the ventilator will have his lungs fully expanded to the chest wall. 2. He will find the pocket of fluid and be able to drain it. 3. He will get into the chest cavity and not be able to drain it because of clotted fluids.

This does not yet address the infection which they believe is associated with his hip lesion. We have not been updated on that yet.

We rest in the peace of Christ, that what He has ordained to happen, will happen. We are at peace with this.


Increased ventilator settings have brought his SAT numbers back up...Blood pressure trying to be stabilized with dopamine and fluids...surgeon en route to look at chest tubes and give opinions...


Bj's blood pressure is dropping and his SAT's are falling hard...Lord he is in your hands!!!

Bj's dad

Things are worse this morning. Bj's white blood cell count is significantly up, which means infection. His x-ray on the left side looks worse, either fluid or infection has invaded. The "bedsore" could be from internal bleeding and could go much deeper, which also could be the source of infection. The plan is to take him off the CVVH, which hepronizes him, and put another chest tube in to drain fluid from lung and then a surgeon will treat the wound to get rid of bacteria.

Friends, we know you're praying. Lord, we ask for mercy once again. We don't know what to do, but our eyes are on You.
BJ's mom

Thursday, September 22, 2005

A quiet evening: oxygen sat right at 90 and blood pressure holding steady. He didn't need to have extra sedation meds all afternoon with music playing in his ears! Status quo is on the agenda for the night. Tomorrow is day 40 so, prayer warriors, it would be a great day for new miracles! Pray on!!

The entry I've chosen from BJ's journal tonight is on a day when he was the MTL, which is ministry team leader, meaning he's the "talker." The students go out and share Christ to individuals in the crowd in teams of 3 after performing the drama. Each member has a role: Prayer, Distracter or Ministry Team Leader. This day they performed the drama 3 times.

1st drama - rocks. 2nd drama - prayer walk plaza, Kayla saw a glimpse or vision of glory, 3 men came. 3rd - Plaza de Armas again. Had to rely on God's strength to do drama [sick] 1st place, one lady went over to Marco, then God called me to go speak to these 4 policemen. I [was] kinda nervous cuz they could've easily laughed in my face or else whip out their uzis and order us to get off the premises, but God is teaching me obedience so I went and talked to them. As I was speaking, 2 of the 4's eyes started to well up and you could tell they wanted Christ. Other 2 were also sincere. Just as I finished the card [they share the gospel from cards written in Spanish] Marco [their translator] walked up (had been having translator problems) All 4 accepted Christ. As we were handing out response cards, I turn around and am instructed to share with another man, so I begin and eventually a crowd gathers and I'm witnessing with Marco. Then one guy says his religion says if you have a tattoo, you're going to hell, then he had other questions that Marco and I tried to answer as best we could, then most of this crowd sincerely (tears, nodding heads, etc.) accepted Christ and one lady thanked us over and over after.

I'm so thankful for my son and his boldness and willingness and perseverance and servant's heart.

Goodnight to you with love,
BJ's mom

We appreciate knowing who's blogging, so please put your name, city, state or country.

Dr. Sichting just stopped by to update us. She told us they have found that his lower left lung lobe never has re-expanded. She had an ultrasound done today, and discovered he has thin fluid and thick fluid in his chest cavity, preventing it.

She has a surgeon coming by this evening or in the morning to re-adjust his chest tube on the left side to try and drain the thin fluid. The thick fluid is likely clotted blood, and will require scraping, which cannot happen while he is on blood thinners. The hope is that draining the thin fluid will allow re-expansion.

Skin care Nurse, Nancy came by today to look at Beej's multiple skin breakdown issues. The worst bedsore has little change, but the multiple small lesions are healing faster than she expected! We Praise Jesus for this! She was enthused, too.

Much fluid has been removed from BJ's body, but much still resides there, putting pressure on his kidneys, and keeping them from functioning. Keep praying, please?!

Please continue to leave your name city, state or country with your blogs as we are still trying to map for BJ all the places he/we are hearing from!

The Lord has even placed some of His own in the computer department here at St. V's who are helping us with technical "stuff". Isn't our God Good?

Beej's dad

Good afternoon!

Hello students in Denison, Tx...thank you for your prayer support and desire to see BJ improve! We trust that you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior. If you do not, please leave me a blog, and I will tell you how to know Him!

My heart is full today as you all continue to pour out your love and support to us...especially for Beej! He was successfully turned to his stomach, without issue (he is connected to so many iv lines that it can be a challenge). His numbers remain stable. I positioned my i-pod next to him (Thanks so much Jim, and Church at BattleCreek) and played his favorite music for just him. How interesting to watch his blood pressure come down as it appears he is more relaxed!

Our Lord has blessed us with peace for each moment, and surrounded us with "such a great cloud of witnesses"... you, the body of Christ. We are Thankful for how He is providing for us, and ministering to us. Know that we read your blogs, and are very moved by them! It has been such a welcome relief to find refuge in such a place, in such a time as this. Thank you so much!

Mary in Seaport, Tx...thank you! You don't know how much that means to leave before Rita gets there...we are praying for you and others in her path!!!

Deepest appreciation,

BJ's dad

Good Morning! BJ had a quiet uneventful night. His Sat's are in the low 90's this morning. He will be turned to his tummy again today. There has been very little change. We want and hope to bring news of change and good reports but stable just has to be enough, and that is okay. Oh how we want him to be better, and to talk to him. He has layed flat in bed for a long time now. When he is responsive, it happens once every 3 or 4 days, and lasts about 15 to 30 seconds. Even then he can only communicate with an attempted eye movement or on rare occasion a head nod. These moments bring us hope, but at the same time an intense yearning to be able to hold him, love him, and allow him to talk for long stretches as he is prone to doing. He has so much to say. I remember at different times asking him for the short version of what he was sharing. He'd reply, "This is the short version." That is our BJ. A heart welling over with desires to share...and we are so thankful for him!

Beej's dad

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A quick update before bed: His stats are in the 90's! We pray that is the trend for the night. Since his reserves are low, he is very sensitive to meds and the blood warming mechanism in the CVVH machine. His temperature goes from high to low so they are continually "tweaking" (all you "You've Got Mail" fans will understand) to keep him in the normal range. Pray that they are able to take off enough fluid to relieve the pressures of the internal organs - his kidneys are being squeezed and that is part of the reason they are not functioning. Perhaps this is simplifying his internal concerns, but this is at least part of it. We know God is ultimately in control and we continue to pray for His healing hand to take action! Do we dare ask for patience? You know how dangerous that is! We love you Lord and we press on,
BJ's mom

BJ's Sat's continue to be in the 80's to low 90's. His heart rate and blood pressure are stable. His blood is not perfusing or circulating throughout his body as well as it should, so his hands are a bit cool. Interestingly his feet, which you would think would be colder because of the damage to 2 major veins from the canulas, are warm. Oh well, like that is the first confusing thing that has occurred.

Those of you who ordered shirts...they went out "priority mail" this afternoon. There are still plenty available if you are interested. You can access them by clicking on the "" t-shirts button to the right of this update.

I want to share from BJ's journal a passage from when he was still in Texas, before he left for Peru. Awestar trains the missionaries using terminology like "willing witness," "seeking soul," and "divine encounter." These words mean what they imply and need little explanation, but I wanted you to understand why he was using such terms.

"When Jesus met the woman at the well, He hadn't gone there to preach, but because He was weary. She had been placed there at the same time because of her social circumstances. Jesus merely asked for water, but being a "willing witness" He knew how to seek out an opportunity to share the truth. Then, though they hadn't planned it, they stayed an extra 2 days to minister to the people.

"You would ask...I would give" If we ask, Jesus is faithful to give, if we ask it in His will.

"You must be... so tell me." She had a chip on her shoulder and seemed unresponsive, but Jesus always knows what to say.

"Should we worship here or there?" Much like churches today that are preoccupied with small issues when the real [issue] is just to worship God (praise or hymn).

Nourishment comes from doing God's work. - Matthew 4:4, Deut. 8:3

The harvest for God's kingdom is ripe all around us if we could just learn to see it. "Four months until summer" [from his own journal implying how much time until he can minister], why wait until a mission trip or reaching a certain area when there's ministry to be done everywhere.

[BJ's closing prayer] Father I just want to praise You for Your depth and Your power and authority and Your love and worthiness. I thank You for allowing me the opportunity to come on this trip and serve and to just learn about You and seek Your face. I'm overwhelmed by Your depth, but You give me strength and take me deeper.

I pray now for focus on You in the following days and that You would help me to apply what I learn.

Oh what petty things we tend to complain about and debate, when the real issue is reaching the lost and seeing them be discipled.

Thank you for your continued prayer support! Our God is AWESOME!!!

Bj's dad

Thank you Beth for sharing from your heart and the inspiration of His message through you. I too believe that the Lord would have us surrender our all, daily. In light of these circumstances, I believe the POWER of His message is truly for all who read this, and beyond. Let Him begin by convicting our family of having our "hands too full" when He has much for us to do. Like the disciples, lets drop our nets, and follow... (BJ's family)

BJ's stats are encouraging - staying in the mid 80's and some low 90's, his blood pressure too is good. He opened one eye slowly for me this morning! That was very exciting. It's so very comforting to know he's aware, at some level.

Shelby and her parents came by to visit a few minutes ago. She is doing well, just had a check up and also taking time to visit some of the staff on this floor. She is such a doll!

Thank you again and again for your unceasing prayers. We give thanks and praise to Jesus for renewed strength.

BJ's mom

Beej looks good this morning! His hair washed and combed, his face thinned down, and His SAT's in the mid to upper 90'S...Praise Jesus!!! I believe he will be turned back to his tummy this morning (bye-bye thin face). His heart rate is down, his blood pressure is close to normal. We are so thankful this morning!!!

His ventilator pressure is higher than when he started with this infection, so hopefully they will be able to come down on that today, and move towards getting him off this ventilator. At least as soon as he's ready.

Loved ones we cannot tell you how much you have meant to us through this journey. Your continuous outpouring of love has been both uplifting and inspirational.

Thank you,

BJ's dad

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

They have switched out Beej's ventilator (technical difficulties), he's still on an oscillating ventilator but since the switch his SAT's have been hanging in the 90's, so we're grateful. He had a fever for a little bit this evening but it has now broken! A good way to end such a tense day. These times in which we can breathe a sigh of relief seem too few and far between but are definitely cherished by us all.

The many stories and prayers all of you have written out for us about BJ have been an amazing blessing for our whole family. For me, it has especially caused me to look at the relationship that I have with Beej. My little brother is an incredible young man of God and it breaks my heart that I have wasted so many opportunities to get to know him on the level several of you do. It's amazing how easy it is for each of us to get wrapped up in our own selfish worlds without even realizing it's happened, and it's sad how severe a situation it takes to bring us out of that little world. However, I take joy in knowing that my brother is a person who understands forgiveness and starting over with someone like no one else I know. I look forward to when I can begin to develop a true friendship with my brother who would pray with me and for me anytime I was hurting and extended me undeserved forgiveness more times than I would like to count, no matter how hard I pushed him away.

Thank you Jesus for putting such a passion in BJ for You. Thank You for bringing him this far through this battle. We pray that You will let us keep him here for awhile longer but ultimately our desire is for Your will to be fulfilled.

BJ's sister,

Tonight, Beej's SAT's are back in the mid 80's. His blood pressure is in a pretty good place, but still a little low. There has been no discovery made about where he is infected.

The Plastic Surgeon is due here in the next couple of hours to view his sites, and make recommendations. This will be for sometime in the future, when he is (Lord willing) able to handle it.

The second CDC report came back negative, so we still do not know what initially attacked his body. Now our Infectious Disease doctor is sending out all new samples for antibody study. Apparently, you can help diagnose diseases by antibody formation.

God is in this! I am extremely grateful that He is so faithful!!! Bless each of you for your continued prayer support.

A special thanks to Dr. Sichting for comforting my Deanna at a low moment today. You have truly blessed us with your care and concern.

C'mon Lord...lets kick this infection...Please!

BJ's dad

Day 37. Thankfully, yet cautiously and taking nothing for granted, BJ's stats are up - oxygen is back in the 90's and blood pressure is looking better. Although the roller coaster ride is quite infuriating, we are grateful for your perseverance with us in fervent prayer - it is huge that you care. Most importantly, we know God is able.

His hands and feet are not hot anymore (a sign of infection), but that doesn't necessarily mean he is no longer infected. The quote from nurse Donna is "It's more likely that we've caught up with his volume." We're not totally clear what that means, but he is retaining fluids like crazy and the CVVH machine is also pulling fluids off like crazy. The infection limits the amount of fluid they can safely pull off. He is so sick, his body is unable to absorb and process fluids normally.

The doctors and nurses on staff here are such a wonderful, professional and caring group, we are amazed and very thankful. They are cutting edge and pursue the best and most intelligent and logical of treatments. They have been honest with us with a bedside manner to match. Dr. Sichting assured me today that they will not continue to do procedures on BJ without hope of recovery and I am clinging to that.

BJ's mom

BJ's body does not have the ability to fight infection right now. He does have an infection that Dr.'s cannot find. They are trying to grow cultures from blood and other fluids. They have tried to reposition him in such a way as to allow minimum stress to his lungs. His Sat's are in the 80's, his blood pressure remains low. They are pulling out any tube that he really does not need at the moment, and repositioning others.

It is crucial that this infection be knocked down. Once again, it appears to be a spiritual attack. I know you are praying. Please don't let up.

In His Name,

Bj's dad

Medical ping pong seems to be going on with BJ's SAT's (blood oxygenation). They spent much of the night in the 80's. Then after the morning chest x-ray, they jumped to 98. They have started to drop back to the low 90's. His color is a little better this morning. He is on dopamine for low blood pressure...which is still pretty low.
It is uncertain if he will be proned (turned to his tummy) today. There is discussion of propping his left side up because of that lung position. We'll tell you more when we find out...Dr. shift change is upcoming.

You have truly helped to hold us up through this journey. Thank you for your love and concern.

Lord you are our portion and strength!

BJ's dad

Monday, September 19, 2005

His SAT's bottomed out at 80, then rose some to the mid 80's, due to increased ventilator pressure, and increased oxygen percentage on the ventilator. His blood pressure has dropped too low, and they started him on a med to increase it. The x-ray showed no air pockets. They are thinking a new infection is trying to take hold.

Lord, He is yours, please give them the wisdom to know how to combat this. What they don't know, You do, so deliver Him yet again, if it is Your will. In Jesus Name, and by His blood...

BJ's dad

Today there has been a general trend down in BJ's SAT number. He began the day in the mid 90's. After removing the Nitric oxide pump, his numbers dipped into the 80's then rebounded. A couple hours hours later, they began to gradually drop to where they are now...the low to mid 80's. Trying to keep things in perspective, there was a time we would have been thrilled with these numbers. But now, on the other side of ECMO we expect higher numbers.

They did an ultrasound and an x-ray, trying to determine if he has a bone infection or a pocket of infected fluid somewhere. Both were negative. We are thankful for this. Dr. Sichting even thinks the air pockets around his lungs are gone. Sooo, we have no answers, and are watching his numbers decline. His color has changed as well. He looks more purple.

Please pray for the Lord to turn the tide once again! Father You will receive all the Glory either way.

BJ's dad

BJ is on his back again, swelling looks a little better. They gave him an ultrasound to check out his abdomen and an xray to make sure his bones aren't infected. He still has a high white blood cell count, though it has come down significantly since that first week. He is still very sick, but his numbers remain stable, and they are watching him closely. So, we continue to wait.

Father, our son is in Your strong, yet gentle and capable hands. There is no safer place for him to be! Please continue to sustain us and renew our hope. Fill our anxious thoughts with peace that only You can give. Our cry is for You to restore his health and bring his stats up as the ventilator settings are turned down. Let his bodily functions work the way You designed them to. Bring him back to us Jesus and help us as we wait. Our prayer is for healing as You will it.

BJ's mom

Cvvh (dialysis) has started again. BJ's numbers remain fairly consistent. No rain. A Physical Therapist has begun to work with his limbs. We are told that when he awakes, he won't even be able to put his finger on a button until his muscles are retrained.

Throughout most of this ordeal, Deanna and I have realized that Jesus Christ is truly being glorified! We are so thankful for that. We know that BJ was ready to face what was coming. His journal has revealed so much to us about what God is doing in his life, and how He was preparing Beej for this.

One of the things I fear, is that another parent will look at this situation, and say, "No way is my child going to the mission field...look what happened to BJ!" Having worked with students for many years, one of my frustrations has been parents who won't let their children "GO." The experience they gain, the way the Lord changes their lives is is a work of God that we should never stand in the way of. He removes their focus from self and pulls it up to His gaze, His desires, and they suddenly get why they are here.

Yes! Look what happened to BJ! But, behold, the Lord God who is Holy, has been brought Glory, and Honor and Praise. That is why we were bring God glory. BJ understands this. Please read his words:

..."The worship service in the evening was even more incredible as God is driving me deeper and deeper into Him. For a few years I have known that a time would come when I would need to humble myself and fall facedown before God so that He could truly use me. God brought me to that point and showed me that it isn't because I can, or because I will, or because I am good, but because He is worthy that I follow Him. Tonight I promised to give Him my life to do with as He pleases because only He is worthy. I gave my life to instantly obey Him. In a sense I rededicated myself to Him for missions...

Body of Christ, Bj is not an excuse for not going...but an example of why we should go.

May Jesus Christ be Praised!

Beej's dad

If this is a joke, it's only a little's raining outside, but not in room 2001. They are preparing to hook him back up to the Cvvh machine. They plan to use a lower rate of fluid removal to try to fool his kidneys into believing they are already doing some of the work.

Overnight, which was quiet and peaceful, he was removed from the Nitric Oxide machine (it was being used to open the alveoli in his lungs). His Sat's dropped initially, but rebounded back into the 90's. Thank you Jesus, for one more machine GONE!!!

They are planning to turn him back over this morning. We look forward to that because his face gets so swollen when he's on his tummy. We know it's only cosmetic, but it's what we see.

Lord God, bless these faithful ones with your abundance today!

BJ's dad

Sunday, September 18, 2005

We're still walking in the desert metaphorically sign of "rain." Well, that's not true, there have been "traces of rain" (not your old cd's bart), but we need a gullywasher! (BJ, when you are well enough to read this...please forgive me.)
His numbers are good tonight, his ventilator pressure has been turned down a bit, and his Nitric oxide pump is being reduced (opens the alveoli in the lungs). All good signs! Lord we lift up Your Name in Praise for this!!!

I want you to know that when you leave comments for the medical staff, many of them are reading them, as we are told they check the website.

As you pray for the team here, I want to give you the doctors names so you can put a name in your prayer. The Intensivists are Doctors Chaten, Metz, Ruppel, Sichting, and Williams. The Infectious Disease doctor is Belcher. They are a stellar team, and we greatly appreciate them!

Have a great night!

BJ's dad

Beej is resting on his tummy again. He is off of the Cvvh machine. Now is the time for his kidneys to begin to work as he is less swollen. If he doesn't begin on his own, they will try to induce function with a drug. His SAT's continue to be in the 90's, and only dipped briefly during the turning of his body. Ventilator settings are still below what they had been. The morning x-ray was inconclusive as to whether or not the air pockets are gone. The Dr. said they are either still present or he has more blood collecting around the left side. All in all, he looks better.

Please continue to pray for kidney function, for the air pockets or blood to resolve, and for continued healing.

We are still awaiting word from the CDC on what his infection might be due to.

Thank you for including BJ in your prayer times at home, in the car, at church and through the watches of the night. Thanks for wearing your shirts and sharing the love of Jesus when asked about what "prayforbj" means.

You have blessed us,

BJ's dad

I just talked with the doctor and they are going to take him off the CVVH (dialysis) machine for 24 hours to try to get his kidneys going. This too will make it easier to prone him. All this is happening during most morning worship services - we are reassured again that God is in control.

A quiet night, just one brief unexplained period of time when his oxygen dropped to the upper 80's, a few minor adjustments were made and he was back in the 90's again. This time he wasn't suctioned, so my professional theories I guess I'll keep to myself... The vascular doctor looked at his canula sights and they are healing well. They will turn him back to his stomach today. Continue praying for kidney function. They're checking his blood gases every 6 hours now, so that's progress. His face is looking more like himself, however, when he's back on his tummy, that may change (the swelling is more evident when he's prone - on tummy)

Relish your worship experience,
BJ's Mom

Saturday, September 17, 2005

BJ has had a mostly stable day. While we were at dinner tonight, his pneumo's caused his left lung to partially collapse, so his SAT's dropped into the 80's. However, after increasing the ventilator pressure a bit, the numbers returned to the 90's. Dr. Sichting believes that we came down too much, too fast on his ventilator pressure today. He's been doing so well, so it was understandable to us that they would do so. Deanna believes it had more to do with the suctioning of his lungs. He is notoriously slow at rebounding after lung suctioning that produces quite a bit of fluid. Tonight, for the first time in a couple days, the RT got quite a bit of fluid. Deanna has always had a moms sixth sense on such things, so who knows. I guess we'll find out what the morning x-ray reveals.

Anyway, have a good night, and an AWESOME worship time tomorrow!

Beej's dad

(Yes, Dr. B.W.)

BJ, part boy, part man, has successfully been turned, no bleeding, and stats remaining between 92 and 95, so they are continuing to turn the vent pressures down. Blood gases are looking good, PO2 is 81 and PC02 at 45, PH 7.34. Woohoo. His swelling is down a bit and I think he looks beautiful! They feel they have a handle on the infections. We have lots of reasons to rejoice this quiet, wondrous day - #34!

They've cleaned him up nicely, his beard trimmed up a bit, so I ran my hand over his beard thinking it was more dried blood and it was stitches (right at his neck), and it startled me. The wounds are looking better, healing is happening! Chapter 2 in this journey is looking up - we are definitely encouraged. Our Lord Jesus has been so merciful through this whole ordeal. I don't understand how people can not seek the Savior.

Many have said they don't know what to say. When I hear that, I in turn don't know how to answer. But I can thank you for the blogs and the cards and the outpouring of love we have felt. The prayers of God's people are so very precious to Him and to us. Thank you so much for caring and being interested in our journey. We know we have a long way to go, but we take one day at a time, and miraculously enough, God is faithful and gives us strength. We are so blessed to have gained so many new friends through this! We have never felt alone. The depth of the prayers on this website are an inspiration. Though I was hesitant at first to let this be created for us, I am so very relieved that we have it. It is a comfort and a joy, thanks to all of you who check it!

Deanna (BJ's mom)

Another quiet night!!! The Christmas Carol "Silent Night, Holy Night" has all new meaning to us. We are so thankful for this restful stretch. It has been a long time coming. Believe it or not, he has developed a second pneumothorax (air pocket in chest cavity around lungs) on his left side. Nurses/RT's turned down the ventilator pressure as a result. Amazingly his Sat's and blood gases have improved! His Sat is running 99-100, and his PO2 is in the 70's and 80's! Thank you Lord Jesus for continuing to look out for him.

He is supposed to get turned over today. We will see what happens to those pneumo's then. His kidneys need to work, but it has been explained by nurse Donna that there is a lot of pressure in his body physically, because of all the retained fluid, and once Cvvh removes it, he'll have a better chance. Bleeding is stopped, so please pray it doesn't restart with turning him.

Have a great day!!!

BJ's dad

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Friday, September 16, 2005

Have you ever hung out at a hospital on Friday night? It is a good night for peace and quiet! A good time to focus on our Lord, and to seek His will and desire. I know that runs counter to our culture, but what a blessing is in store!

I wanted to share another writing in BJ's journal. A bit shorter this time...

"In the story of Jesus turning water into wine, what stood out to me was verse 9: The master of ceremonies tasted the water that was now wine, not knowing where if had come from" (though, of course, the servants knew)... Here God showed me that it was the servants and the first dedicated followers of Christ who were able to first see His glory. Similarly, if we seek to see God's glory (or as Christ said in Mthw 20:26, "if anyone wants to be great or wants to be a leader") we must become a servant and earnestly and wholeheartedly seek God.

Jesus doesn't always tell us everything we want to know, but asks that we follow and seek after Him, that we might experience Him. We should be like Phillip and Andrew and FIRST go and bring our brother or close friends, family, etc. and bring them to Christ..."

I cannot tell you how many times I've read that scripture, and I don't think I ever got that. I am thankful that the Lord reveals Himself to each of us if we truly seek Him.

To recap BJ's situation: He is off of ECMO with the canulas and everything removed. He remains on an oscillating ventilator, and a Cvvh or dialysis machine. He is in a deep state of sedation, which he sometimes comes out of to a kind of groggy sleep state, but is NOT in a chemically induced coma...according to medical staff that is a different drug or procedure. He remains under a "Bair Hugger" as his body temp is hovering below normal. He is very swollen again (in the face). He is being rotated from his back to his front each day or every other. He has skin breakdown, and some places where blood pooled in his back, and blistered through the skin to open sores.
There is no diagnosis yet, but our infectious disease doctor is in routine touch with ID doctors in Peru, and is awaiting a second set of lab results from the CDC in Colorado. Theories are present, but no proof. His kidneys still are not functioning.

The Lord has brought us a long way in 33 days. Successfully coming off of ECMO was miraculous as we had been told he was not likely to make it. God had another plan and has AMAZED us all. We give Glory and Honor and Praise to Christ our Savior for his deliverance thus far. He has sustained us (the family) and given us peace through the most difficult of times. Largely due to the prayers of you...His people. May He receive all Glory for what has occurred. His condition should improve in the coming days, but we have learned to expect setbacks...they have been many. But God has never wavered in caring for us, and we have tried hard to be faithful to Him.

Bless you this Friday night for reading and praying. You have blessed us!

BJ's dad

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BJ continues to be stable!!! Remember...a boring day is a good day! His SAT's are in the 90's, his blood gases have been pretty good. He got his hair washed today, the first time in 33 days (Thanks nurse Deb!!!). Boy is mom happy! He still isn't "making water." Please Lord, let him "rain."

Linda R. that is an incredible would we ship it?

I appreciate each of your kind suggestions.

We are trying to pull a couple of pictures together so you can get a feel for what he is going through.

Thanks for your continued prayer support!

Beej's dad

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Bj has developed another pneumothorax (air pocket which causes the lung to collapse or not be able to expand) around his left lung. However, it is small, and has not affected his SAT's (oxygenation percentage). For now we will leave him on his tummy. When he is turned tomorrow, if the pneumo does not go away, they may put a third chest tube in. Lets pray it disappears, in Jesus Name, and by the power of His blood!
Being on blood thinners, makes surgery risky. Otherwise, he is stable.

(Betsy the picture was a word picture, but I will see what we can do...Thanks!)

I thought I would explain the PINK t-shirts. This past summer, BJ and my wife were on a mission trip with First Baptist Mooresville. At the conclusion of the trip, my son was "souvenir" shopping with 2 girls from our youth group. With their INFLUENCE, and my sons own desire to embarrass his father, he chose a PINK shirt with raccoons on it. He proudly wore this shirt upon arrival home. I was there to pick them up, and he watched for my reaction to his shirt. I was disgusted, and instantly gave him grief. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED in Beej's eyes. So much so that just before he left for his Peru mission trip, he bought me a pink dress shirt for Father's Day (which I opened in his absence). He has a great sense of humor and irony. Hope you don't mind a little insight into other aspects of Beej.

That is why the t-shirts are pink...and a few black ones for people like my friend Matt L. who don't think that real men wear pink. By the choice of the two? I wear pink.

We as a family wish we could give back to all of you somehow. Please know that we pray for you, and thank our Lord and Savior for your obedience to him.

Beej's dad

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BJ is about the same this morning. They have decided to leave him on his tummy for at least 20 hours. He has had some bleeding from around the neck catheter. They had it stopped a couple times, but then doing x-rays or other routine procedures starts it again.

He continues to need blood products, and his temp remains low, so he still has the "Bair Hug" (yes that is the correct spelling) over him, around really looks like 2 people are in that bed. As long as it works!

I don't know of any procedures today...that will be nice.

His Sat's (blood oxygenation percentage) remain in the 90's, and his other gases are stable for now.

Lord Jesus, we look to You for a healing time, for the swelling to go down, for the bleeding to stop, and for the staff to be encouraged spiritually, and mentally, today.

BJ's dad

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Tonight, BJ's temperature was under 95. He received new blood products and this contributed to his low body temp. He is covered with something called a "Bair Hug"
An apparatus to warm him. His numbers remain good, and we are encouraged and Praising the Lord!

As we start to look ahead, here are some things that will take place. Once BJ is stable and can be removed from the oscillating ventilator, he will be put back on the regular ventilator. If stable then, he will have a tracheotomy. This will be connected directly through the ventilator. Around that time, they can reduce sedation and allow him to start to become more conscious. Somewhere in all of this, he will likely have another bronchoscopy of his left lung, to look at the abnormality they found previously, but could not identify. They will likely biopsy it to see what it is, and if it is what caused his condition, or a result of being in this condition. We still do not know what caused his illness. But we give all Praise and Honor to our God, that He is being glorified through it!!! We are also very grateful that He has performed multiple miracles in the process!!!

We are humbled at your continued prayer support, and extremely grateful to all of you who blog, and all who do not but still pray.


Beej's dad

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After 32 days in the hospital, BJ is finally off of his back and on his stomach. It takes a lot of work to get him turned over with lines and tubes in so many places, but it is done. They will repeat this process twice a day if he tolerates it.

The skin care team and plastic surgeon came in to view his back and make recommendations for the future. He has some significant healing to do in that arena.

One of the Dr.s who just came on shift came in and said "Wow, Sat's at 98? Phenomenal!"

The Lord continues to answer prayer...his kidneys are starting to "leak" a little! Lets pray for for an increase, an abundance of the same.

Those of you who want "" t-shirts can order them from his "BJ on the Mission Field" button on this page. Then click on the t-shirts button on that page. Soon we will have a button that says "t-shirts" that you can click on. Awestar, the mission organization BJ went to Peru with has graciously offered to help us with this. Thank you Walker, David and Awestar Team!!

Prayer Warriors you are a constant encouragement to us!!

BJ's dad

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The Catheter is in!!! Praise God. They ended up having to use the external jugular, which they did not want to do as it was the internal jugular that the canula had been in, and had to be tied off as it was in poor shape. We are thankful. Dialysis, or the Cvvh machine is back on line.

Pray that the swelling goes down quickly. That with reduced bloodflow being able to leave his head that he does not experience any more complications (pressure issues, etc.). Please continue to pray for his kidneys to restart.

Thanks for your prayers in an unexpected discouraging time.

Beej's dad

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Update after the below message...the procedure will begin after 2pm...

The pediatric surgeon tried for an hour and a half to get a catheter line in but was unsuccessful. Swelling, and the oscillating ventilator are the reasons. He is now contacting a radiologist who will apparently shoot dye into his veins, then with the help of a fluoroscope will try to locate vessels which could be used. The dye will further damage his already non-functioning kidneys, so they will try to minimize its use. No word on when.

I guess smooth sailing happens another day.

Father, I know you have a plan, please give them wisdom, and a steady hand to be able to work this out, quickly.

Bj's dad

BJ had a restful night. His swelling in his face is down enough to actually see his eyes slightly...haven't seen them for days. His ventilator pressures are down, and his sats remain in the 90's! Praise God!!!

His kidneys are still failing...not a total surprise, but they need to begin to function.

Last night Dr. Sichting said she was proud of him, and that he did not require any meds during surgery (for blood pressure, or heart rate, etc.), which she did not expect. She even stated that he keeps surprising them! Oops! She just stopped by to say that he looks great and is doing well. She said she hopes that we will see smooth sailing for awhile (I wonder what that would be like). She added, "He needs to cut us some slack for awhile."

A plastic surgeon is to come by at some point to view his bedsores, and recommend a plan for the future.

Another of the staff who has been optimistic along the way, and been a great source of encouragement on many occasions is Chris, a Pediatric Perfusionist. His role is to make sure the blood is "perfusing" throughout the body, or reaching all areas with oxygenated blood. He is responsible for the ECMO functions, and beyond. He always makes sure we know what is going on, and we understand it.

BJ's procedure this morning should happen around 9:9:30am or so. This is to put in a catheter, so he can be reconncted to the Cvvh machine.

We are amazed at how the Lord has moved in this process.

Thank you so much!!!

BJ's dad

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

BJ is on a new air mattress (Lisa R.), designed to help with his bedsores. His Sat's are in the 90's, and the support settings have been turned down a bit. We give all Glory and Praise to Christ our Savior for what he has afforded BJ today. He has fought hard, and his numbers didn't waiver during invasive procedures. Nurse Diana said, "I want to cry cause he did really good!"

The Prayers from around the world have been heard in the Throneroom, and God is in control. Our rejoicing is clearly tempered with sorrow in the loss of Jayden, and the pain his family is suffering. We know that God has a plan for them, and will love them and comfort them through this.

Tomorrow morning (probably 10ish) he will have a catheter surgically added to his upper chest for dialysis to begin again.

We pray for a restful night after a tough day for him. We pray for no more complications, ie. clotting, infections, bleeding, continued renal failure. But we are tremendously grateful for a victorious day. With the canulas out, he has a better chance of healing.

Your prayer support has blessed our hearts...Thank you.

Beej's dad

Jayden has gone to the lap of Christ...he will no longer hurt, he will no longer suffer...He is home.

Beej's dad

Jayden is off of ECMO. His stats are not good...Dr.s say it is a matter of when, now.
Father we know you can intervene and save little Jayden as you have authority over life and death. Lord, if it be your will, spare him that he might live to the fullest. If it your will to call him home...may he run and not grow weary, may he leap with life for eternity...

BJ's dad

The surgery is over, earlier than we expected. The surgeon told us it went as well as it could have; BJ's vital signs stayed consistent throughout the procedure! BJ's jugular is now tied off permanently, but other veins will enlarge to compensate. The filter (to prevent blood clots to his heart and lungs) is now in place in his abdomen. Clots caught by the filter will most likely cause chronic swelling in his lower body, but compared to the alternative, we're okay with that. His two femural veins have been repaired as best they can be, but clotting in these locations is still a significant risk.

Thank you so much for being with us in prayer throughout this day. Praise the Lord for another hurdle successfully jumped!

Love in Christ,

The surgeons have successfully finished on BJ's left femural vein, without having to go into his abdomen! Praise God! However, his jugular artery is not in usable condition for his CVVH catheter to be placed there... so tomorrow they will do another procedure to hook him up to the kidney machine. They are now working on removing the cannulae in his right leg.

Thank you for praying us through this!!


The neck cannulae is out, and the filter is in place. The surgeons discovered a tear in the back of BJ's femural vein, which has probably been the cause of the build-up of fluid in his stomach. There is a good chance they will have to go into his abdomen, which is very high risk. If so, they will probably end up tying off his femural vein permanently... This means he could have circulation problems in that leg, and his body will have to develop other methods of transporting his blood.


Still in surgery: BJ is doing well, his vitals are fine. Right now, two of the surgeons are putting a filter in the bad vein in his leg (to keep potential blood clots from going to his heart or lungs). A third surgeon is working to remove the cannulae in his neck and hopes to replace it with a catheter for BJ's dialysis.

Waiting and praying,

BJ's surgery started about 30 minutes ago and will take around 3-5 hours. Once his surgery is over, the doctors will be taking little Jayden off of ECMO. He will still be on the oscillating ventilator, but the doctors do not expect that to be enough. Please, PLEASE continue to pray desperately for Jayden and his family, that God would be comforting their hearts and minds today. Pray for miracles all around the PICU wing of St. V's. Many are hurting today.

GOD be glorified!!!


We are being told that BJ's surgery may begin a little later than 3PM, and will last maybe 3 to 5 hours. Potential complications will be bleeding, clotting, and if fungus is adhering to the canula, then moving them could spread it into his bloodstream causing him to be sicker. He is on anti-fungal meds. He will be taken off of the Cvvh machine at 2PM. Thank you for lifting him up at this critical time.

I need to give you an update on Jayden, age 2. He has been on ECMO a little over 2 weeks now. They are getting ready to take him off of ECMO. The family is being gathered as we speak, and they are being told he will not make it off of ECMO due to complications. Tabby and Mark (mom and dad) and their family have been part of our support network here. Please lift them up. They have seen the miracles God has worked in BJ, and are trying to cling to hope. Please pray...Their family walks thru the hospital wearing PRAYFORBJ.COM t-shirts. We love them and don't want them to lose Jayden.

Thank You so much,

BJ's dad

As we await the 3pm hour, and as BJ's numbers continue to be stable, I thought I'd share from his journal. This time from the "How God worked in my life today" section.

While in Peru, BJ portrayed Satan in the drama they did. The drama is called Freedom. It is a story portraying the gospel, without using names like God, Jesus, and Satan. In it, are good knights and evil knights, and even a dragon (of which BJ was the head) There are also POL's or People of the Land...which is what you and I are. They either accept or reject the Good Prince in the drama. On this day, BJ was not playing his normal role, as you will see in his writings:

"After we went to church with Tito, we went and did a drama in the street, and I was a POL(accepted) and had a blast, and really worshipped. We then went and talked to 2 girls who then accepted Christ.

The 2nd drama was again in the Plaza de Armas, and I (and the team) was equally as focused, but through worship and fellowship, instead. We went up to 2 different groups of ladies...both walked away, then we went to a large group of ladies, who while we were witnessing, understood so much we thought they might be saved already, but they were just seeking God that much! We prayed with them, then more and more people kept coming up and praying [to receive Jesus]. Meanwhile, I got to witness to and pray with our doorman.

Afterwards, since I couldn't find a hard case for our guitar to take back to the states [the team bought in Peru], I offered it to David [from Peru]. Turns out, it has been a lifetime dream of his to have his own instrument, because he loves music, and plays guitar, piano, and percussion.

Daniel...Tito's son, gave me a goodbye hug twice at the bus station."

There are many poignant and moving stories in his journal of being used of the Lord to lead people to Jesus...from policemen to gang members, to the headmaster of a school. BJ loves Jesus with all his heart, his soul, his mind, and his strength, and he has learned to love others as himself. Thank you Father for letting me raise a son who is more Yours than mine! I Praise You, and just love You so much! Please allow him to serve you again, I implore you!

BJ's dad

This morning finds a flurry of activity in BJ's room. Since the medical staff work 12 hour shifts, there are more people available at shift change time (7am/7pm). When I walked in a few minutes ago, 25 year old fireball nurse Natalie (happy birthday) was giving direction to other staff as they were moving BJ from his bed to an OR bed which will be used in his room (which doubles as an OR for apparent reasons). The surgery time is still 3pm, but to wait till later to move him would draw on too many staff from rooms they are needed in. When Natalie gives's best to do what you're told. (She is awesome, and we have been thrilled with her care).

BJ had a good night...Praise Jesus! His numbers are good this morning and we are very thankful. I hope and pray BJ has the opportunity to meet these nurses, RT's, perfusionists, and dr's who have been providing such wonderful care to him.

This morning, nurse Diana, who has been off for a few days arrived with a card in hand...laden with scripture and comfort. Social Worker Jennifer has done the leg work on so many trivial matters just to try to keep us going. Last Friday night when at probably one of the lower points of my life, nurse Anita, found me outside, and offered much needed encouragement and support...she told a story about how the there was such a sweet presence of the Holy Spirit in BJ's room at the conclusion of one of his procedures. Nurse Melissa went to Northside and gave blood, and has come in early, and covered extra days... not her normal weekend shift, to help cover BJ. RT Melissa suffers endlessly at my teasing and making fun of her...always smiles. Nurse Donna...our first nurse, and a pillar of strength for us. Nurse Susan...what a bedside manner..she is just amazing and gives us such detail when we don;t understand. These are just a few of the incredible staff here. I am probably in trouble for starting a list as there are sooo many wonderful staff. But Lord, I pray that you specifically bless and encourage these in this day, whether they are working or not. They call when not "on" to check on his progress. Truly, we are blessed to be here.

Please lift these and other staff before the "Throne of Grace." I cannot imagine surviving with a lesser staff!

Praise be to God for His constant provision!

BJ's dad

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Once again, we find ourselves on the eve of canula removal. As we understand it, the 2 surgeons will remove all 3 canulas (tubes), add 2 catheters, and repair a torn vein. Clotting will be a potential side affect, and a potentially serious one.

BJ's abdomen began to bleed this afternoon, after Heprin was restarted. It has diminished, but they do not know why he is bleeding. We have not heard results of the HIT test, but they still believe he does not have it. His numbers are stable this evening, and his blood gases (PO2) reached 72 after spending most of the day in the 50's. Praise Jesus! Sat's still in the low 90's!! Glory to God!!!

I thought it might be appropriate on the eve of such a critical event to share a prayer from BJ's journal:

"Father God, help me to truly be humble, and give up myself and care of reputation or seeking of glory, and just seek to glorify You. Help me to show love towards ALL of my brothers and sisters. Help me to let go of unnecessary, distracting emotions. You know my heart and my desires, but You love me and know what is best for me. Father help me to just be seeking you so much that everything falls away. Be with me, help me and strengthen me."

I am so grateful to our Lord that He has heard, and honored this prayer.

Have a blessed and restful night in the Lord!

Beej's dad

Thank you for continuing to put your name, city, state, or country...

Believers, I want you to know how integral you are to this process. I just went back into his room, and his SAT's were up to 90 (after dropping into the low and mid 70's). I said, "wow, that's a dramatic difference, what did you do?" The nurse said, "nothing"..."we turned the pressure up a little."

There is no doubt in my mind it is your prayer that is making the difference. I cannot thank you enough. Whatever my God has in store for my son, it must involve you all, at least it does right now. I appreciate your diligence...your knees must be getting sore. Deanna and I are forever grateful to a body of believers, worldwide that are ignoring denominational boundaries, and doctrinal issues, and just lifting a brother up who desperately needs their prayers!!!

Praise Jesus for another victory, truly...the battle belongs to the Lord!

BJ's dad

BJ's numbers have begun to drop, and we don't know why. They are working to correct it but are unsure what they are dealing with. His Sat's have dropped into the 70's and his Blood Pressure is high. They thought it may be that his lungs were filling with fluid as the cvvh machine clotted off again. They are preparing to do an x-ray to check. Meanwhile they restarted the cvvh, and it immediately clotted. This is spiritual war...

Please pray that they can this under control quickly!!!

Bj's dad

We were just afforded the rare privilege of talking to Beej when he was awake enough to respond with a head shake. They are not allowing him to be awake, so it was so good for us. He told us he is not in any pain. We made him aware of the 1000's of you that are lifting him up to the foot of our Father. We got to encourage him and just love on him a bit. Lord we love you, and give you Praise for these few moments...haste the day when we will have more time to share of the many miracles You have performed in him.

We thank you for ministering to us so deeply.

They have taken him off of Heprin (blood thinner) while he is being tested for HIT, which is an acronym implying that his body starts bleeding with the introduction of Heprin to his system. They do not believe he has it, but need to make sure, before doing the surgery. He is off of the Cvvh (dialysis) while they are testing for this.
They have had to clear several clots from his canulas.

Please pray that he doesn't have HIT, and that he can undergo the surgery soon, and responds well, with no complications.

Beej's dad

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Last night, a new family arrived with a 6 day old baby in an emergent situation. The infant was not breathing, and the Dr. had to intubate (put a breathing tube down the throat). The baby did not make it...and the family fell apart. We have been here 30 days, and had not seen this. The other families (including us) wept for them. It hurts so much, and hits so close to home for all of us...but to talk that way diminishes THEIR pain. Jesus, please bring healing to this broken family. I do not know how to survive this situation, but you do Father, and they need your help. Please touch them.

BJ's night was quiet, with the exception of having to have his cvvh circuit changed out as it was ready to clot. This morning he started to bleed some from his chest tube when they moved him a bit for the chest x-ray (no results yet). The bleeding seems to have stopped, but Dr. Ruppel is concerned that he would even bleed for such a seemingly insignificant procedure.

Canula removal, we are being told may not happen until tomorrow at 3pm. That is the first time the 2 surgeons schedules had openings at the same time. However, Dr. Ruppel will try to get them to work it in today. It is discouraging and even maddening to have to wait. We know the Lord is in control, and His will will be done regardless of schedules.

Beej's numbers remain stable. We are so grateful for this.

Praise God for His abiding with us in this time...

Beej's dad

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Nurse Deb said "You can call today a positive plus." BJ is hanging in there. His blood gases are good, his SATs are good, his heart rate is low and fever either. Somebody out there has children who say "Yay God!" I agree wholeheartedly!!!

It has been awesome to be afforded the peace of Christ, a benefit that comes partially from the sweet incense of prayer, offered up by those of you reading this. Thank you so very much.

Tomorrow is supposed to be canula (tube) removal day. We may be looking at all 3, plus the vein repair since we have 2 surgeons working together...assuming they can get their schedules to merge...not a confirmed thing. It could be a waiting day.

So far the Cvvh machine is working well! Praise Jesus for this!

Some of you are asking about t-shirts. I have someone working on it, and will let you know.

Thank you again for your encouragement. We truly feel it, and appreciate it. We trust you are receiving a blessing through it as well.

Beej's dad

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update beyond below msg....doctors just decided to postpone to tomorrow am (don't know what time). starting cvvh now...

BJ's procedure will happen at 3ish. They will remove the neck canula (tube) and if the vein isn't too damaged, insert a catheter for the Cvvh (dialysis) machine. He is not urinating and has about 5 liters of excess fluid in his body which is starting to seep into his lungs via the blood vessels. Obviously, this is a problem. The Cvvh will pull impurities off and dispose of them, partially relieving his excess fluid. If they are unsuccessful, they will go to a back up plan involving the 2 tubes still in his legs.

His other stats are at an acceptable level right now, and he has been void of fever most of the day.

Please pray that the vein isn't damaged, and that the surgeon will skillfully negotiate his way through this. Also we don't want bleeding or infection. That reminds me, they have decided to restart him on a low level of Heprin to thin his blood, and not clot off the Cvvh. Pray he does not have bleeding in his chest from the procedure last week, as they had hope not to restart Heprin until tomorrow for safety reasons (prevent internal chest bleeding).

Thank you, beloved of the Lord. I look forward to praising Him together with you one day. Until then, lets do it now!

BJ's dad (Brent)

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While awaiting the surgical procedure for today (canula removal) I thought I would share another journal entry from BJ's Peru journal. This one is on Obedience. He was reading in John chapters 11 and 12:

The main theme God showed me was obedience: The disciples had to obey and follow though they were skeptical. Mary came immediatelywhen Jesus called her. Martha didn't obey Jesus right away, but argued about rolling the stone away. Lazarus , though he was dead obeyed Jesus and came out. If even the dead, wind, and waves obey Him immediately, we should also.

Mary understood worship and the important things. Martha was worried and doubtful, Judas was selfish and evil.

They [the Pharisees] were so concerned with being considered the "godliest" and "teachers," that they went against everything they 'stood' for exposing themselves as power-hungry impostors and defeating their own good.

We must die to ourselves and become empty so that Christ can grow and bear fruit through us.

If you want to become a disciple of Christ, you must actively get up, obey the call, come and follow him. If you want to be great or a leader, you must be a servant (Mthw 20: 26-28). If you want to be a servant, you must be where Christ is. Christ is amid persecution, and even the cross and death, but also joy, hope, love, faith, and eternal life.

They were so afraid of persecution and so worried about their reputation that even though they believed Jesus, they rejected and didn't follow Him. Belief is only half-way, you must also obey.

BJ, like Mary, understands worship. His heartbeat is one of obedience to our Lord and Savior. This 45 year old dad can learn from his 15 (soon to be 16 Oct. 1) year old son.

I trust we can each continue to learn through the ministry of our Jesus!

His last blood gases are good, his fever is staying away, his swelling is down slightly, the respirator pressure and oxygen percentages are being gradually lowered. Now, where is that surgeon?

We'll keep you posted...thanks for praying...

BJ's dad

Overnight, BJ spiked a fever that would not respond to medication. It got up to 104 and sat there. A hyperthermia blanket was brought in, and after a while finally broke. His temp is down to 99, and his heart rate which was elevated all day yesterday, is finally down...Thank You Father!

His SAT's held steady for part of the night, but then began to drop, so the Oxygen concentration was increased at the ventilator, and his numbers came back up. It is a constant balancing act and we are grateful for the support he is receiving.

Today is another big day with the canula removal scheduled to happen at his neck site. They are restarting the Cvvh machine also. They are trying a product other than Heprin to try to keep the machine from clotting off this time.

Please pray that his fever remains down, same with his heart rate. That the Cvvh doesn't clot, that his canula removal will work with no complications...bleeding, infection, etc. Also, please pray that he doesn't develop any new complications so that he can work on healing, and maybe be conscious one day soon.

Thank you,

BJ's dad

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

My favorite Dr. came in a couple of minutes ago and said, "he's doing pretty well."
That was a blessing to us. Yes we know there are all sorts of issues ahead, and that things aren't perfect, but to have the ECMO Dr. tell you that, and that the complications he's experiencing are expected, is a real blessing! It will help us rest a little easier tonight!

I lift up Praise to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for the legion of brothers and sisters here and around the world who are holding us up. Truly, the peace of Christ passes all understanding.

There are several sisters in Christ who are wearing nurse uniforms at St. Vincent's Hospital who have overwhelmed us with the Lord's love, support, and encouragement. They laugh with us, cry with us, and check on us to make sure we are coping. It is no accident that they are here. They are true to their calling, their ministry. It is no coincidence that we are here. Isn't God AMAZING?! Jesus is so cool!


beej's dad

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There have been few significant changes in the course of the day...and that is not a bad thing! He continues to fight a fever, his heart rate is elevated, but his SATs remain in the mid 80's as they reduce pump oxygen percentages and pressure. We are still waiting for those kidneys to kick in.

Tomorrow he will have his neck canula removed. Tuesday, he will likely have surgery on his left leg vein which is host to another canula. This vein is damaged from the invasion of plastic. The surgeon told me there was a 50% chance of this working. If is doesn't we are looking at real circulation issues for that leg.

Please pray against his fever, that his heart rate will come down and for the surgeons as they remove canulas and repair veins.

The medical staff have been outstanding, and we are so thankful that this is where the Lord directed us. I can't remember if I shared this before or not, but Beej would be gone if we had gone to any other hospital in this area, as none of them do ECMO on anyone but babies. God is Sovereign and He knows all. We bow down before Him as He continues to work miracles in room 2001.

with deepest gratitude,

Beej's dad

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Hello, Family! We pray your Sunday morning services all found you drawing close to the feet of our Savior. Here at the hospital, we are doing the same as BJ's body fights to recover from the shock of going off ECMO.

BJ's fever is over 102 degrees this afternoon. The doctors aren't sure if he is fighting infection or if it just a reaction to the changes his body has undergone in the past 24 hours. They have sent in more cultures to see. Beej's heart rate is also up, which may also be his body readjusting. Due to this, his kidneys are not working well and they have had to turn the dialysis machine off. They hope his kidneys will begin working again soon, but most likely they will not improve until his heart rate normalizes. His lungs are also not used to the pressure being pumped into them by the ventilator. They are weaning him off of this machine, so his oxygen level is currently around 80%. They have also turned the nitric oxide down from 96% to 60%. Please pray that his body continues to strengthen, and that the doctors and nurses would be wise as they determine how much and when to support him and when to make his body work harder.

I know there have been questions of "Why?" among those following BJ's progess... I and my family would like to address this question with the one of the last things BJ wrote in his Peru journal this summer:

God glorifies us when we suffer.
To have glory, you must suffer.
To bring God glory, you will suffer.
To suffer brings God glory.

Rest assured that BJ is eager to do His Father's work by whatever means necessary. He suffers now for the glory of God, and we know he would not have it any other way. Before this ordeal began, BJ talked much of how he was learning to give up his life- his entire life- for God. On the ambulance ride to the hospital, he expressed to dad that he was at peace with whatever God chose to do with his life.

"Dad, I think God will deliver me from this. But if he doesn't, I'll be with Him, and that's okay with me."

Above all else, may our God be glorified- in this and in all things!

Love in Christ,

If you are inclined to blog, please leave us your name, city, state or country so we can prepare a map for BJ of where all he has heard from...Thank you

Bj had a restful night. His Cvvh machine (pulls impurities out of the blood) clotted off 3 times. It is uncertain what they are going to do about that right now. They have not restarted it again. Consequently, his swelling will increase.

I met the vascular surgeon who will mend Beej's veins when the canulas are removed. It cannot be done yet as he cannot have Heprin for a couple more days (due to the chest procedure and potential bleeding). He said the surgery to repair his vein works about 50% of the time, and clotting will be a concern.

His numbers remain stable and we are so very grateful!

Have a blessed service...lift your hands to the Lord with Thanksgiving for his miracles!!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Beloved, tonight BJ rests in his bed... finally on the ground, free of ECMO. He has resided 6 feet in the air for the past 3 1/2 weeks (for ECMO) with his bed on a motorcycle lift to allow gravity to work in returning the blood to the filter.

An excited medical staff person came down the hall tonight to show us the amazing change in his chest alone. Tonight the film shows 2 lungs that are (ventilator) inflated, with little fluid/pneumonia left in them. Lord we lift Up Praise!!!

His SATs remain in the 90's tonight. His blood gases have improved into the 70's for PO2...Thank you Lord!

The central line is successfully in! We have much to be thankful for.

Ahead, he faces fighting infection, his kidneys aren't functioning right, he's extremely swollen and will get short it's a delicate balancing act.

We praise our Lord for all the miraculous answers to prayer today!

BJ's dad

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Last night, the doctor called Deanna and me into his office to discuss BJ's condition. His words were something like..."I'm not saying he has a 0% chance of making it"...he went on to prepare us (as is his job) that BJ's condition was not good, and basically conveyed that we needed to begin preparing to lose him as he wasn't sure he'd do well overnight.

It was a tremendous low point, and very difficult to cope. What a miraculous turn of events today!

By no means is BJ "out of the woods." We have infection to fight, organs that aren't functioning properly, a lung that has serious issues...But my God is AMAZING, isn't He?

As I write, the doctor is trying to get a central line in (to administer meds through). Remember, a surgeon also tried for over an hour the other day and was unsuccessful. Beej has experienced significant swelling, making it tough to do. If he is successful tonight we can get rid of at least one canula still in his body.

I cannot begin to express the depth of our appreciation to our Lord and Savior, and to each of you! Please...worship Him! Do it tonight, but definitely do it tomorrow morning. HE IS WORTHY!!!

Beej's dad

ps. We would greatly appreciate it if your blogs would include your name and state/country. We are trying to track this for BJ, on a map. THANKS!